Coyotes Blamed for Spread of Lyme Disease and DNR Admits Wolves Help Contain CWD

18 Jun

Photo by: U.S. Department of Interior


A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discusses a study about how the decline of the fox population and the increase of coyote population may have lead to the increase in Lyme disease cases in Wisconsin. From the article:

“Foxes have hunting habits that are different from those of coyotes: They will kill many small mammals at once, stashing the kill for later. Coyotes, on the other hand, especially those that have crossbred with wolves, will eat deer, rabbits, or even foxes, and are not efficient predators of small mammals the way foxes are. As coyotes have expanded in numbers and range, the new study suggests, they interfere with the important role served by foxes: to suppress Lyme disease rodent hosts, especially around human habitation.”

Of course Wisconsin hunters and trappers kill in excess of 11,000 gray and red foxes each year. Those are just the ones that they report. Maybe it is time for these people to lay off of foxes because they help prevent Lyme disease. Of course I doubt the greed and selfishness of the “sportsmen” in this state will never allow that. These people will cut of their noses to spite their face.

Also in the article DNR biologist, Adrian Wydeven, commented on how wolves help to contain Cronic Wasting Disease (CWD):

“Based on their research, Levi and colleagues suggest a deer reduction strategy be combined with efforts to rehabilitate the red fox, to reduce tick abundance and ultimately stall the spread of Lyme disease. In fact, this may be already happening organically, as wolves recover, and cougars move eastward. These top predators may control the coyote population, thus helping foxes recover.”

“Adrian Wydeven, an ecologist with the DNR, said that wolf predation can also contain the spread of chronic wasting disease in deer, but he believes implementing the new study’s strategy of predator manipulation on a large scale would be very difficult.”

In my conversations with Dr. Wydeven I found him to be very honest and understanding about the concerns that wildlife advocates have for the future of wolves in Wisconsin. He was also excluded from testifying before the Wisconsin Legislature when they were ramming through the wolf kill bill. Why would you exclude the state’s leading wolf expert from testifying on a bill that will impact the entire wolf population in Wisconsin? Of course the testimony of the sadists from the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, who also wrote the bill, and other anti-wolf groups were prominently featured. Again here is another example of how many hunters and trappers will again cut off their nose to spite their face. If wolves help keep coyote and deer populations in check that means the prevalence of CWD and Lyme disease will be decreased. Of course we can’t let common sense get in the way of revenge and “hunter opportunity” for those who want to slaughter wolves.

Here is the article:

Foxes, not deer, may hold key to rise in Lyme disease, study says


5 responses to “Coyotes Blamed for Spread of Lyme Disease and DNR Admits Wolves Help Contain CWD

  1. Melissa

    June 18, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    This article seems to reflect sound, scientific based research. We don’t believe in that anymore. More ticks please.

  2. Bobette Traul

    June 18, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    I’ve read Adrien Wydeven’s interesting papers in the past. Good to hear from him finally. Of course wolves will keep CWD in check but who wants to let them do that? Greedy , selfish you know whats.

    • rali74

      June 18, 2012 at 11:57 pm

      This explains why Wydeven was not allowed to testify at the hearings for the wolf kill bill. They were afraid that he would have told the truth about how beneficial wolves are to stopping the spread of CWD. This whole bill and what followed is one big fraud that caters to a small special interest. All we heard during the hearings were how “wolf depredation” payouts were at record highs. I found out why and will be posting about it in the next few days. The system is being abused and wolves are the ones getting the blame for it. I thought something was fishy when I read that the DNR paid out over $200,000 this year and now I know why. You will be astounded and disgusted why this is occurring. This could be big.

  3. Bobette Traul

    June 19, 2012 at 12:31 am

    I hope you give that info to the right person that can use it for the cause and expose the real culprits. I have about every article Adrien wrote for “Country Today’. I kept a file on him. Still trying to give you $. I will try tomorrow. I haven’t used Pay Pal in ages since I seldom use e-bay now.

  4. Melissa Smith

    June 19, 2012 at 4:44 am

    please contact me ASAP via email. Something very important!


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