Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf hunt lawsuit puts spotlight on DNR malpractice

02 Sep

Patricia’s latest column. Please comment and share.

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf hunt lawsuit puts spotlight on DNR malpractice

Here is the full unedited text from Patricia’s newest column:

I am sending out the original column since the editors deleted important parts of the brief.
Please feel free to add to the conversation by commenting. Editorializing is a way to be heard. Please join us tabling at Bob Fest at the Alliant Energy Center, Sat. Sept 15. Let me know if you can help.


“I am not a hunter, but I do know when I see abuse of power…and (DNR) agency malpractice.” ~ Attorney Robert Habush (Habush, Habush & Rottier)

Massive abuse of power and DNR wildlife malpractice has been the norm for an agency funded by killing licenses instead of general public funds. Follow the money. Either this agency should be relegated to the trash bin of history, beyond redemption, or completely restructured.

Wolves. Wilderness. Wisdom of natural systems. Wolves as apex predators are the great balancers. It is the power of the wolf that is rising, exposing relentless long term cruelty to all wildlife. Beseiged on all sides, brother wolf howls his warning that man is wantonly destroying all that is real and valuable and sustaining. Pay attention. As the wolf goes, so goes man.

The DNR has rarely, if ever, been held accountable to citizens who do not kill wildlife and their interests. With reckless megalomania, the agency has ramped up trapping and hounding of our wildlife over the past decade. This has been masterminded by the insidious political opportunism of George Meyers and his deadly Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

The lawsuit brought by a coalition of humane societies is a first foray to address a vicious part of that destruction.. It contends that when the DNR delisted the wolf from protected status, it left an endangered species vulnerable to animal cruelty, without reasonable regulations to prevent wolf/dog direct contact. I found only two videos on youtube of dogs set on wolves – one in Mongolia ( ) and one in Algeria ( ).

The lawsuit seeks a temporary injunction “on this year’s carnage” until wolf killer wannabes are told they cannot train or use dogs on wolves. Research shows that wolves attacked by dogs are more likely to consider all dogs threat and prey.

Carl Sinderbrand of Axley Brynelson, argued for the plaintiffs that DNR wolf expert, Adrian Wydevan was deliberately kept from testifying to the legislature and Natural Resources Board. Sans science, the DNR and Natural Resources Board failure to set rules was “arbitrary and capricious…quick and dirty.”

As Laina commented:
“… dogs not leashed, wolves running away, dogs following, hunters can’t keep up… Is there a new breed of dog that is trained to point at wolves and wait for hunters to advance?”

The complaint further states, “Hunters expecting to use dogs to hunt wolves have approached humane societies to obtain dogs to use as bait for hunting wolves, resulting in humane societies becoming inadvertent accomplices in activities that subvert their mission, core values, and ability to fundraise.”

Cynthia Hirsch, from the attorney general’s office, argues that the DNR is used to abusing all sorts of species with dogs (not her exact words) and therefore this is just a continuance of policy. Bad law is used to excuse more bad law. Dogs engage and attack whatever wild animals they encounter, not just the those the DNR has authorized to be chased: bears, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, raccoons, possums, turkeys and waterfowl. The 5-week bear slaughter over dogs begins September 5 – October 10. Thousands of cubs will be killed.

The use of dogs should be ended altogether, under Wisconsin Statute 951.08(1): “No person may intentionally instigate, promote or abet…restrain or allow any place to be used for a cockfight, dog fight, bullfight, or another fight between the same or different kinds of animals or between an animal and a person.” Other parts of the statute disallow people to train or own animals for fighting, or be a spectator of such events.

The DNR and Cynthia Hirsch want the lawsuit dismissed on the following grounds:

· The humane societies and citizen plaintiffs do not have standing because they do not hunt or run dogs. (The only citizens who have standing are the perpetrators of the abuse.)
· The DNR is helpless because the legislature overrode their authority. (Representative Suder was either lying when he said that he worked with the DNR to craft the legislation, or the DNR’s “helplessness” is contrived).

