31 Aug

Wow! This guy is quite the sadist. He sure is a “pretty typical” Wisconsin guy.

Exposing the Big Game

Are you tired of hearing about Paul Ryan yet? I know I am. After learning that he is a ‘diehard’ bowhunter, I didn’t think anything else about him would surprise me. But during a recent interview in Deer and Deer Huntingmagazine he let slip just how much of a trophy hunter he really is.

Though he seems to actually enjoy getting his hands all bloody butchering his victims himself, the killing is clearly not about procuring cost-effective food for him—in Ryan’s own words, his fantasy dream hunt would be costly: “…one of my goals is to get a ‘grand slam’ of sheep with a bow,” Ryan told the deer-snuff magazine. “It would be very tough and very expensive.” For those lucky readers who don’t know what a ‘grand slam’ of sheep is, it’s the brutal murder of one each of the four different North American wild sheep, which include Alaska’s Dall…

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  1. Bobette Traul

    September 1, 2012 at 1:57 am

    Romney and Ryan were just out done by Clint Eastwood. That convention fizzled right there. I don’t understand why the anti-abortionists are avid hunters. Where is the respect for life? Just heard the news about the dog decision. Now what?


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