DNR Wolf Poaching Statistics and Prosecution (Or Lack There Of)

09 Sep

A few days ago Patricia sent me an email with a link for the illegal wolf killing data compiled by the DNR. I finally had a chance to look over the document and I can’t say that I was surprised at what it contained. Out of all of the huge number of wolves poached I only counted EIGHT fines and many “no charges.” There of course is the usual “I thought it was a coyote” argument that the DNR buys and as usual issues no charges. Even more disturbing is the number of wolves that were poisoned or killed by “intentional vehicle collision.” Here is the report in Microsoft Excel format:

WI Illegally Killed Wolves 2002-2011

The horrifying statistic here is that these are just the ones that were reported to the DNR, and the DNR actually looked in to. How many more are killed and disposed of without anyone ever knowing? Now that George Meyer and his hunting group begged to allow coyotes to be killed during the gun deer season, expect many, many more “I thought it was a coyote” killings to occur and be brushed off by the DNR. This was the plan all along. I can’t help but think that if the state couldn’t kill wolves “legally” they would turn the other way when a wolf gets poached so that the population was still “managed.” I have ZERO respect for any predator killers, and even less for those who do it illegally knowing that nothing will be done to them.

Now that wolves can be killed legally through land owner permits, a five month slaughter season, with Wildlife Services assassins, and illegally through poaching, the wolves of this state are in grave danger. These numbers show that wolf poaching is rampant and very little is being done to combat it. The thugs who partake in the killings know this. For those who have any information about wolf poaching please report it to the DNR and FOLLOW UP. If the DNR or state prosecutors refuse to take any action make it known to us or anyone who will listen. It is time to hold the DNR and state accountable for their lack of action when it comes to wolf poaching. Would they turn a blind eye if it were deer or elk being poached at these rates? I highly doubt it.



Posted by on September 9, 2012 in Hunting, Trapping, Wisconsin Insanity, Wolves


3 responses to “DNR Wolf Poaching Statistics and Prosecution (Or Lack There Of)

  1. chance

    September 9, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    These “sportsmen” (all laugh here) conveniently forget the golden rule when hunting, which is always idenify your target, unless you are a SLOB of course. Meyer got the coyote rule hunting changed so these slimebags could kill more wolves…….These people are truly disgusting

  2. Tracker

    September 9, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Even if DNR finds the person responsible and attempts to prosecute, unfortunately, we have prosecutors and judges who do not enforce the law and with a wink and nod, issue the minimum fine. So sad.


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