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Get Facebook to remove the group, “Kill All the Wolves.”

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How this will help

Because they have picture after picture of killed, and skinned wolves. They are piled on top of each other. They even have a picture of a pile of burned wolves. FaceBook is no place for this type of violence. It is way beyond and above just a common hunting page. They have been reported over and over and Facebook still refuses to take them down. This page has to be shut down. Now it has been brought to my attention; this Horrible page is also getting peoples stuff off of their wall and posting it on the “kill all the wolves” wall and telling all of their followers to harass those people who pics were posted their page.

Facebook, Facebook Take Down the FaceBook Page “Kill All the Wolves”, this page shows pictures of graphic violence toward all breeds of wolves. This page goes beyond a normal hunting page, or what a normal hunter would post. The stuff on this page is strictly to upset people and not for entertainment. There is no reason for this page to be on FB. It benefits no one, it does nothing but show picture after picture of skinned wolves, dead wolves piled on top of one another, there is one where the wolves were burned up with chlorine gas. There is not reason for this page. Please take it down. This petition belongs to Michelle Smith a member of

Take Down the Page, “Kill all Wolves” Permanently.


[Your Name]

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Correction | Sign the Petition!

The link to sign the petition to end all use of dogs on Wisconsin wildlife has been revised (click here). Thanks for your support.



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Blog Follow-up

Please watch Thom Hartmann’s short documentary linked in the just posted column and add to the conversation by emailing my editors at

Over 100,000 bear killers apply each year to kill more bears ( 2/3 cubs) over packs of dogs and bait set since April and dogs run by anyone who wants to run them, tearing apart wildlife including cubs on the ground as they go.  We have less that 1500 signatures on the petition against using dogs on all wildlife in Wisconsin, the only state that kills wolves using packs of dogs – and that runs dogs on all wildlife under the excuse of killing coyotes without limit, statewide, year-round, night and day. They started running dogs on bears who have babies just a few months old, July 1 – and will continue whenever they want, through the bear kill into October. While killing, all the others who want to run dogs can further confuse and torture the bears with packs of dogs, clearing out our woods in our public lands. 

Certainly in 2014 with over 2.6 million self-proclaimed wildlife watchers in Wisconsin, we can do better than this. Please network the following petition on your social networking sites and email lists and comment:

AVAAZ Community Petitions

The Wisconsin legislature and Natural Resources Board of Wisconsin: End all use of dogs on wildlife.

As Thom Hartmann says, every program, “tag you’re it – get involved”.  Join us at to help us table at Bob Fest and create an annual event. Or what?

Patricia Randolph

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Doomsday climate scenario no longer far-fetched


“Consider this. What if all life on earth could go extinct because of man-made climate change?” — “Last Hours” documentary

There is little, these days, that brings state power in line with the best interests of the public or the planet. Those in power devour Koch money for breakfast and deliver destruction of the planet all day long.  Concentrated corporate and special-interest power monetize what was sacred, and have taken over governments, including our own, cannibalizing the planet to exhaustion. This trajectory is accelerating such that this may be the last century of life on this planet. Each of the five former known extinctions eradicated more than half of life on earth. Several of them involved global warming.

Everyone should watch Thom Hartmann’s short “Last Hours, a preamble to a documentary in the works, covering the projections of how climate change will likely play out. Rather than a meteorite, our greatest threat is “under ground, under water, under the ice, where trillions of tons of carbon lie in wait in the form of frozen methane.” During the Permian extinction, volcanic activity in Siberia raised the temperature of Earth over 6 degrees Celsius. Warming oceans released more methane, which doubled the level of global warming, snuffing out a majority of life on the planet. Methane is as much as 80 times as potent in destructive climate effect as carbon dioxide.

The current level of carbon in the atmosphere is over 400 ppm, the highest since humans showed up, and humans are accelerating carbon pollution faster than ever. As the world heats, breaches in permafrost release more methane, which warms the Earth faster and sets up a heating feedback loop. Researchers found kilometer-wide plumes of methane spewing into the atmosphere  hundreds of them. They extrapolated there must be thousands of them.

The scientific models have been way too conservative. Sea ice loss in 2012 was at the level predicted 90 years hence. The 2007 assessment of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf was that a half-million tons of methane were released. The most recent assessment is 17 million tons of methane released annually. Just in the Arctic.

Some researchers think we could be near a methane tipping point. At the current rate of acceleration of warming, the World Bank 2012 report warns a 5-degree warming by the end of the century is likely unless world governments take drastic action. Six degrees warming was what generated the Permian tipping point to massive extinction. Have you ever known governments to take drastic action to protect anything? Drastic action is taken for destruction  pipelines, wastelands of fracking and tar sands, drilling into deep oceans, extreme eradication of wildlife, genetic modification without safeguards or labeling, corporate personhood, war.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has a page for each state’s possible changes, with worse and best case scenarios. Wisconsin’s climate has already changed with rising temperatures, increased heavy rains and flooding, and more intense winds and storms. Our economy and cost of living are affected by poorer air quality, heat and drought stress on farm animals and crops, more insect infestations, and lowered water levels in the Great Lakes. The most vulnerable, especially wildlife, are disproportionately impacted. If the eight states that comprise the Midwest were a nation, we would be fourth in the world in pollution emissions, with the entire United States, Russia, and China the only countries more toxic.

And we have not yet started Scott Walker’s mining debacle.