The DNR and Natural Resources Board were charged with setting the number of wolves that could be killed, and rules for that kill. As Barb Eisenberg, biologist, testified, “Zero is a number. It is the proper number.” The Natural Resources Board nixed hunting at night with dogs, demonstrating their power to set limitations on the use of dogs – yet they left “training dogs on wolves” with no rules. Vacating their responsibility leaves dogs running everywhere, unlimited, unlicensed, year-round, night and day, statewide, on all wildlife.

Attorney Habush remarked to the judge, “Why the heck is the DNR and attorney general, dedicated to prohibit animal cruelty, putting dogs, wolves, and all other wildlife at such risks? Why did they ignore these risks?”

The DNR, like many of our political entities, is the exact opposite of its mandate. DNR wildlife management, as a whole, is a violation of Wisconsin animal cruelty laws.

WILDLIFE ETHIC will table at Fighting Bob Fest, Saturday, Sept. 15.


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7 responses to “Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf hunt lawsuit puts spotlight on DNR malpractice

  1. m. mixson

    September 2, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Great article. Everything that nded to be said is now out for all to see the facts. Thank you. Any honest judge should call off these bloodlusting hunts.

  2. chance

    September 2, 2012 at 11:50 am

    I wonder how many bobcats, coyotes and bears suffer the same fate as the two wolves in the videos from Mongolia…….It’s the dirty little secret in the Hounding community……The dogs got to have their fun right? How much do you want to bet some of the more sadistic hounders would be taking their fat DNR reimbursement checks to put a deposit on one of the European wolf killing dogs– to teach those vermin timber wolves a real lesson….. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about Hounding- period

  3. gannonned

    September 2, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    Great article.

  4. Bobette Traul

    September 3, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    What ever happened to the 5 yr, waiting period after the delisting. I have that article around here somewhere. Adrian Wydevan is quoted saying there was going to be a 5yr. study. I’m so grateful to the Habushes.

    • rali74

      September 3, 2012 at 3:03 pm

      The 5 year waiting period was just a ruse used by the states to gain “management” of wolves. Minnesota was the first to kick this to the curb, and as we know Wisconsin, courtesy of Rep Scott Suder (R-ALEC), pushed this away the very day wolves were removed from the ESA list. The reality is that the demonization and persecution of wolves is nothing more than right wingers “getting back” at environmentalists. What the Obama Administration has allowed under “Cowboy” Ken Salazar is shameful. To think that a DEMOCRATIC president allowed that is occurring in Montana, Idaho, and soon in Wyoming, Minnesota, and Wisconsin would have been unfathomable just a couple of years ago. Yesterday I was a bumper sticker on a car in Madison that showed Obama’s dog and it said “Bark for Barack.” Really? This man obviously cares nothing for canines, and is just as deplorable as Romney putting his dog on the roof of the car. I so wish that Hillary had become president. She isn’t perfect either, but I seriously doubt that we would be seeing this assault on the environment and wildlife that we are seeing now. Cowboy Ken needs to go. Obama is spitting in the face of one of the biggest elements of his base by allowing this guy to continue his war on wolves.

    • madravenspeak

      September 4, 2012 at 6:39 pm

      It might be a courteous thing to write Habush, Habush and Rottier (Robert Habush and his daughter, Jodi Sinykin Habush, and Carl Sinderbrand and his law firm and thank them for this. We need them in this for the long haul. We could not ask for better allies. I think a short polite note of thanks would be welcomed.

      Robert Habush:,
      Jodi Habush Sinykin:, and
      Carl Sinderbrand:

      Talking points are that this is one of the first times the DNR has been held accountable to the vast majority of citizens who do not kill wildlife – and held accountable for any of its vast cruelty to our wildlife. The DNR has been so far out of balance for so long that it will take a persistent effort to right these wrongs. The most important thing to teach is that killing license funding is the core reason that all of this killing is happening. If hunters walked into the DNR and could only buy “Saving ” licenses, how outraged would they be when they went to buy their “patron” (kill them all) license? That is exactly how outraged we should be to be shut out of nature and wildlife policy in our own state. We must organize to REPLACE killing licenses with general public funding.

  5. Kathleen Raddatz

    November 13, 2012 at 10:18 am

    Do the right thing. Stand up for the wolf as so many humans have not. Let us show the animals that many humans are honorable.
    We must do for them what they cannot and that is to stand up to the bully type humans and end their agregious behavior now. This can’t wait.


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