Wolf Killing Seasons in Wisconsin and Minnesota Finally Getting National Attention

30 May

Wisconsin plans to “gradually” kill hundreds of gray wolves starting this October.


In yesterday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal there was an article about the upcoming wolf killing seasons in Wisconsin and Minnesota and the controversy surrounding them. The article explained the insane use of dog packs and night hunting in Wisconsin along with the usual whining from hunters that there are “no deer.” From the article:

For some, particularly farmers concerned about attacks on cattle and hunters who say wolves have reduced the number of deer, the hunt is long overdue.

“A lot of people are just looking forward to getting the population down to a more reasonable level,” said Mark A. Toso, president of the Wisconsin Deer Hunters Association.

There you have it. This hunt is all about revenge and they want to kill hundreds of wolves to get the numbers down to what they view as a “reasonable” level. Then there is this gem:

“In Wisconsin, a state board last week gave the go-ahead for the Department of Natural Resources to set wolf-hunting quotas for a hunt whose parameters were largely set out in legislation signed by Gov. Scott Walker in April. The goal in Wisconsin is to gradually reduce the population from at least 800 to somewhere above 350, a state target designed to be sustainable for wolves and acceptable to humans, state officials said.”

I don’t know about you but as a “human” I find the current number of wolves to be perfectly acceptable. And there we go with that 350 number again. If you read between the lines this means that hundreds of wolves are to be slaughtered in Wisconsin and pushed as close to that mythical 350 number as they can be if not lower. I wonder what they will blame for the “low” deer numbers after they slaughter over 450 wolves?

It is nice to see a national media outlet finally reporting what Wisconsin plans to do to the wolves in our state. This is the first mention that I have seen from a major newspaper about the use of dog packs and night hunting being allowed against wolves. The article also mentions that the Humane Society of the United States is also considering a lawsuit to stop the killing season from taking place.

Wisconsin along with other wolf hating states have shown that the gray wolf should never be allowed to be “managed” by the states. With the exception of Michigan each state that has been given control of wolf “management” have set out to kill as many wolves as they can through the most barbaric methods possible. For this reason alone the small population of gray wolves in the lower 48 should never be controlled by the states. Scott Suder introducing his extreme wolf slaughter bill the very day when wolves were removed from the endangered species list should have been a wake up call for the feds and wildlife advocates everywhere. No matter what comes from their mouths these people have one goal, and that is to cause a second extermination of the gray wolf in the lower 48. Their own actions prove this.

Here is the article from the Wall Street Journal:

Wolf Hunt Stirs Passions in Midwest


10 responses to “Wolf Killing Seasons in Wisconsin and Minnesota Finally Getting National Attention

  1. Roger Hewitt

    May 30, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    State management of wolves is bogus. Wyoming’s wolf management plan allows shooting of wolves in most of the state year around. Idaho has killed hundreds even convincing the federal government to join in with them. Montana FWP is too driven by “sportsmen” groups, individual pockets of bizarre anti-wolf people such as in Ravalli County, and ranchers. Montana FWP intends to be even more aggressive next year. Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are locked into a mindset of getting the wolf numbers down to marginal numbers without logic or science. Now Wisconsin and Minnesota are caught up in the yokel-sportsmen-rancher frenzy killing hundreds of wolves next hunting season by barbaric means as in ID, MT, and WY… The original quota numbers for delisting are outdated. If wolves were left alone they would fill up the wilderness niches, their numbers will stabilize. A natural balance would occur with plenty of killing left over for the “sportsmen”.

    Wolves never should have been de-listed in the underhanded way they were, politically by a rider to a budget bill (Senators Baucus and Tester of MT and representative Simpson of ID (all ranchers), and the states and wildlife agencies (FWP, USFWS, and USDA Wildlife Services) are proving it with their kill mentality. The agencies are as ignorant as the sportsmen, ranchers, and yokels they work for. If you put a mixture of them in the same room, you could not sort out one from the other. In fact they are one and the same mindset. The wildlife agencies need a house cleaning, top to bottom, replaced with scientists and people who see it as their job to protect wildlife not farm it, or man-manage it for increased killing opportunities ungulates.

