Is This What “Fiscal Conservatism” and Democracy Look Like?

08 Sep

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On June 5th Wisconsin citizens had a choice. That choice was to remove an ethically bankrupt “leader” who set out from day one to put the citizens of this state at each others throats to appease wealthy special interests, or to remove him from office before anymore damage could be done. The citizens of Wisconsin chose to keep an administration in office that declared war on public workers, wildlife, wetlands, clean air, clean water, women, and of course wolves. What happened? In the past the Wisconsin that I knew would not even consider electing, let alone standing behind, a toxic politician like Scott Walker. But apparently times have changed. The progressive ideas that we trail-blazed in the past have given way to the disgusting, cold-hearted, and vile rhetoric that we see today from the right-wing.

We now live in a state where legislators from both sides of the aisle think that animal fighting is perfectly acceptable. We now live in a state where you can pack a gun almost everywhere, but you cannot peacefully hold signs at the Capitol without facing arrest. We now live in a state where democracy only applies to you if you like to kill and doesn’t if you want to save. We also now live in the state of “do as I say, not as I do” seems to be the order of the day for our politicians. The right wingers said after the recall that “This is what democracy looks like.” Do you like how this form of “democracy” looks?

Why do I say this? Remember how last year there was all this talk about a budget “crisis” that required immediate fixes? Remember how hard-working public employees were made to pay for this “crisis” from their own paychecks? Remember all of this talk about how Wisconsin is “broke?” This is how “broke” we are:

Walker visited Wisconsin soldiers in Kosovo

Now I am a veteran and it is not usual for a politician to have “photo-ops” with the “troops” deployed overseas. Most soldiers despise these PR visits, but they are the nature of the business. The problem is that this Wisconsin Army National Guard unit is scheduled to return to Wisconsin NEXT WEEK.  You read that right. Walker flew halfway around the world to visit soldiers in Kosovo when they are returning NEXT WEEK to Wisconsin. So is this that “fiscal conservatism” we keep hearing so much about? We just had a budget “crisis” that was balanced on the backs of the majority of public workers (except for a privileged few) and we suddenly have money to pay for an unnecessary trip for King Walker to go to Kosovo a week before the soldiers return home?

Good job Wisconsin you certainly picked the right man for the job. Any bets that we will have another budget “crisis” at the beginning of next year? If this is what democracy looks like, then I must need new glasses. Enjoy your “conservative rockstar” Wisconsin because 2014 is a long way off.


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3 responses to “Is This What “Fiscal Conservatism” and Democracy Look Like?

  1. m. mixson

    September 8, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    Morally bankrupt. Not what is best for the people…..but what is best for me. I can not afford ????, but I can on taxpayers money. Go figure!!!

  2. Bobette Traul

    September 9, 2012 at 1:33 am

    rali- tell Pat to get a banner.

    • rali74

      September 9, 2012 at 9:26 am

      Bobette, your generosity is unparalleled. Patricia worked long and hard on the designs and I think you will love them. I will post what our new bumper sticker looks like as well. Thank you so much.


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