Hunters Finally Realizing that Bear Hounders Have Hijacked Their Community

16 Aug

On the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel website an opinion piece appeared from hunter, Ron Weber, who calls out the insanity behind the methods allowed in the wolf kill bill, and how the bear hounders have hijacked the “voice” of hunters in Wisconsin. Although I am certainly not a fan of hunting, Mr. Weber comes across as an ethical hunter who sees that there is something truly wrong in Wisconsin. From the article:

“As a lifelong hunter, trapper and general lover of nature, however, I have serious questions about some of the harvest methods allowed in Wisconsin’s wolf hunt legislation. Given the delicate and controversial nature of this season, extra care should have been taken to forward legislation that provided a hunt in the most ethical way possible.

The use of dogs, which is the basis for the current lawsuit, was strongly discouraged by several wolf experts. Most of the non-hunting public is not going to view favorably the use of dogs to hunt wolves. Heck, most of the hunters I talk with don’t like it. So why allow it? Why make it a potential issue?

The other method that is questionable is the use of bait. Baiting wildlife is a contentious issue within the hunting community itself, and most non-hunters do not see it as very ethical. Why include this as a method? Can’t hunters hunt anything anymore without sitting over a pile of something?

Don’t overlook the separate legislation that now opens coyote season during deer season in the north, either. During the early years of re-establishment of the wolf, hunters shooting wolves during deer season thinking they were coyotes was one of the primary causes of death of wolves. We again can count on plenty of wolves now being shot by “mistake.” My guess is that number may be higher than the legal harvest. So who crafted these rules?

To me, there is a more serious issue. This legislation and others affecting our natural resources are part of what I see as a well-planned coup carried out over the past six years or so. Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association, Wisconsin Hunters Rights Coalition, Wisconsin Bowhunters Association and other organizations have aligned themselves with key legislators and bureaucrats. Politically, these groups now speak for all sportspeople, though not for many of the sportspeople I talk to.”

While Mr. Weber and I may not see eye to eye on hunting, I applaud him for finally speaking out against the extremists in the hunting community such as the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. There is certainly room to work with ethical hunters on ways to purge our state of the influence that the extremists wield. Are you listening Scott Suder? George Meyer? Corky Meyer? Bob Welch? People are catching on to your agenda and are calling you out on it. Enjoy your “victories” now because they may not last as long as you think. Thank you Mr. Weber. On this both hunter and non-hunter can certainly be on the same side and come to an understanding.

Handling of Wisconsin wolf hunt illustrates troubling trend


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3 responses to “Hunters Finally Realizing that Bear Hounders Have Hijacked Their Community

  1. Bobette Traul

    August 16, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    I want to see hunters stand up for not hunting wolves at all. That’s what started this whole thing. Was Obama and cowboy Kenny giving the OK.

    • Kristy S

      August 17, 2012 at 11:11 pm

      Bobette, I want the same!! This Democrat is voting republican for president for the first time because of this issue. Salazar is a disaster!!

      • rali74

        August 18, 2012 at 8:49 am

        If you care about the environment and wildlife at all, I would rethink your decision. Romney and Ryan care nothing for wildlife and wild lands and will sell them off to the highest bidder. I don’t deny that Obama has been a disaster for wolves and other wildlife, but the alternative is even more horrifying. We must demand that Salazar be replaced in favor of someone who doesn’t pander to big ag or hunting groups. Of course that is the beauty of America (for now) we can vote for who we wish.


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