Statement from Madravenspeak about AB 502

07 Mar


AB502 the assembly version of the wolf kill bill has been delayed until next week. Please do all you can to network it and give people the email addresses to protest and trash this bill. Support the amendments to take out dogs, night hunting and the 135 day length of the torment. There are very few packs that depredate livestock and the Nelson Institute has done studies showing 91 % predictability where the packs that depredate are – this could be handled peaceably with guard herd dogs in those areas – much cheaper than paying hounders fro the dogs that will be killed up against wolf packs day and night. Michael Vick went to prison for this on a small scale. This will generate trespass and eco-disruption across the entire north during winter when deer need to bed down, bears need to den and people want some respite from violence and domination by wildlife killers. Please act and network now – think of what groups you know that would care about the massive disruption and damage we humans are doing to the web of life that supports us all – wolves and coyotes being key species.

“One of the most absurd pieces of legislation ever put forth by extremists in the legislature is now moving through the legislative process – AB 502. This bill provides not only threatens human safety but is full of the most barbaric inhumane treatment of a wildlife population ever written into proposed law. People who countenance this sort of treatment of animals ought to be subject to the law themselves and imprisoned for inhumane treatment of animals. There are 5.6 million people in Wisconsin, 3.4 million cattle, 1 million deer, and 800 wolves. If you listen to the gun toting minority of hunters in this state, one would think that these wolves are threatening the very existence of humanity. While thousands of people get killed every year by automobile and thousands by gun fire, the 700 wolves present a wonderful target for testosterone filled males who love guns and get off by killing some wild animal. This law is nothing more than one more SUPERPAC hunter/trapper move to dominate our wildlife management.

Please vote NO to this piece of trash legislation.” Gaylord Yost, retired forester comment as sample

Even a short note against this bill AB 502 can help. They need to hear from you. The Senate version, SB411 passed without amendment or comment 24-9 bi-partisan stupidity. We are up against the entrenched hunting various lobbies, especially the bear hunters and WI Wildlife Federation – the cattle ranchers, and (go figure) the Cranberry Association (who also promote the destruction of beavers):



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