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This is not a wildlife story, but it illustrates the manner in which all living beings are subject to being treated by our culture. Absolutely horrifying what is done to these little guys. Even worse is what egg producers do to male chicks. They throw them alive into grinders because they are of no use to them. I am not over exaggerating, this is indeed what they do.

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Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, a company that sells and ships live birds, uses live baby chicks as packing material! According to complainants and Ideal Poultry’s own website, male chicks are included as filler in live shipments so that the birds who were ordered can be kept warm during transit. Sadly, many of these filler chicks reportedly arrive dead or die within hours of arrival. One caller who adopted several ailing filler chicks from a neighbor contacted PETA with a heartbreaking story: She tended, fed, and watered her chicks with a dropper throughout their first night, but she could only watch as each one slowly died.

We reached out to Janet Crouch, the owner of Ideal Poultry, but our concerns were brushed off with the response that male chicks are used for warmth and to take up extra space in the box. … Adding males for warmth…

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