    The rider political shenanigans of delisting the wolf, by Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester and Idaho Representative Simpson (all ranchers) in April 2011, opened a Pandora’s Box and yokel hysteria is spreading state to state. It is time to re-list the wolves. They should be managed regionally or nationally, not micro-man-managed locally, not by vocal-local-yokels, not by hostile FWP agencies, not by sportsmen groups, not by ranchers. Wildlife agencies and newspapers should be educating these stubborn minds, at least trying to, instead of going along with them. Maybe newspapers are of the same mind or too political themselves.

    Wolf populations should probably be left alone. This rigid kill, kill, attitude of MT FWP, ID, WY, USFWS, USDA Wildlife Services is going to endanger them as a species in the USA again. In fact what is going on is a similar replay of the past with the union of ranchers, hunters, wildlife agencies. Wolves would likely stabilize themselves, and mutually stabilize with ungulate herds, as they have in Yellowstone, where they are not “managed”. Elk, other ungulates, and wolves have an ancient beneficial relationship to each other and the general flora and fauna ecology. Humans are the problem. Nature can handle it best without human interference.

    Even with wolf populations up, FWP had to kill less problem wolves last year, and would probably have to kill much less if they and ranchers would learn to use non-lethal methods more. The idea that western states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Midwestern states of Wisconsin and Minnesota and Michigan have a wolf problem is ludicrous. We have a local-vocal-yokel-redneck-conservative politicians and newspapers that keep repeating their lies problem. The wildlife agencies should be scrutinized for a major shakeup. They have always had the wrong missions.

    • rali74

      May 30, 2012 at 9:13 pm

      You got it exactly right. This is what happens when you have a “fox guarding the henhouse” mentality. Would you put criminals in charge of a police force? Would you put thieves in charge of a bank? Then why would you put hunters, trappers, and ranchers in charge of wildlife “management?” They are going to look out for their own no matter how much they swear to “uphold the law.” Just look at the Bransford “investigation” in Idaho. They guy bragged about people shooting at the trapped wolf and IDFG had the nerve to say that “there was no evidence.” When is the rest of this country going to wake up? They are too busy watching their assbackwards “reality TV” and their damn sports to pay attention to the destruction of our wildlife that is happening all around them. And people wonder why I say that I am ashamed to be a human.

  2. Roger Hewitt

    May 30, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    We need to get the wolf re-listed. The states of ID, MT, WY, WI will kill hundreds this fall and winter and spring (2012-2014) in a frenzy of yokel-sportsmen-conservative politician directives aided and abetted by state and federal wildlife agencies. De-listing politically has opened a Pandora’s Box of wolf vendetta of political management. Wolves are a regional, federal matter not state by state and local by local. We must continue to get national attention and find representatives, state and federal, to take up the cause of re-listing, and sue, sue, sue.

    • rali74

      May 30, 2012 at 9:24 pm

      I hope that the HSUS isn’t just blowing smoke when they talk about suing to stop this garbage. They did nothing to stop these laws from passing when they were before their respective legislatures. I was even told by a HSUS director in one of the Great Lakes states that they were ORDERED not to fight the wolf kill bill in the Wisconsin legislature because they wanted Wisconsin to pass an exotic animals ban. Gee, how did that work out for them? You cannot make deals with people who have no intention to compromise. Wisconsin proved this when they introduced the wolf kill bill the very day wolves were taken of the ESA list. Then they rubbed it in our faces when they allowed trapping, night hunting, and the use of vicious packs of dogs to go after 800 wolves for four and half months. This NEEDS to be put before the courts. What more evidence do they need to show that Wisconsin has no intention of doing anything other than destroying the vast majority of the wolf population? This isn’t a “management plan” this is an “extinction plan” and the feds are allowing this? Obama and Cowboy Ken should be ashamed.

