Stop SB 226 and Assembly Companion AB 311

07 Mar


Description of these bills:

“Creating a sporting recruitment and retention council,
programs to encourage recruitment of hunters and trappers, restrictions on
expenditures under the Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson stewardship
program, reduced fees for certain first-time hunting and trapping approvals,
high school credit under and administration of the hunter and trapper
education programs, waiving fishing license requirements for a weekend ice
fishing event, and sturgeon spearing license age requirements.”

In other words the State of Wisconsin wants to allow hunting and trapping to be taught in our public schools for credit, and wants to allow hunting and trapping on ALL of our public lands. This includes ALL state and country parks.

Hunting and trapping groups are in a panic because their numbers are declining each year. Legislation like this ensures that they will get to our youth early and indoctrinate them into their culture.

The bill also ensures that ALL public land be opened up to hunting and trapping, and that no other lands may be purchased by the state unless these activities are allowed.

Please contact state lawmakers and tell them that this bill is nothing more than another hunter and trapper power grab that is designed to indoctrinate our children and threaten the safety of the millions of visitors to our parks and public lands.

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Posted by on March 7, 2012 in Hunting, Trapping, Wisconsin Insanity


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