DNR Annual Meeting Results

otter mom and pup

Otter mom shows off her pup

A seasons catch

A season’s catch

Click on this link to view the results from the Spring DNR/WCC meeting, held on Monday, April 13, 2015. Both the statewide results and a separate link to individual county results are provided.

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Apologies! It has come to our attention that some formatting issues are associated with the “cheat sheet” enclosed in the prior post. Please refer to the following (revised) version that provides the most humane responses for your consideration. We encourage you to read each question carefully and express your viewpoints regarding the issues/proposals being discussed.

 Wildlife Ethic Most Humane Answers 2015 DNR QUESTIONNAIRE FINAL

Once again, thanks for participating!

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Stakes are high April 13: killing cranes and white deer, expanding trapping and more hunting with dogs

5526a15b24442.image“Capitalism in inherently militaristic, consumptive, and violent toward nature. Democracy is a fiction.” ~ Earth at Risk conference 2014

Although it is the issues that will attract wildlife watchers to attend the Monday, April 13, DNR/Conservation Congress annual election and vote on governing our commons, it is the elections that hold the power.

The location in each county, questionnaires and information on how to run for election are here on the DNR website. All the meetings start at 7 p.m., but plan to arrive at 6:30 to register and be ready.

This political process that provides citizen input into natural resource decision-making has been hidden and obscured from the nonhunting public and has served only one segment of citizens since its inception 88 years ago: hunters. The hunting lobby effectively lobbied itself into becoming the sole advisory body on wildlife issues in the state. Hunters and their service agency, the DNR, have not encouraged the participation of the general public in this election for self-serving reasons: to perpetuate and expand their killing business.

The election is the first order of business Monday evening and the most important. All counties will have two hunters or trappers running for election, and in most counties, only them. Hunters know that if they continue to control this election, they control which questions that make it to the questionnaire for a vote. Hunters count the votes and design the structure to their advantage.

Each county in Wisconsin is allotted five delegates. The 900,000 citizens in Milwaukee county have five delegates, and the 41 lowest-population rural counties in the state, altogether comprising 900,000 citizens, are also allotted five delegates each, or 210 delegates of 360 total. Democracy is a fiction. This rural 16 percent of Wisconsin’s population controls this sole conservation advisory body to the Natural Resources Board and Legislature, thereby having great influence on the use of our billions of dollars worth of public lands. As they continue to expand their killing agenda, it will take decades to undo the damage. Scientists tell us we must reform now.

The questionnaire gets past the fish-killing questions on page 38, and moves on to proposals for killing sandhill cranes, white deer, otters and fishers; and expanded trapping and hounding. There is a question on studying sand fracking. This is followed by an advertisement of an event to lure children into hunting and trapping.

Watch this adorable day-old sandhill crane chick discover water.

Run two humane candidates in your county and step up so that the 90 percent of citizens who do not kill are represented in protecting our wildlife and public lands for all of us. The past 88 years, layer upon layer of cruelty and killing have been accumulated in these elections with zero pushback. Nurturing and honoring our fellow mortals should have been created instead.

Scientists finally have proclaimed animal and human consciousness to be the same: “They are always aware of their own existence. They feel pain and other sensations. …They mourn their dead — they fear for their lives just as we do.”

Still we make them live in constant fear and allow them to be killed primarily for recreation. Who are we nonhunters, the majority, that we do not set limits to protect them? What have they done that they deserve such suffering and total disregard? They are killed by the millions annually here in Wisconsin.

With deregulation of hunting and trapping into a relatively free-for-all kill fest, the DNR has recruited 2,041 new trappers just in 2014 using $5 new trapper/hunter license incentives. They’re allowed to kill as much as can be trapped in six to seven months of unlimited traps on unlimited trap lines.

Market trapping in the 1850s was ended because it threatened to wipe out much more abundant wildlife than we have now. The Chinese and Russian markets have tripled their demand and U.S. export in the past five years. We are on a trajectory of irreparable loss and ecosystem collapse.