  3. Animal Connection

    May 30, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Reblogged this on Animal Connection.

  4. Melissa Smith

    May 31, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Why on earth do they always have to say animal rights people. You know what, I am against this wolf hunt because it’s going to be a devastation to ecosystems and the health of the north woods. They always have to say animal rights whenever they say hunters. It irritates me. The reason I am against the wolf hunt is because it’s not science based what so ever.

    • rali74

      May 31, 2012 at 12:47 pm

      It’s funny how hunters always complain if we lump them all together, but they do not hesitate to lump all animal welfare advocates together. I am an animal welfare advocate.I don’t like hunting, trapping, or the cultures that surround it. I don’t get involved in the whole “rights” issue because that becomes a slippery slope. If others choose to that is their decision and I will respect that. Another one they use is “PETAtard” or PETA this or PETA that. I am not nor will I ever be a member of PETA. I hate hypocrites even those on my side and PETA is just that. They mean well but they alienate far more people than they convert.

      • Diane

        May 31, 2012 at 1:44 pm

        Who did those legislators listen to when they passed the wolf kill bill? It certainly wasn’t us. We wrote in good faith & all got our canned responses back-if we got any @ all. I am sure those who supported the wolf kill bill did get listened to; 1 example being the WI Farm Bureau Federation. They aren’t about just a few small farmers anymore. They boast 42,465 members in WI. This membership is comprised of those who buy their car insurance, home insurance, workmans compensation insurance & are in ag or ag related business. They have a grudge against Wayne Pacelle from the HSUS who tried in vain to get dairy farmers to stop the inhumane practice of cow tail docking. Most of their press releases include some sort of disparaging remark about the HSUS & their causes including gestation crates & battery cages. They also very aggressively support wolf hunting in the state. Current active legislation which the Farm Bureau is involved is 12 bills including wolf hunting, agricultural air emissions, wind energy system rule, exclusion of capital gains taxes & more. Last year they helped to get 9 acts enacted into law. I did write the Farm Bureau re: the wolf issue & got a very personal letter back telling me why I wrong. I don’t understand why the Farm Bureau who also sells insurance would be encouraging hunters running around @ night with dogs & guns. Are all those groups who supported the Wolf Kill bill as powerful as the Farm Bureau? I suspect the Cranberry Growers are also. Do our legislators all bow to the powerful groups in this state? I am happy the wolf kill bill is finally getting some national attention. I hope it is a wake up call. I worry we are like the Wolves who are huffing & puffing but unable to blow the house down.

      • rali74

        May 31, 2012 at 1:59 pm

        The Wisconsin Legislature is wrapped around the finger of George Meyer’s deceptively named hunting group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and the groups under their umbrella. The bill itself was admitted to have been written by the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their seven lawyers. All of the anti-wildlife groups knew about the Assembly’s “public hearing” at least a week before it happened and the public was only given a 24 hour notice. the “author” of the bill Scott Suder didn’t even know what was in the bill when he testified for it. What does that say? None of the “hearings” mattered because nothing was going to change the minds of Suder and his goons who were pushing the bill. The most sickening part is the number of Democrats who voted for this monstrosity in the Assembly and Senate. Wolf hatred is ingrained in both political parties in this state and it is shameful. Any business associated with the groups pushing the wolf kill bill should be boycotted. What cranberries have to do with wolves is beyond me. The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation also supports bear hounding and baiting. The are apparently an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation whose we site shows support for wildlife. Just look at their site:

        They talk about protecting wolves and other wildlife. Why would they be affiliated with a kill everything groups like the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. When questioned the NWF said that they have no control over their regional affiliates. What? Do they really want to be affiliated with a group like the one in Wisconsin. This group is all about killing more and more animals in Wisconsin each and every year. The even want a “cap” of 350 wolves in Wisconsin. This is the group that people in this state think are looking out for wildlife?

  5. Robin Ward

    November 4, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Stop the Killing of the Wolves in Minnesota!! I helped get them back in Yellowstone!!


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