Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Last chance to speak up for the wolves and “Fluffy” Killing Propaganda

08 Jul

Here is Patricia’s new column:

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Last chance to speak up for the wolves

Particularly interesting is the whining from the bear hounder shill about how those living in wolf country “want their lives back.” Really? Wolves are messing with their “lives?” These are the zealots that Scott Suder and the DNR are listening to while shutting the rest of us out. Be sure to read the witty response to this insane rant by Gaylord Nelson in the column.

Also, here are two links to recent articles about this insane wolf slaughter proposal that spell out what is wrong with this state:

WI Legislature, DNR, Are Rushing Wolf Hunt

DNR’s wolf hunting plan is start of a slippery slope

In the send article by Jodi Habush Sinykin, be sure to read the comments that follow. Here is an example (have barf bag handy):

“It is amazing to me to read your post and hear the obvious disdain for hunters. Aldo Leopold was the forefather of wildlife conservation and a HUNTER ! Hunters, trappers, and fisherman have the utmost revere and respect for our natural resources, probably much more than the average citizen. We are hands on environmentalists and base our opinions on science, not emotion. Hunters, trappers, and fisherman do not have a kill-em-all mentality. Quite to the contrary, we are very involved in programs and societies that purchase and provide habitat and refuges that bolster wildlife populations. Whether the money comes from our license dollars, pittman-robertson dollars, or conservation societies such as Ducks Unlimited, SCI, WI Bear Hunters Association, Pheasants Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society, Walleyes For Tomorrow, Muskies Inc, WI Trappers Association, et al ; we spend millions of dollars each year to conserve and improve our natural resources. This so called group of right wing nasty,nasty idiots are bank rolling conservation efforts for all the great citizens of Wisconsin to enjoy !”

“Conservations societies?” The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association? SCI? Wisconsin Trappers Association? Give me a break. These are the most extreme hunting groups out there and this person tries to make it seem like the are “stewards of the land.” Of course listen to this person’s next reply to tell exactly what we are dealing with:

“Ditto my previous response to you- lighten up ! Poachers and road shooters are not hunters, they are in violation of the law, they are criminals. I am assuming these are the people you refer to as ‘idiot yahoo hunters’. They are not hunters, they are violators, and do not represent what the other hundreds of thousands of law abiding hunters stand for. And what’s your beef with Ted Nugent ? There is not one celebrity out there who has been more outspoken about the benefits of engaging in the outdoor lifestyle of hunting, fishing, and trapping. Nuge is one of the biggest propponents of hunters rights and second amendment rights, and he is 100% clean and sober- so he should be right up your alley.”

This propaganda mouthpiece forgets to mention a couple of key facts: Nugent is a twice convicted poacher in California and Alaska. Nugent is also an operator and proponent of canned hunting operations. What planet does this person live on? Then it came to me. I remembered a couple of months ago a comment from someone who sounded just like this going on about how trapping doesn’t hurt animals and that they “just go to sleep” while in the trap. It is the same person. Read this drivel from March 13th:

“The editorials about the problems with the wolf hunt are factually off base. Most of these arguments are based on emotions rather than reality. The truth is that we have well over double the amount of wolves in this state that dnr biologists determined the state’s landscape can handle. Also, neighboring states Michigan and Minnesota have exceeded their population goals as well, and wolves regularly cross into Wisconsin adding to the over population. Hunting and trapping are far and away the best tools for managing wolf populations. Wolves with pups will not be shot because the hunting season takes place in fall when pups are grown up and able to fend for themselves. Trapping is also a very logical, effective, and humane way to manage the wolf population. When caught in a leg hold trap (which often times have the jaws padded) the animal usually lays down and often times falls asleep. Animals are incapable of inflicting harm on themselves i.e. “chewing off their own leg”. That is a wive’s tale and simply untrue. Trapping allows for selective harvest – non target animals or immature animals can be released unharmed. Also, traps must legally be checked every day – trapped animals will not be caught for days on end. Hunters and trappers offer the best, most economical,and most logical solution for managing wolves. Mother nature has her own way of dealing with over populations. That includes mainge (where all the animal’s fur falls off), parasites, starvation, or succombing to the elements – all very long, cruel, and gruesome ways to die. Our state has a very strong and proven conservation ethic managing wildlife to sustain very strong and healthy populations. A great example is our lake sturgeon spearing season. Wisconsin is the only place in the world where you can spear sturgeon. Because our dnr sets harvest quotas for stugeon,(exactly like the quotas used for the wolf season) we have a very healthy and robust sturgeon population.”

I want to go get myself stuck in a trap so that I can have a good nap!! What fun!!!

Yes, wolves are exactly the same as sturgeon. Can you run packs of dogs on sturgeon? Can you target then for 4 1/2 months? Trap them? Bait them? It is people like this who go out of their way to present a fluffy picture of the cruelty and barbarism that that occurs in our state daily. They even have to use the old “we kill them so they don’t die” excuse. And we are the ones who are “misinformed?” Trapped animals “just fall asleep?” They don’t chew off their own legs? Wive’s tale? Any bets this person works for a hunting or trapping group? Be sure to add your comment and respond to this person on the JSOnline article linked above.

I found another comment from this person from September, 2010. Again have your barf bag handy:

“Congrats Dexter! Hard work pays off. As a hunter and conservationist, I couldn’t be happier for you. Now to clear up a few misconceptions about hunting and hunters. First, for those who cannot understand why someone would kill a black bear, hunters hunt for the same reason people grow vegetable gardens or go camping. Hunters, like gardeners, have a greater connection to their bounty or harvest than someone who indescriminately buys their groceries from a giant faceless store. As a hunter, we have a more honest relationship with our food and choose to do our grocery shopping in a different manor. Hunting is a spiritual release. If you have never done it, try it some time. Ethical hunters strive for a humane kill during harvest and honor the animal. This includes consuming all of the meat, and for some, having a mount made so that they can remember the experience forever. People ask, “Why not let nature take its course, and have the bear die of natural causes?” People do not realize that as animals such as bear or deer get older, they lose their teeth, just like this old bear had hardly any teeth left. Well, animals dont have dentists, so as they lose their teeth, they lose their ability to chew their food thus starving to death. Mother Nature has her own population controls such as stavation or mange(when an animal loses all of its fur due to a parasite and eventually dies from exposure). Morally, hunting and a quick humane kill in which the animal is not wasted is the better option. Lastly, hunting over bait or with hounds is not a guarantee you will kill a bear, much less actually see a bear. These methods simply provide the hunter an oppurtunity to make a humane kill because it will allow the hunter to be closer to the animal. For those who are against hunting, or for those who dont undertand why people do it, I strongly suggest trying it or at least tagging along with someone who does hunt. I think you will gain an understanding and an appreciation for it.”

Justifying hounding and baiting, and that we must kill bears because they don’t have dental plans. Spiritual release? What?!?!?!?! Excuse me I have to go vomit.


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2 responses to “Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Last chance to speak up for the wolves and “Fluffy” Killing Propaganda

  1. Suzanne Dunham

    July 8, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Another great article….. Thank you!

    • Diane

      July 11, 2012 at 6:42 am

      Folllowing Patricia’s excellent article posted on this site, I emailed the NRB site as posted, but it was returned as unable to be delivered. I then emailed Laurie Ross who forwarded my comments to the board members & department. I explained to Laurie I had emailed her instead as I was unable to use the NRB email address. Laurie emailed me back saying the comments address has been revised to . Just so you know.


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