Wisconsin DNR to Jefferson County Citizens: Eat (or drink) Sh_t!

29 May

Wisconsin DNR Secretary and Walker Appointee Cathy Stepp.

DNR Executive Assistant Scott Gunderson.

If you didn’t think that the Wisconsin DNR and their Walker appointed “leaders” could get any lower you are in for a surprise. After giving a slap on the wrist to a known Walker and GOP campaign donor for serious environmental violations in Jefferson County the DNR Secretary, Walker appointee Cathy Stepp, refused to have the DNR order the violator to test water sources potentially contaminated with human waste. You read that right. The Wisconsin DNR refuses to force the polluter to test ground water that is possibly contaminated with human crap.

DNR refuses to order well testing in waste hauler case

From the article:

“Despite a plea from Jefferson County residents who live near fields where excessive amounts of human waste were spread, the state Department of Natural Resources has refused to order the waste hauler in the case to pay for tests of private wells in the area.

Cathy Stepp, DNR secretary, said in a letter to the residents that the potential for groundwater contamination from overspreading by Herr Environmental was “relatively low.”

The agency cited owner Richard Herr for spreading human waste from septic tanks in 2009 in excess of legal levels. Herr was also cited for four other violations in 2009 including providing inaccurate records. Even though DNR enforcement staff sought prosecution by the Department of Justice, Executive Assistant Scott Gunderson recommended five citations and a minimum fine for Herr. Gunderson, a former state representative, said he forgot he had accepted campaign contributions from Herr.”

This makes the “John Doe” investigation look like a jaywalking ticket. For everyone who displays the “We stand with Scott Walker” signs: Is this what you stand for? Special treatment for campaign donors? Ignoring criminal behavior and putting citizens health at risk for political payback? As I have stated before it is gut-check time for Wisconsin voters. What more will it take? Do we all want to have a nice cold cup of e-coli every time we turn on our faucets? Walker and his goons have been feeding us crap for the past year and a half, now they want us to drink it too.

We can change this on June 5th. Get out and vote if you care about Wisconsin and our future.

More on this from The Progressive:

Scott Walker’s DNR Leaves a Stench

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