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12 Jul

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Here is what I sent to the Board:

I am strongly opposed to the proposed wolf hunting season and the methods of take that are being allowed. It is an insult to all of those who worked so long and hard to bring this majestic animal back from the brink of extinction only to begin killing a vast amount of the population within months of their removal from the Endangered Species List. This proposal is nothing more than a revenge/trophy hunt to appease extremist hunting groups like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and anti-wildlife agriculture interests. The fact that the bill that authorizes this “hunt’ was introduced the very day that wolves were removed from the ESA list shows the true motivation of the legislators and those who wrote the bill for them.

Wisconsin has 5.7 million people, at least 1.4 million deer, and we don’t have room for 800 wolves? The grossly exaggerated “depredation” claims are also highly dubious because of their use of justification for this upcoming slaughter. The general public is not aware that any livestock loss of over 2.3% is automatically considered a “wolf depredation” and is paid for out of the depredation fund. “Missing” calves are also automatically attributed to wolves if there is “evidence” of wolf activity and ONE confirmed wolf depredation in a year. This gravy train program paid out in excess of $190,000 in 2012 alone for 257 “missing” calves. There was ZERO evidence that wolves were responsible for any of these “missing” animals. These numbers are especially dubious because there were only 25 calves reported as “missing” in 2011, but suddenly the number jumps to 257 in 2012?

Also extremely concerning is the continued reimbursement for bear hounds that are allegedly killed by wolves. If a person allows packs of vicious dogs to run loose through wolf habitat that is a risk that they should be responsible for. The DNR absolutely should not be reimbursing irresponsible bear hunters who allow their hounds to run rampant through the woods terrorizing wildlife. Wisconsin is the ONLY state that allows this insanity.

Finally the killing methods allowed in this proposal are absolutely shameful. Representatives from the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association admitted before the Senate Natural Resources Committee that they along with seven attorneys wrote this bill. Is it any surprise that the bill contained provisions that allow packs of six dogs to go after wolves? This is a recipe for disaster and will lead to many dogs and wolves being killed. Along with Wisconsin’s shameful act of allowing packs of dogs to go after coyotes, they now allow wolves to be targeted as well. Wisconsin has essentially legalized dog fighting, and is again the only state in the Union that allows packs of dogs to go after wolves. If it is illegal for packs of dogs to kill wild animals in Wisconsin, why is hounding even allowed for any species? Contrary to assurances from pro-hound hunting groups there are many instances where the hound hunters allow their dogs to attack and kill wild animals. Examples of these incidents can easily found on internet video sharing websites and many occur in Wisconsin. Who is going to enforce this? A wolf cannot climb a tree, they will stand and fight.

In summary, I am strongly opposed to this plan and the entire process that led to this. It is absolutely shameful that Wisconsin wants to allow some of the most brutal and barbaric methods available for killing wolves under the guise of “management” and “tradition.” This is no way to treat an animal that is just months off the Endangered Species List and is cherished by so many Wisconsin citizens as something other than a trophy target to be “harvested.” Wisconsin should be ashamed.

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And for the bear hounder who keeps attempting to post here: your comments will not be approved and will not show up. There are plenty of other sites out there for you to post to that accept your point of view. This site is a place where LIVING wildlife advocates are allowed to post, not those who derive pleasure from tormenting and killing wildlife. And as a matter of fact many who post here, including myself, are vegetarian or vegan so you can save that talking point for your fellow hounders and wildlife abusers. The same with the “we kill them so they don’t die” line. The ONLY species that needs to be managed are the two-legged ones.


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3 responses to “My Comments to the Natural Resources Board

  1. della munnich

    July 12, 2012 at 11:47 am

    Please take the time to re read rali74 again, in that i totally feel the same. It should be read several times, in hopes that you and others digest the facts. It is wrong and inhumane the way you plan to kill wolves. It is as simple as that, wrong!
    There is a mind set with so many special interest groups….and in fact much of what they fear, is not the wolf, but their mind set. I would recommend reading, as a beginning, “Wolfer” by Carter Niemeyer. He was a wolfer,was in the field, this was his job….kill the wolf…and realized many,and more of the same points as rali74. The wolf is being blamed for many kills(cows,sheep) it did not do! and the kills he does do are most often the week, or very few. Often times it is man, or another predator!
    Look at the real facts, not what you want to be to appease your mind set. The wolf is NOT the big bad wolf. We need the wolf in our ecosystem.

  2. Bobette Traul

    July 13, 2012 at 12:43 am

    Please get on line with various newspapers that allow comments. I’m on the Missoulian, Idaho. Statesman Wi. ST. Journal or any that are in wolf country so your voice can be heard. I’m going to find a couple up North. Any ideas?

  3. Pat

    July 21, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    Thank you for this most illuminating article. The passive of the bill allowing a wolf hunt makes me sick. We lived for 11 years in N MN with many wolves and not one harmed any of our large or small livestock, our dogs, or our children. Their claims of being afraid to ride bikes or go into their yards are ridiculous. Our very wimpy dog would chase wolves out of the pasture and not one attacked her. They just ran away. And these were gray wolves, not coyotes. The whole Walker administration makes me sick, and this is only one reason, but it’s a biggie.


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