E.O. Wilson, one of our most famous biologists, interviewed by Josh Glancy for the Sunday Times, says that our treatment of other species is rapidly dooming us. “‘One culprit is religion, in whose “fever swamps” we have become mired, giving us an overinflated sense of entitlement,’ he argues. Another is that we are a ‘young and very dysfunctional species.’ He summarizes our dysfunction: ‘We have paleolithic emotions, we haven’t changed any of those … that’s what we call human nature. We have medieval institutions, and we have God-like power. That is a very dangerous mix … we need to ‘build a better ethic,’ one that recognizes the importance of other species.” (click here to view additional information by E.O. Wilson).

The Guardian last year reported on research by scientists at the World Wildlife Fund and the Zoological Society of London that concluded: “The number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years, according to a new analysis.”

“’If half the animals died in London zoo next week it would be front page news,’ said Professor Ken Norris, ZSL’s director of science. ‘But that is happening in the great outdoors. This damage is not inevitable but a consequence of the way we choose to live.’

‘We have lost one half of the animal population and knowing this is driven by human consumption, this is clearly a call to arms and we must act now,’ said Mike Barratt, director of science and policy at WWF.”

The article by Damian Carrington goes on to say that large declines in wildlife in rich nations had already occurred long before the new report’s baseline year of 1970 — the last wolf in the UK was shot in 1680. So the starting point for this 52 percent loss was vast loss already.

E.O. Wilson warns that the stakes could not be higher. “Save the biosphere and you have the capacity to save the world. Don’t save the biosphere and we’re dooming ourselves.”

Start in Wisconsin Monday, April 13, at 6:30 p.m., this one night each year where you can learn about and stand up for a living world, election by election. It is urgent. Life on earth is in critical danger.

April 13 is the only night to attend, elect representation, and vote on the issues. A citizen can send comments on the DNR proposals, including the increase in night trapping and expansion of bear hounding, to Scott Loomans, Bureau of Wildlife Management, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, 53707, or to Scott at (postmarked no later than April 13). Comments do not count as a vote and do not cover the proposed sandhill crane or white deer hunt.

I also encourage citizens to write letters to the editor about this little-known election and vote to

Posters to adapt to county locations and petitions to sign and network against killing bears, white deer, cranes, and trapping expansion can be found at Please like the new Wildlife Ethic facebook page

Patricia Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife. or


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The DNR’s April 13 election and vote – additional information (“cheat sheet”)




Please network this column to give all Wisconsin Citizens the right to vote and participate in running and electing delegates to represent their interests in nature and wildlife issue – whether it be mining, air quality, water consumption, climate change, the fate of our wildlife and ecosystems – all citizens have the responsibility to attend this one night – and run candidates and vote on what are now (and have been for 88 years) just hunter/trapper/hounder proposals for more exploitation of wildlife. Our wildlife cannot rebound from the market trapping on all public lands – and now the trappers want to trap not just all day 6-7 months for $5 licenses, but add in all night.

You can find all 72 locations for this 88th Annual DNR/WCC all citizen election and vote on the DNR web site with the entire questionnaire here:

Help us end trapping by joining us at Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic ( There you can also find posters for this year’s election to adapt to send out to citizens in your county or elsewhere.

Learn more at the Wildlife Ethic web site and at our new facebook page:

We have petitions up against four of the proposals for citizens to sign and network: 

A petition against the proposal to expand running packs of dogs to kill 4,750 bears to the central region of Wisconsin:

A petition against expanding the 6-7 months of trapping on our public lands to all night trapping (2,041 new trappers recruited in 2014):

A petition against a new sand hill crane hunt:

A petition against a hunt of our rare white albino deer (the “ghosts of the forest” ). There may be 75 of them in the entire state:


As a guide for this election, please view the enclosed “cheat sheet” giving the most humane answers we could figure out (one question pending more information to understand it – question 6 on the Conservation Congress hunting lobby proposals…) : Wildlife Ethic Most Humane Answers 2015 DNR QUESTIONNAIRE. Please read through each question and decide for yourself.

