08 Sep

This applies to Wisconsin as well. I am so sick and tired of the pandering to agricultural interests in this country. What other business is subsidized and ass kissed as much as this?

Exposing the Big Game

Northeastern Washington cattle rancher Len McIrvin has made it clear: he really hates wolves—especially members of the local Wedge pack. Though the rancher way of life depends on government handouts and write-offs, he’s been unwilling to accept compensation for the cows he claims to have lost to wolves, fearing it would legitimize protection of the natural predators.

It may not be fair to compare him and his son to poachers Bill White and son, who illegally killed most of the Lookout Pack (Washington’s first confirmed wolf pack to return home from Canada), since the McIrvins appear to operate above board by deferring to the state game department to do the dirty work for them. But they are all cut of the same cloth—cattle ranchers who think wolves serve no Earthly purpose and should be eliminated (once again).

It’s no wonder some ranchers feel they can get away with murder, so…

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  1. Toni

    September 9, 2012 at 10:28 am

    I figure they grow these animals, just to kill them. Look at Yellowstone…look at all the biologists and game people who those wolves kept in $$$ and jobs for years. Now they are DEAD. Same as Wisconsin, what is all the tracking and all the bullshit for….when they kill whole PACKS of wolves for a freakin BEAGLE in this state? The whole DNR fiasco needs to be blown sky high and replaced with a few with a brain, NOOOOOOOOOO DHS, not blown literally, but ya know what I mean. All the biologists and game persons in the world haven’t figured out when they wipe out a whole pack, something else just moves in? Come on, who pays these bastards? You can read DNR’s own report and it will tell you the biggest culling of the DEER is BLACK BEAR eating fawns, not WOLVES! But tell the lil dicker shoot ’em up assholes that! Naw, they won’t READ, cuz they like their Lil Red Ridng Hood story. I know of FOUR wolves that got shot during last gun deer season, thought about calling the DNR to investigate it, but then thought……..WTF for? They will ALL be dead come October 15th. What a joke this country has become. Bring ’em back to kill ’em is usually the MOTTO of the DECADE!

  2. Patricia

    September 9, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    Hi Toni,
    I could not have said this any better.. Why in the hell are the DNR doing this? Let me quess for the money and the glory, well I can tell the DNR to there face that they are cowards, chickens and they must all be old as time.


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