Natural Resources Board Rubber Stamps Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter

17 Jul

Wolf killing gets rubber-stamped again in Wisconsin despite pleas from living wildlife advocates and biologists.


**Update** According to wildlife advocate Melissa Smith, who attended the hearing, the Natural Resources Board received 344 written comments on the wolf killing rules that they were voting on today. Of those comments only EIGHT were in support of the the quota and rules. The rest were either against them of had “concerns” about the rules. And of course ALL of the rules were unanimously approved by the board members. Who do these people really work for? It certainly isn’t the citizens of Wisconsin. So much for this little thing called “democracy.” Shame on you Wisconsin!!!! Bring on the lawsuits!!!!


After succeeding in exterminating the gray wolf by the middle of the 20th Century, today Wisconsin took the next step toward the second eradication of wolves from the state. Ignoring the testimony of living wildlife advocates and expert biologists, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board unanimously approved the killing of 25 percent of the wolf population in the first year. Not one board member voted against this extreme proposal maintaining Wisconsin’s reputation as the “kill everything state.” Not one board member had the guts to vote against this proposal even after the testimony from experts like Adrian Treves warned them that this will lead to disaster. What does this say about Wisconsin and those charged with “managing” our wildlife?

During a “hearing” filled with many insane anti-wolf comments this comment from bear hounder shill and paid lobbyist, Robert Welch, had to be among the most ridiculous:

Bob Welch, speaking on behalf of the Hunters Rights Coalition, said it’s ludicrous to think hunters will wipe out Wisconsin’s wolves. Hunters want wolves around because they’re a trophy species, he said.

“Hunters are going to become the strongest advocates for wolves,” Welch said. “That’s how it’s worked with every other species.”

Really? That’s not what we have been hearing from the “hunters” Welch supports for the past few months.

Then we have people like Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC, WBHA) and George Meyer, the head of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, whining that the quota of 201 wolves is too “conservative.” Only in Wisconsin would allowing the killing of 25 percent of a population be considered “conservative.” Absolutely disgusting. This “hunt” is another stain on Wisconsin and anyone with an ounce of intelligence sees that the hounders and other proponents of this killing spree will make this state look worse for wildlife than it is already viewed by much of the country. These sentiments were echoed during the hearing by Tom Givnish, University of Wisconsin professor of botany:

“Hundreds of people have worked over dozens of years to see the gray wolf recover,” Givnish said. “This is not the time to install an aggressive hunting policy that may endanger that recovery.”

Givnish recommended refuges be established in which no wolf hunting or trapping would be allowed.

Givnish said he was troubled by allowing hunting wolves at night, with baits and with dogs.

“It will stain the reputation of hunting in Wisconsin and the DNR through the foreseeable future,” Givnish said.

From all accounts there were many people at the hearing who supported the gray wolf and provided an excellent counterpoint to the rabid bear hounders and other anti-wolf zealots. Unfortunately, their views fell on deaf ears and the Board rubber-stamped everything in this insane anti-scientific proposal. This may come back to bite this state because representatives from major pro-wildlife groups such as Howard Goldman of the Humane Society of the United States testified on behalf of wolves. It is about time that the HSUS got involved. What were they waiting for? There are indeed rumblings of a lawsuit brewing that will challenge this insanity in the courts. Here is something else that may point to this:

“The possibility remains for a law suit to stop the wolf hunting and trapping season.”

“Robert Habush of Habush Habush and Rottier Law Firm was in the audience. Habush didn’t testify but said he was an “interested observer.”

A lawsuit may be what it takes to bring some sanity back to this abomination that is called “wildlife management” in this state. We cannot allow the kill everything types like Scott Suder and George Meyer to continue to dominate what happens to the wildlife in this state. The time to speak up is NOW.

Face it living wildlife advocates, we have NO voice in this state. No matter how many of us turn out to support wildlife and no matter what public opinion is those who seek to slaughter and exploit our wildlife are the ones making the decisions. This has to change. We MUST make our voices heard before they destroy all that we hold dear. This is just the beginning and WE must mobilize to prevent any further damage. If they can get away with essentially legalizing dog fighting do not be surprised if they allow hounders to go after even more wildlife, including deer. Where will this insanity of using dogs as weapons stop? I would not put anything past the anti-wildlife zealots in charge of this state. Please continue to speak out against this insanity and voice your support for any organization who is willing to fight proposals like this in the courts.

For further reading about Wisconsin’s insane desire to kill wolves. Please read this excellent article from Doug Hissom of the Baltimore Post-Examiner:

Is Wisconsin crying wolf too many times?


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8 responses to “Natural Resources Board Rubber Stamps Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter

  1. Bobette Traul

    July 18, 2012 at 12:11 am

    rali- looks like we may be going somewhere in this. I’m interested in Mr. Habish being there. I smell a big fight since our deer czar says the public needs and has the right to a larger say in the management of our wildlife. That was an editorial in the Monroe Times tonight and was in the Wisc. Journal. Yeah- where was the HSUS? Watching this closely. Now how about the Ojibwe? What have you heard? Did not President Bush declare dog fighting a Federal offense?

    • rali74

      July 18, 2012 at 12:21 am

      The tribes are still weighing their options as of yesterday. This law must be challenged in court. I really cannot understand how a state can legalize dog fighting and exempt it from animal cruelty laws. Wisconsin should be ashamed.

  2. Animal Connection

    July 18, 2012 at 12:56 am

    Reblogged this on Animal Connection.

  3. Nancy Wolfwatcher

    July 18, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Thank you Patricia for all your work. I think 9 year old Zoe White was the star – she said that like the wolf, she was born here and spoke from the heart why wolves should not be hunted in this way and ended her comment with “make me proud to live in Wisconsin”.

  4. Diane

    July 18, 2012 at 9:06 am

    One would have thought the obviously concocted claims of wolf predation for “missing” cattle coming to light would have caused the NRB board to reevaluate their stance & caused them to back down on some of their killing rampage. It is certainly obvious those who create laws, legislation & regulation are devoid of any logic, common sense or empathy.

  5. Bobette Traul

    July 18, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Habush- Mr. Habush. I don’t understand the 50% the Ojibwe can take. Is that alive with out killing them? We need to get some phone numbers out there so we can flood the place like Idaho and Wyoming.

  6. Sandra McGee

    July 18, 2012 at 10:12 am

    My apologies to all of the folks who were there FOR the wolves. I couldn’t make it. I was saddened & angry that there were circumstances that stopped me from coming on up. I thought about the damn meeting all day. Thank You so much for posting what happened & what was said. I think a trip to the courts is in order. Plus more protests!!! If anyone would like my e-mail or phone #’s so they can get a hold of me personally – I would be more than happy to give it to you for personal reference & also for future wolf gatherings. Again, kudos to all who gathered & spoke up for “our” wolf brother & sisters. They need ALL the help they can get.

  7. Sandra McGee

    July 18, 2012 at 10:17 am

    Oh …… also that meeting (WI.) sounded EXACTLY like the meeting I was @ in Boise, ID. back in March. NOT listening to sound science or their constituents in there own damn state. It boggles ones mind. Oh … that right – it’s all about GREED.


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