Thanks so much for attending! We hope next year, you will be our next humane hiking, biking, canoeing, wildlife watching humane candidates…or throw your hat in the ring this year…it is just 4 meetings/year commitment for the power to learn and help.

Please let me know how it goes in your county.  If you run for election, please ask for the tally of votes for you and the other person running.  Remember it is the hunters who count the votes.  We found many irregularities in Dane County while monitoring the vote counting process – so good to have someone in the room while votes are being counted!

For a living, related and humane world,

Patricia Randolph

State Journalist

Madravenspeak living wildlife column archived (115 columns so far ) on the Capital Times web site: and



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Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic is on Facebook!

Hi All…

Just a reminder that you can view supplemental information and join in the conversation regarding Wisconsin’s wildlife by going to our Facebook page (here)

URGENT: Once again, we are requesting your help in posting information/attending the DNR Spring Meeting to be held in all 72 counties throughout Wisconsin next Monday night at 6:30 pm. See prior posts for poster templates, general information regarding this important meeting, and a link to the DNR’s website where you can find locations and more details.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Information regarding two summertime festivals that Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic will be attending will be posted following the DNR Spring Meetings. Bob Fest will be held in Spring Green on Sunday, May 24, 2015. The Mad City Vegan Fest will be held on Saturday, June 27, 2015. Please put these dates on your calendar!

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You have the power to create change!!

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic is asking our members and blog followers sign petitions to convey to the Wisconsin legislature, DNR, the Natural Resources Board, and the residents of Wisconsin the following message:

Protect our rare white deer (click here) and sandhill cranes (click here), do not increase trapping on our public lands (click here), and do not extend the bear hunting season (click here).

Signing these petitions is extremely important and time critical! Established hunting and trapping practices have already devastated Wisconsin’s wildlife. Worse yet, the DNR’s proposed rule changes, if enacted, will accelerate the destruction of OUR wildlife.

Also, please attend the DNR’s Spring Meeting (to be held in all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties on Monday, April 13, 2015) where you will have the opportunity to complete a questionnaire that will let the DNR know that any such proposals are unacceptable. At that meeting, you can also run for a delegate position on the Wisconsin Conservation Congress and/or vote for pro-humane delegates. For additional information, click here

Please NETWORK the above petitions and information regarding the DNR’s Spring Meeting.

Vote for Wisconsin’s Wildlife!!


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Can you help get the word out?

Attached are the final version of tabloids announcing the upcoming DNR Spring Wildlife & Fisheries Proposed Rules Hearing and Annual Conservation Congress County meetings, to be held in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties on Monday, April 23 (6:30 p.m.). Please help by downloading, editing, printing and posting this information in YOUR county.

Each of the four tabloids (11×17-inch format) can be printed in color or black and white. Before doing so, replace the Dane County location on the attached templates with the location of YOUR county. This information can be found on the DNR’s website announcing the meeting (click here). If you don’t have a wide format printer, please have copies made at a local copy place (e.g., Kinkos, Staples, Office Max, etc.). Likely posting locations include libraries, coffee shop bulletin boards, community centers, churches, university bulletin boards, trade schools, grocery stores and co-ops (e.g., Willy St. Co-op, Whole Foods, etc.), pet stores, veterinary clinics, restaurants that have bulletin boards, progressive theaters, and schools.

Thanks for your help!!

Wildlife Ethic 2015 Poster Bear Walking Tabloid_Final

Wildlife Ethic 2015 Bobcat Poster Tabloid_Final

Wildlife Ethic 2015 Crane Poster Tabloid_Final

Wildlife Ethic 2015 White Deer Tabloid_Final

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