DNR Worried About Bear Hounders and Farmers Complaining About Reduced Depredation Payments

23 Apr

Now that hunters who buy wolf kill licenses are responsible for funding the bear hounder reimbursement gravy train, there is already concern from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that bear hounders and farmers “may raise a hue and cry” over reduced payments. My heart just bleeds for them. Here are the changes included in the wolf kill bill for “depredation payments” for livestock, pets, and bear hounder dogs allegedly killed by wolves:

Changes in the Wisconsin wolf depredation payment program

“Several changes in wolf depredation payments will go into effect immediately including the following:

Reimbursement payments will be made only once a year, normally after December, when funds will be available in the wolf payment accounts.

If funds are not adequate DNR will pro-rate payment among all those with wolf depredation losses, including livestock producers, owners of hunting dogs not being used to actively hunt wolves, and pet owners.”

And of course true to form, the DNR is already worried about whining from bear hounders and farmers about reduced and once a year payments. From Wisconsin Public Radio:

“Gov. Walker bragged to the NRA last week that he recently signed the bill creating a wolf hunting and trapping season in Wisconsin this fall. But the measure shifts the oversight of wolf depredation payments to the DNR, with funds coming from the sale of wolf hunting and trapping licenses and applications. The DNR says that means it will run the wolf reimbursement program like it does for deer and other wildlife that cause agricultural damage, with payments coming just once a year in December after the hunting season. Also if there’s not enough money the payments could be pro-rated, meaning some people may get less cash than they expect for their dead cow or dog. The DNR’s Brad Koele says farm and hunting groups may raise a hue and cry.

Koele says it’s possible the legislature could come up with more funds for wolf depredation payments if enough farmers and hunters complain.”

That’s right, the state expects all public employees to pay for significant chunks of the benefits that they earn from doing thankless jobs, but the legislature will make sure to come up with money out of your taxes to appease bear hounders and farmers if they complain enough. Priorities anyone? Are you kidding me? When are the people of this state going to wake up and realize that this reimbursement garbage is just a scam perpetrated by special interest groups who cannot accept the risk of letting killer dogs loose in the woods to kill other animals or manage their own livestock?

Contact your lawmakers and let them know that you are on to this scam and that reimbursement for alleged wolf depredations need to end, especially for bear hounders. No other state allows hounders to be reimbursed for killed hunting dogs. Leave it to Wisconsin to be the only one to allow this and the only one to let hounders use dogs to hunt wolves.


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3 responses to “DNR Worried About Bear Hounders and Farmers Complaining About Reduced Depredation Payments

  1. chance

    April 23, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Gee. There is a very easy solution to this problem. Keep your slob mutts inside. Leave the wolves alone. I am still amazed that these idiots are hell bent on pitting wolves against dogs. These clowns like Bear Hounder Bit^& Scott Suder are irresponsible and should not be allowed anywhere near the DNR or “wildlife management” (all laugh here). These ehthically challenged hounders should not be reimbursed period…..

  2. Bobette Traul

    April 23, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    My understanding is many of the dogs are disposed of after hunting season. New dogs the next year. The Humane Society is working on hounding in California. In Wisconsin -can’t kill those 5,000 bear with wolves in the way.

    • rali74

      April 24, 2012 at 12:32 am

      Welcome to Wisconsin where dogs are weapons. I swear this state goes out of it’s way to show that they can be more brutal than everyone else. How did we go from being one of the original “progressive” states to being the kill everything state. If there is one thing that we need to work on getting on the ballot to outlaw it is hounding. In the next few months we plan to speak to sympathetic lawmakers to see if we can get a ballot initiative moving forward that would end hounding once and for all. It will be tough, but I think that the majority of citizens in this state would disapprove what hounders do if they knew about it.


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