06 Jun

I saw this same sticker on a giant pickup here in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. It was next to NRA and SCI stickers and of course “No Wolves.” You think that they are over-compensating for something?

Exposing the Big Game

That insolent motto was the message of a bumper sticker displayed on the back window of a beater pickup truck parked at my local store yesterday. The words read above and below the outline of a trophy four-point buck (with his body turned sideways, presenting the kind of “perfect shot” that hunters have wet dreams about). If you’ve been through a rural American town during hunting season, you’ve probably noticed this popular line of window decals—many of which show the animal within the crosshairs of a rifle scope—on about every truck and SUV around, often accompanied by the ubiquitous NRA sticker.

The telltale idiom, “Ditch the bitch, Let’s go hunting,” calls into question the average sport hunter’s oft-professed “respect,” not only for deer, but also for women—both of whom are equally objectified.

It also brings up the question, how can a woman who loves animals be with a hunter?


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  1. chance

    June 6, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    The two bumper stickers are great. I’d put them both on my car.


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