Scott Walker’s “Deer Czar” Calls Public Lands “Socialism” and National Parks “Wildlife Ghettos”

30 May


Not only does Scott Walker want to destroy the Wisconsin wolf population, last fall he also hired a Texas canned hunting proponent who called public lands “socialism” and equated National Parks to “Wildlife Ghettos.”  These are the words of the so-called “Deer Czar,” James Kroll, that Scott Walker hired for $120,000 to come up with a review of Wisconsin’s deer ‘management” system. This is what the Texas canned hunt operator said in a recent interview:

“Game Management,” says James Kroll, driving to his high-fenced, two-hundred-acre spread near Nacogdoches, “is the last bastion of communism.” Kroll, also known as Dr. Deer, is the director of the Forestry Resources Institute of Texas at Stephen F. Austin State University, and the “management” he is referring to is the sort practiced by the State of Texas. The 55-year-old Kroll is the leading light in the field of private deer management as a means to add value to the land. His belief is so absolute that some detractors refer to him as Dr. Dough, implying that his eye is on the bottom line more than on the natural world.

 Kroll, who has been the foremost proponent of deer ranching in Texas for more than thirty years, doesn’t mind the controversy and certainly doesn’t fade in the heat. People who call for more public lands are “cocktail conservationists,” he says, who are really pining for socialism. He calls national parks “wildlife ghettos” and flatly accuses the government of gross mismanagement. He argues that his relatively tiny acreage, marked by eight-foot fences and posted signs warning off would-be poachers, is a better model for keeping what’s natural natural while making money off the land.”

So this guy was hired for $120,000 to determine the future of deer “management” in Wisconsin? A canned hunting proponent and practitioner? The views of this man were very well-known long before Scott Walker hired him for this “study.” It is rare that I am in agreement with hunters on anything concerning wildlife “management” but this should very much be a cause for concern. This is just another example of Walker and his wildlife hating DNR appointees putting the wealthy ahead of the average citizen. If Scott Walker wins the upcoming recall I will be the first to laugh at all of the “sportsmen” who threw their support behind him when they realize that Walker and “Dr. Deer” intend to turn Wisconsin into a giant “canned hunting” ranch where only the wealthy will be able to shoot deer. Based on Kroll’s recommendations and lobbying, Texas is now basically a giant canned hunting enterprise. Does anyone think that this guy will not recommend the same thing for Wisconsin?

Of course Kroll is also jumping on the bandwagon and blaming wolves and other predators for the falsely perceived “decline” in the state’s 1.4 million deer herd. This guy is bad news for both hunters and living wildlife advocates. By voting for Scott Walker Wisconsin citizens are by proxy endorsing a guy that calls our public lands “socialism,” “communism,” and “wildlife ghettos.” Hasn’t Walker already done enough damage to the environment in our state? If he survives the recall do not be surprised if public lands are the next thing he targets. All Walker supporters should think about that.

More information here:

“Public Game Management Is The Last Bastion Of Communism” Dr.James Kroll-Walker Appointed Deer Trustee!!


5 responses to “Scott Walker’s “Deer Czar” Calls Public Lands “Socialism” and National Parks “Wildlife Ghettos”

  1. Animal Connection

    May 30, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    That’s funny that he would be against Public Lands. They privatized most of their countryside in the UK, and look what happened to hunting there. Might be a good thing if they did the same in the US, but only as long as the right people bought up all the land that is.

    • rali74

      May 30, 2012 at 10:23 pm

      This harkens back to the fight to preserve wild lands from the industrialists and loggers at the turn of the last century. The right wing is not satisfied until they have every last piece of public land available for exploitation by their big money constituents. Sure it would be wonderful for living wildlife advocates to buy up huge amounts of land and turn them into true wildlife sanctuaries but I don’t see that happening too often. What is really sickening is that our National Wildlife “Refuges” are nothing more than breeding and killing grounds that provide no “refuge” for our wildlife as they can be hunted and trapped for several months of the year on those lands. Now they want to do the same thing to our National Parks under the so-called “Sportsmen’s Heritage Act.” These people will not stop until they have destroyed every last remnant of wild land and adapted it for their own selfish purposes such as fossil fuel and mineral extraction, or to satisfy their bloodlust. It is all about greed with these people and anything that benefits the poor or middle class they construe as “socialism” while making sure to take advantage of every tax break or government subsidy that they can get their greedy hands on.

      Sorry for the rant, it just gets quite frustrating to see our wildlife and wild lands constantly under attack by greedy special interests.

  2. Animal Connection

    May 30, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Reblogged this on Animal Connection.

  3. louisekane

    May 31, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Its hard to believe we are still fighting such uphill battles against such singularly and mercenary devoted destructive minds and campaigns. what year is it?

  4. Bobette Traul

    June 1, 2012 at 12:16 am

    Hell hath no fury like a deer hunter scorned.


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