If You Needed Another Reason To Vote Against Walker…..

12 May

Hunters Endorse Walker in Recall Vote

Remember these words as you cast your vote on June 5th:

“The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association–which is the political action committee for the state’s Safari Club, Wisconsin NRA chapter, Whitetails of Wisconsin, and the national riffle (sp) association–have all endorsed Walker, claiming he is the strongest advocate for hunting, gun rights and conservation.”

“Governor Walker has been incredible for hunters in his first year and a half in office,” said Joe Koback, chairman of SCI’s state political committee. “He got rid of earn a buck, brought in Dr. Kroll to clean up the DNR mess, got rid of outdated gun case regulation, and appointed good pro-hunting people to DNR leadership.”

And from our friends at the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association:

“WBHA President Al Lobner praised Walker for signed into law the Bear Bill, which former Governor Jim Doyle had vetoed.” 

“His administration has been 100-percent in favor of delisting wolves, and he recently signed Wisconsin’s first modern wolf hunting season bill,” Lobner said. “He also made sure that stewardship land purchases are open to hunting, fishing, and trapping.”

Isn’t it just wonderful that bear hounders can now terrorize all forms of wildlife for almost eight month of the year thanks to Scott Walker. It is also great that our state parks are being turned into free fire zones where hikers will be forced to dodge the land mines known as traps. It is also just fantastic that hounders can also engage in legalized dog fighting when they send their packs of dogs on wolves in addition to bears, and coyotes. Thanks Scott Walker!

With the help of a contributor and friend we are working on getting a clarification from the DNR as to how it can be acceptable for these sadists to set packs of loose dogs onto wildlife when Wisconsin law forbids using dogs to kill wild animals. There are countless videos on YouTube showing bear hounders letting their dogs savagely rip at wounded bears. Wolves and coyotes are not able to climb up a tree to evade the dogs. The wolves especially will fight to the death. Wisconsin should make Michael Vick and honorary citizen because he would be proud of the barbarism that this state brings to our wildlife.

If you live in Wisconsin please contact your legislators and tell them that dogs should not be used as weapons against our wildlife. There is a reason that we are the only one of the 50 states that allows dogs to go after wolves. The citizens of Wisconsin need to demand that the practice of hounding be outlawed. The first step in this is to vote to recall Scott Walker which would also remove his bear hounder loving and wolf hating cronies from their politically appointed positions at the DNR.


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One response to “If You Needed Another Reason To Vote Against Walker…..

  1. Bobette Traul

    May 12, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Did not Pres. Bush make dog fighting a federal crime? Beyond all this ugliness—– Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, human and God’s other creatures.


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