Statement from Patricia Randolph (Madravenspeak) and Sample Letter Against AB 502

09 Mar


Photo by Gary Kramer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

ACT NOW – the final assembly vote is Tuesday, March 13

Whether you have expressed outrage at AB502 and its all out torture, packs of dogs 24/7, trapping, shining and murder of an endangered species (endangered 700-800 when delisted Jan. 27 and more endangered today), or not,- NOW is the time to raise a statewide HOWL to all reps that we are the people and we want them to respect the Wildlife Public Trust Doctrine – that all wildlife are held in protection for all citizens – and TRASH THIS BILL AB502.

Amendments should be made to rid the bill of night hunting, dogs, and trapping – but it should be voted against in its entirety regardless of amendments.

The “predation” natural to wolves (85 cattle all year confirmed while humans predate on 3.4 million cattle in Wisconsin annually) – is concentrated on 1/10th of wolf territory, most of it by a few packs in the northwestern part of the state (6% of wolf territory). Adrian Treves of the Nelson Institute has done surveys showing 91% accuracy in determining the FEW packs that are likely to prey on livestock (like we do abundantly)….91% accuracy is amazing!

The DNR has the ability to target those few packs and leave this iconic species in prime wolf habitat helping control CWD and keeping balance in our imbalanced world. The wolves are sacred to the Indian tribes who came out against this ant-scientific ruthless trophy wolf hating bill.

As Adrian Treves found in his extensive surveys of hunters, there is nothing of “stewardship” in attitudes toward wolves – and after 15 years of dealing with hunters and trappers, I can vouch there is nothing of stewardship in hunting and trapping our wildlife at all.

Join us at our new website and sign up by county for alerts….donate at the level you want, if you can help defray expenses. Thank you.

Patricia Randolph
State Journalist
Madravenspeak living wildlife columnist/Capital Times online newspaper
Wisconsin Willdife Ethic – Vote Our Wildlife ( WE VOW – )

Please copy and paste the below sample letter, and send to your state representative.

 Dear Representative_______,

As your constituent, I wish to express my concern over the Wolf Hunt bill, AB 502, coming up next Tuesday for an Assembly vote. At both the assembly and senate committee hearings, testimony was given by of our state’s wolf biologists and wildlife experts, who provided constructive guidance on how a sustainable wolf hunt could be appropriately conducted, yet their recommendations have yet to be adopted as Amendments to AB 502.

I’ve spoken to many family members, friends and neighbors about this bill since its introduction and I can tell you that people are extremely concerned and disheartened by the legislature’s conduct. It is my hope is that you will either oppose AB 502 or advance an Amendment to limit the scope of the Wolf Hunt to ONLY those specific areas of the state that are experiencing wolf livestock depredations on private property—areas already identified by DNR field biologists and other wildlife experts, see, for example,

Also, I’d ask that you lend your support at the time of the Assembly vote to Amendments that seek to eliminate night hunting, bar the use of dogs to hunt wolves, and limit the length of the hunt, which, as it currently stands, will interfere both with the wolf breeding season and the DNR’s survey capabilities.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my concerns.



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3 responses to “Statement from Patricia Randolph (Madravenspeak) and Sample Letter Against AB 502

  1. Bobette Traul

    March 9, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    will send to Janis Ringhand.

  2. EC

    March 12, 2012 at 10:36 am

    I sent my Letter to Sen. John Thune here in South Dakota

    • rali74

      March 12, 2012 at 10:50 am


      This is actually being decided by the State of Wisconsin. Please send a letter to the legislators in Wisconsin because they are the ones voting on this horrible bill. In one of our posts there is a list of email addresses fro state representatives. Thank you for taking action.


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