Jason Box, a climatologist who surveyed Denmark and Greenland, explains, “Sea level change is a big one, an expensive one to manage, but the methane release … reaches a point where we lose the option of an effective mitigation strategy. … That, unfortunately, is a doomsday scenario our trajectory is pointed to.”

Hartmann continues, “The Arctic ice sheet that keeps carbon stable is melting rapidly. … In July 2013, the Arctic lost 41,000 square miles, an area half the size of Kansas, every single day. … The big danger about tipping points is that you only recognize them when it is too late to do anything about it.”

Hartmann’s partial remedy: “A tax on carbon emissions will unleash a wave of innovation to develop technologies, lower the costs of clean energy, and create jobs as we and other nations develop new energy products and infrastructure.” Wisconsin government is encouraged to facilitate a buyback program, rewarding citizens and businesses that feed renewable energy back to the power grid, imitating various European countries and Canada in expanding renewable energy quickly.

A public fast transit system and vegan diet, shifting agriculture away from slaughterhouse and dairy production to non-GMO healthy fruits and vegetable permaculture, are an inevitable departure from business as usual, to help us transform in this crisis.

A vibrant new love of wildlife and reverence for all life fills out the urgent care prescription.


Read more:

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Animal “personhood” rights?

 From the New York Times

The Opinion Pages

‘Animals Are Persons Too’

APRIL 23, 2014

This short documentary follows the lawyer Steven Wise’s effort to break down the legal wall that separates animals from humans.

To begin, click on Video

Video Credit By Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker on Publish Date April 23, 2014.



How does a thing become a person? In December 2013, the lawyer Steven Wise showed the world how, with a little legal jujitsu, an animal can transition from a thing without rights to a person with legal protections. This Op-Doc video follows Mr. Wise on his path to filing the first-ever lawsuits in the United States demanding limited “personhood” rights for certain animals, on behalf of four captive chimpanzees in New York State.

Mr. Wise (who is also the subject of The New York Times Magazine’s cover story this Sunday) has spent more than 30 years developing his strategy for attaining animal personhood rights. After he started his career as a criminal defense lawyer, he was inspired by Peter Singer’s book “Animal Liberation” to dedicate himself to justice for animals. He helped pioneer the study of animal rights law in the 1980s. In 2000, he became the first person to teach the subject at Harvard Law School, as a visiting lecturer. Mr. Wise began developing his animal personhood strategy after struggling with ineffective welfare laws and regulations that fail to keep animals out of abusive environments. Unlike welfare statutes, legal personhood would give some animals irrevocable protections that recognize their critical needs to live in the wild and to not be owned or abused.

The current focus of Mr. Wise’s legal campaign includes chimpanzees, elephants, whales and dolphins — animals whose unusually high level of intelligence has been recognized by scientific research. The body of scientific work on chimpanzee cognition, in particular, is enormous, and scientific testimony is crucial to Mr. Wise’s legal arguments. His team, the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP), selected as its first plaintiffs four chimps living in New York: Tommy, Kiko, Hercules and Leo. He chose these animals in large part because New York’s common laws are favorable to habeas corpus lawsuits, and because there are great ape sanctuaries that could accommodate them.

This fall, the cases will be likely to go to New York’s intermediate appellate courts. If Mr. Wise wins, he will have successfully broken down the legal wall that separates animals from humans. His plaintiffs, the four chimps, will be deemed legal persons and relocated to outdoor sanctuaries around the United States. In many ways, the lawsuits have already won: They have brought animal personhood to the forefront of the conversation surrounding our society’s relationship with animals.

This Op-Doc is adapted from a feature-length documentary, “Unlocking the Cage,” which we are producing about Mr. Wise. We hope these works will inspire people to think differently about animals and why we should protect them.


D. A. Pennebaker has directed more than 30 feature-length documentaries, including “Dont Look Back” and “Monterey Pop.” In 2012 he received an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. Chris Hegedus has directed films for nearly four decades. She won the 2002 D.G.A. award, and, with Mr. Pennebaker, received an Academy Award nomination for “The War Room.”

Op-Docs is a forum for short, opinionated documentaries, produced with creative latitude by independent filmmakers and artists. Learn more about Op-Docs and how to submit to the series.


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Thank you!

wolf pups

The latest power grab bill, s.2363

A Senate bill died this morning that included an NRA-backed provision to block the Environmental Protection Agency from protecting people and wildlife from lead poisoning. Thank you to all who answered our urgent plea earlier this week to fight this disastrous measure.

The so-called “Sportsmen’s Bill of 2014″ would have been a serious blow to a years-long effort to finally get the EPA to get lead out of hunting ammunition. Although lead has long been known to be an extremely toxic substance — so dangerous that we no longer allow it in paint, toys or gasoline — incredibly, thousands of tons of it still enter the food chain every year from lead ammo.

Millions of birds like loons, cranes, eagles and condors — and even bears, panthers and wolves — are dying painful deaths from lead poisoning.

We’re happy to see the bill defeated, though the NRA will no doubt try again.

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Posting Follow-up

Please email editorials in response to this column to my editors at: CN TCT Voice <>

Please join our membership at any level at to fight back for our world.  Hundreds of thousands of exploiters want to destroy all of it – and are succeeding.  Please watch the clips in the links provided in the article – scientists from Duke and Stanford and other universities. The world needs us to wake up for ourselves and future generations – NOW.

Please network the column by copying and pasting it or just simply linking to it above on the Capital Times web site – to your social networks and email lists.

I am available to speak to groups.

Thank you for caring.


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