Attack of the Brain Eating Wolves!

23 Apr

Beware of the brain eating wolf!!!!
Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


With all of the anti-wolf nuts out there every once in a while one just goes above and beyond to just how crazy they really are.

Below is the list from the Wisconsin DNR about who are members of the Wisconsin Wolf Stakeholders Committee. All of the usual pro-killing groups are represented, along with a surprisingly high number of pro-wildlife groups.

The below list can be opened in Microsoft Excel format:

Stakeholders Committee Members List 4-6-12 Affilitations Only

Among all of the usual kill everything groups one “group” stood out. On the list there is a person named Lawrence Krak representing an organization called “People Against Wolves.” Whether this is a legitimate organization or just one person I don’t know, but I did find a website belonging to them:

People Against Wolves

Oh, my! Among all of his misinformation and fantasies several stand out. Here is just a taste:

“Some of the older residents of Gilman recall the wolves of the 1930s. There was so much howling that kids were afraid to go to sleep at night. Losses of livestock were very common. A Bill Polley of Gilman had the misfortune of getting caught in a bear trap. He was not able to get free and the wolves killed and ate him.”

“The wolf pictured above was killed in British Columbia by one of the area’s hunters. It is a 150 pound male Canadian wolf. The mount is at one of the area homes and has been featured in People Against Wolves talks to sportsman’s clubs and educational institutions. Upon looking at it you will see what an awesome beast some wolves are. He was capable of opening his jaws wide enough to engulf your skull, crushing it and eating out your brain if he chose to.”

Now I have lived in Wisconsin for the vast majority of my 37 years, and I have never heard of anyone being killed and eaten by wolves after getting stuck in a bear trap. And watch out for those brain eating wolves. Zombies have nothing on them. And this guy is considered a wolf “stakeholder?” Now we know why wolves haven’t killed anyone in Wisconsin. There is a serious lack of brains for them to consume.

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One response to “Attack of the Brain Eating Wolves!

  1. michael Callaway

    April 25, 2012 at 11:07 am

    don not let facts get in the way of fantasies.


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