Democrats Add Amendments to Wolf Kill Bill

08 Mar


Public photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Assembly Democrats have added five common sense amendments to AB 502. The first four amendments seek to eliminate hunting wolves with dogs, over night, shorten the season, and limit bear hounder reimbursement for hunting dogs killed by wolves. These amendments were brought forth by Reps. Clark, Molepske Jr., Hulsey, Mason, and Danou. These are common sense measures that should be adopted. Unfortunately, this will be an uphill battle because of the anti-wolf sentiments among many in the Assembly.

Here is a list of the proceedings and amendments:

The fifth amendment was authored by Rep. Christine Siniki. She gets it. Here is what the amendment states:

March 6, 2012 – Offered by Representative Sinicki.
At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
Page 8, line 10: after that line insert:
“Use of meat. A person who harvests a wolf by use of a firearm shall ensure
that the meat from the wolf is eaten.”.

Rep Siniki understands that this bill is only a trophy hunt and nothing more. Please call her office and thank her for putting this witty amendment forward.

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