DNR Again Using Bear Hounder Propaganda To Justify Use of Dogs Against Wolves

04 Oct


The bear hounders and their shills in the Wisconsin Legislature and DNR just do not give up with the ridiculous argument that would be wolf killers will not be successful unless they can use dogs. Then they have the nerve to think that because the Natural Resources Board “discussed” the concept of placing rules on the training and use of dogs against wolves that Judge Anderson’s injunction should be lifted. The hounders that testified said that their dogs won’t fight wolves so I guess that should be good enough for the injunction to be lifted. Give me a break. They must really think that Judge Anderson is an idiot. We don’t have any rules or restrictions in place but we “talked” about it so we should just let the hounders go after wolves with dogs. What??? From this article in the Wisconsin Sate Journal:

“At a meeting earlier this month, the Natural Resources Board voted against writing emergency rules on the use of dogs. Lawyers representing the agency are hoping that the discussion at that meeting and the vote will show that the agency did consider rules and prompt Anderson to lift the injunction prohibiting dogs.”

“Kurt Thiede, administrator of the DNR’s Lands Division, said the use of dogs is key to hunter success during the wolf hunt. “We will continue to work with the court to remove the injunction on the use of dogs,” said Thiede, “but unfortunately dogs will be sidelined for this hunt at least until December.”

Funny, isn’t this the exact same argument that bear hounder shill and paid lobbyist Bob Welch used after the injunction was put in place? It seems that Thiede is also in bed with the bear hounders and uses their exact same propaganda. He says that “unfortunately” hounders can’t use dogs against wolves. Remember this guy is a public employee and works for US. It sure doesn’t seem that way to me. If he is repeating bear hounder lies and propaganda then it is obvious whom he really works for. Apparently the big bad “sportsmen” of Wisconsin are not nearly as good or as effective as the wolf killers in Idaho and Montana who have slaughtered hundreds of wolves WITHOUT dogs. Do these people have any ethics or shame? They just keep fighting to allow legalized dog fighting. These are YOUR public employees who are fighting for the hounders to allow packs of dogs to fight wolves. Remember these are the exact same people who cried and whined that wolves were killing their “precious” dogs and now they want to pit those very same dogs against those very same wolves.

Another troubling aspect that the DNR nor media seems to mention is that in all of the bear hounder testimony the hounders admit that their dogs previously “trailed” wolves. This would seem like a violation of Federal law to me considering that wolves were on the Endangered Species list at the time they were “trailed.” Of course the DNR makes no move to investigate this because they are in bed with the hounders. It makes you wonder how many of times hounders deliberately pitted their “beloved” dogs against wolves. Then they whined and cried that their “precious” dogs were killed and collected that nice fat $2500 check from the state. These sadists are so brazen that they are being quoted in the media saying that because the wolf kill bill allows dogs they will still use them because the DNR cannot or will not stop them. A court order means nothing to these arrogant sadists. They stand right before the state legislature and Natural Resources Board and openly admit that their dogs harassed wolves while they were protected and not one person on the board or DNR dared to question or investigate this?

We need to remind the DNR that they work for ALL of the citizens of Wisconsin not just George Meyer, Bob Welch, and the bear hounders. Judge Anderson seems to be a very bright man, so I doubt he is going to fall for the lies and propaganda that the bear hounders and DNR are putting forth. When this lawsuit is settled the DNR needs to provide answers about who they are really working for and why they are so aggressively advocating for a fringe group of anti-wildlife sadists like the bear hounders against the wishes of the majority of Wisconsin citizens.

Dogs won’t be allowed during wolf hunt before Dec. 20




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3 responses to “DNR Again Using Bear Hounder Propaganda To Justify Use of Dogs Against Wolves

  1. Bobette Traul

    October 4, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    I’m hoping the Habushes continue on with the suit? Where are the tribes?

  2. chance

    October 6, 2012 at 9:09 am

    One thing is very clear. These people are not hunters and they are certainly not “sportmen”. The word is SLOB. It fits. Anyone that needs to flush out wolves with the dogs onto waiting hunters like George Meyer said a few months ago really says it all. These people are not embarrassed. Kurt Thiede is a Walker shill who’s job is not to run a wildlife agency but to put through the special interest agenda on behalf of Walker donors.

    • rali74

      October 6, 2012 at 6:07 pm

      You are right, there is ZERO embarrassment from these sadists. They are so used to getting their way for so long they think that this whole lawsuit thing is just an aberration that their enablers in the DNR will “correct” for them. What they do not realize is that their overreach has opened the doors to what their whole “sport” is all about and people don’t like it much. When you see hunters and wildlife advocates on the same page something is indeed happening. These sadists and their influence need to be permanently removed form this state and the rest of the country. Screw them and their “tradition.” California got it right.


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