It’s Time To Wake Up Wisconsin

06 May

Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch

In today’s edition of the Wisconsin State Journal published a damning article linking political appointees of Gov. Scott Walker and allies like wolf kill bill “author” Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch to a possible “pay for play” scandal where serious environmental violations of campaign donors were ignored by the Wisconsin DNR. From the article:

“A top political appointee at the state Department of Natural Resources chose not to send a complaint against an Oconomowoc waste hauler to the Department of Justice for prosecution despite findings by agency staff that the company was treating fields with so much human waste from septic tanks it risked poisoning nearby wells, DNR records show.”

“At a second meeting, on Dec. 20, Kleefisch — who also received $100 in campaign donations from Herr and whose wife Rebecca received $2,250 from the Herr family during her campaign for lieutenant governor — challenged Gunderson to reconsider the citations the DNR was weighing against Herr.”

“In the age of the DNR/Wisconsin Governor being pro-business, why is the DNR giving Herr 5 citations and why can’t 2 or 3 be taken away as a show of good faith?” Joel Kleefisch asked, according to Bolha’s notes of the meeting. He also reportedly asked that the fine be reduced. Kleefisch didn’t respond to a request for comment.”

It sure looks like old “Ribeye” and Walker’s political appointees have “Stepped” in a pile of it this time. This incident along with a drastically lower number of citations being issued by the DNR for environmental violations sure make it seem like something stinks at the DNR.

Unfortunately too much damage may have already been done but we can begin to change this on June 5th by voting Walker and his cronies out of office. Opening all of our public lands up to the hunting and trapping of our wildlife? Passing legislation making it easier to develop wetlands? Allowing an open killing season on a species that numbers less than 800? Pushing to have open pit mining that would pollute vast areas of fresh water that residents of this state depend on? What more evidence do we need that this guy, his administration, and his allies are hell bent on destroying what is left of our environment? Maybe the first clue should have been the appointment of real estate developer, Cathy Stepp, as head of the DNR.

It’s time to wake up Wisconsin and send a message that this war on our environment and wildlife will not be tolerated anymore. Walker and his cronies need to be recalled on June 5th, and his allies like “Ribeye” and the other wolf kill bill “authors” need to be voted out this fall.

Read the entire Wisconsin State Journal article here:

DNR appointee resolved massive waste violation internally instead of referring case to DOJ


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3 responses to “It’s Time To Wake Up Wisconsin

  1. louisekane

    May 6, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    It sure does seem that cronyism rampant in WS. I hope you can oust this sob. Thanks for keeping all of us out here apprised of your efforts

  2. Sandra McGee

    May 7, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    It is time for ALL of us to wake up. If we don’t we will not have any wildlife to look @.

  3. Bobette Traul

    May 8, 2012 at 12:12 am

    I read the article this morning. Get rid of Walker , out goes the DNR. Kathy Stepp is a disgrace and represents pure cronyism. And Kleefisch – What’s his wife doing in there- isn’t that nepotism? The Republicans are so full of it.


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