Statement from Patricia Randolph and Reminder that Comments to Natural Resources Board are due Tomorrow

11 Jul

Here are some talking points for your testimony or statement to the Natural Resources Board, due July 12 (Thursday) by 4 p.m.

Although I disagree with Professor Treves on hunting as a form of conservation, and strongly disagree with treating the wolf as a “trophy” animal, he was kind enough to send me his testimony to the Natural Resources Board. His surveys, according to his previous testimony before the Senate Natural Resources board one “hearing” gave evidence that there is “little stewardship in hunter attitudes toward the wolf”. He left shaken that his 12 years of study of Wisconsin wolves and their minimal predation by a few wolves, 92% predictability on which wolves would predate, and a moderate or no hunt approach – was all ignored.

Professor Treves will find “little stewardship” in hunting/trapping/hounding in Wisconsin – just a massive increase in torture and murder of our wildlife for the few who have structured the state agency on killing license, excluding the voices of the majority citizen wildlife watchers in Wisconsin.

Please read and feel free to reference Professor Treves’ testimony. (ATTACHED)


Here is the testimony that Professor Treves is going to presenting to the Natural Resources Board:

Testimony on the Proposed rules for Wolf Season NRB July 17

Professor Treves is a leading carnivore researcher with the University of Wisconsin’s Nelson Institute. He has grave concerns that this wolf killing season will lead to wolves dropping under 350 THIS YEAR. Here is a sample of his testimony:

“Given the length of our season, its statewide distribution, the new methods being used (bait, hounds and night-time) and hunting during the wolf breeding period when the state counts its wolves, Wisconsin is likely to equal or exceed the highest super-additive hunts and drive our wolf population below 350 in the first year. (c) DNR estimates of the frequency of illegal take under- estimate it by half and under-estimate total mortality by a similar margin by my estimates, but there is not yet peer-reviewed scientific evidence for these numbers and they are the most critical foundation for setting quotas. I recommend the NRB send the rules back for a more conservative quota on this basis alone. One scenario that is not unlikely is the tribes do not claim permits, hunters overharvest wolves by 36%, our wolf population count is imprecise because of boycotts and hunting during the late winter count, and the federal government relists the wolf because of a court order to do so.”

Professor Treves also points out that lawsuits are highly likely to delay state “management” for years to come.

Remember that citizen comments to the Board are due TOMORROW. Please send them to this email address:

You know that the anti-wolf factions like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation are rallying their members to comment either in writing or in person. We must provide a legitimate counter to this. If you wish to attend the meeting here is the location and time:

You must register by tomorrow if you wish to testify at the July 17th meeting. Please speak out for the wolves. I will not be able to attend due to work conflicts, but I am submitting my comments. 


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