“Conservation” and Sadism, is there a difference anymore?

29 Sep

Each day that I read the news I am bombarded by stories about how the wildlife populations across the country are under assault by sadistic rural barbarians. This past week an entire Washington wolf pack was executed by state killers shooting from helicopters. They were killed because they were alleged to have killed some cattle grazing on PUBLIC land that were owned by an anti-wolf rancher. The we have the ongoing no-quota wolf slaughter in Idaho and Montana, and the upcoming “shoot on sight” kill fest in Wyoming. Finally we will have the “kill them because we can” slaughter in Minnesota and the possible legalized dog fighting in Wisconsin.

What is wrong with many in rural America? You would think that those who choose to live next to wildlife would appreciate and care for their wild neighbors. While many do, there are also just as many who get extreme pleasure torturing and exploiting those same animals. Every time a sick and sadistic act is carried out by these people they always fall on the defense of it being a “tradition” as if that makes it alright.

We live in a society where recreational hunting and trapping are encouraged by state wildlife agencies. They claim that it is done for “conservation” and that it prevents “overpopulation.” If that is the case then why do states all over the country hand raise and release hundreds of thousands of NON-NATIVE pheasants just so they can be shot by waiting shooters? How is that “conservation?” Aren’t these the same people who are always crying about how wolves are “non-native” yet it is perfectly acceptable to release docile NON-NATIVE birds just to be shot? I can remember one instance when I was a police dispatcher and a prominent member of the community called to speak with one of my sadist co-worker cops who was not available at the time. He wanted me to leave him a message that he had inside information about when and where the DNR were going to release some pheasants.  Needless to say I “accidentally” forgot to pass the message along. This is “conservation?” Waiting with a shotgun while frightened birds that were crammed into cages and trucked to the rural areas are released? And people wonder why I have such disdain for “sportsmen?” What kind of society are we when this is considered recreation? Somehow the term “conservation” has been equated with killing in our society. Can someone please explain how that happened?

Then we have the brutal and sadistic act of trapping. Next to hounding I cannot think of an act that shows the true nature of what some “sportsmen” are really all about. I came across this video today on Facebook and I was absolutely sickened. This sick S.O.B. had to make sure that his execution of this trapped wolf was videotaped and put on YouTube. They not only get off on the trapping and killing, but they also have to make a video of it to relive their sadism. How is this not any different than a serial killer revisiting the scene of their murder? How is this not different than that same killer taking a trophy from their victim? Is there any surprise that most serial killers started on animals before they moved on to humans. This video is very disturbing and some of the comments that follow it on the YouTube page are even more so. Please be warned that this video is very graphic and will make you furious if you care anything for wildlife or wolves.

Words cannot describe what kind of cold, sick, and twisted individual you have to be to participate in something like this. As an atheist, I do not believe in any religious idea of divine judgement, but I certainly hope that Karma really does exist for Mr. “wolfkillr.” For those who do believe in divine judgement, feel free to wish the harshest possible punishment on this sadist. Remember, what you just watched is considered “recreation.” If this is recreation, I would hate to see what these people do for serious work. Absolutely disgusting. And remember WE are considered “extremists” and “whack jobs.” Really? If you can stomach watching this video please leave a comment on the YouTube site letting Mr. “wolfkillr” know what you think of him and his video.


7 responses to ““Conservation” and Sadism, is there a difference anymore?

  1. terri minnick

    September 30, 2012 at 6:31 am

    You are one sick SOB to get enjoyment out of this…this is sport?
    MURDERing a beautiful, symbol of the wild creature ….it made me cry. I wonder how you treat your fellow human beings

  2. chance

    September 30, 2012 at 9:14 am

    Terri- You can’t reason with the sensibilities of an illiterate asswipe. All they know is a “culture of death.” It gives them power and control in an otherwise meaningless and pathetic existence

  3. Diane

    September 30, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Such a sick sadist. I have to believe there will be payback by a higher power or Karma for this evil man. The Wedge pack being killed reminds me of the 6 member Bear Bluff pack in eastern Jackson Co. WI which was trapped & killed in November 2010-even the pups were killed. The wolf pack’s criminal offense was injuring a bird dog & lacking the appropriate fear of humans, although the pack never actually threatened any human. Again the wolves were wearing GPS collars making them a sitting duck for the USDA Wildlife service to destroy.The wolf pack had been in the area for 15 years. Of course not reported by the media were accounts of loggers feeding the wolves sandwiches which caused the wolves to lose their fear of humans. Apparently the DNR forgot wolves are a 99.8% genetic match to dogs.

  4. Penny Bacon

    September 30, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    To take out a whole wolf pack IS barbaric! At this rate they’ll be back on the endangered list.

  5. Bobette Traul

    October 2, 2012 at 12:46 am

    I remember when Adrian Wydeven took the Bear Bluff pack out. This leaves the question about collaring. I’d say it’s the work of the devil.

    • Diane

      October 2, 2012 at 10:16 am

      The Bear Bluff Pack was killed with little public outcry or fanfare that I can recall. It was a cold methodical killing by trapping. Relocating the pack was not considered as an option. This is reflective of the rural psyche which is too prevalent. I am glad the killing of the Wedge Pack has garnered @ least some public debate, though the loss of the pack is tragic.

  6. Sue

    October 3, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    I simply despise these low life hunters. I don’t even want to live in WI anymore but we are raising our family here. The utter disrespect of all wildlife is appalling. I would really appreciate those who used to hunt and trap but realized how wrong it is to unify and help put an end to the brutality. I believe it’s the past hunters who have the greatest insight as to why hunters/trappers do what they do and maybe can help others see the light


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