How Did We Let This Slip Under the Radar?

18 Oct

Wisconsin sadists now want to be paid to kill coyotes.


If you needed anymore evidence as to how extreme and bloodthirsty George Meyer’s deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation are, read below:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: that at the Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin on April 13-15, 2012, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation supports a statewide bounty hunt on coyotes in order to lower their population.

These bloodthirsty sadists can kill just about every animal in this state with minimal restrictions by just about any means available and it still isn’t enough. Now they want to get paid for that killing too. How did we miss this? I guess their bloodlust for wolves kept us preoccupied so state wildlife advocates missed this. Any bets that this will be top on the legislative agenda for Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC), or Joel “Ribeye” Kleefisch during the next session? And these people call us extremists? Just wait they will push for a robin hunting season next or push to use dogs against deer. These people are out of control, and they are now the “voice” for Wisconsin hunters. Any bets that during their next annual meeting they will ask for bounties on wolves too? The Farm Bureau wants to be paid for killing wildlife and now hunting groups want payment as well. Are we really in the 21st century? “Conservation” my ass!



6 responses to “How Did We Let This Slip Under the Radar?

  1. Bobette Traul

    October 19, 2012 at 12:17 am

    Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

  2. Terri Minnick

    October 19, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Great !! Then we will be over run with mice, rabbits, and geese (coyotes eat goose eggs )
    Ya dummies ! Screwing up the balance AGAIN

  3. madravenspeak

    October 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Trapping, besides serving up a million skins, half of which might be “useful” as a few pennies for the trapper – is used primarily to imbalance nature. Hunters do not want natural predation on ground nesting bird egss by raccoons, possums, coyotes, bobcats or any “mid-range predator”. They want to be the ONLY predator with plenty of unlucky designated “game animals” and wild birds to kill. Problem is that they have overkilled wild birds. Mourning doves are down about a third in the past decade since they won their much coveted kill. Quail are GONE – not just here, but across the country. Sharptailed grouse gone – but the hunting seasons continue. YOU CANNOT TRUST THESE GUYS,

    I would like us to do a determined membership drive. Think of all of your friends who might care about wildlife and being able to walk in state and county parks in winter without being endangered by dangerous traps – or 10-year-olds shooting high powered weapons. Please network the opportunity to join us to stand for our wildlife. Anybody who joins at any level will receive a free wolf bumper sticker. Anybody who joins at Papa Bear or above gets four bumper stickers. We need to get these out across cars in the state.

    We also are looking for two candidates to stand for wildlife delegate positions in every county in Wisconsin. Anybody who is interested (it is four meetings a year – hardly any time at all and a great way to stand up for wildlife). I did it 1999-2002 in Dane County so I can answer any questions you have. I have no support here in my poor rural county, Marquette, or I would run.

    Let me know if you are interested. Please network the web site, the Madravenspeak columns and read through the archive if you have not read them all – they are for you to understand the plight o our wildlife and the politics of corruption. This is supposed to be an ACTION site – where we work toward gathering a large number of people together for a political voice with the legislators.

    If anybody would like to voluteer to do outreach to find businesses to affiliate with us – be the peace and justice groups, green groups, gun control organizations, pet stores, dog rescues – we need someone to bring in affiliates from the business community across the state. I know the guy who publishes In Business Magazine so I will ask him his advice.

  4. gannonned

    October 20, 2012 at 12:31 am

    I was just talking about this problem on the International Wolf site last week. A great site is They had a link to this long, but excellent article full of disturbing facts. I saw Patricia commented on the article so she obviously knows about it.

  5. Linda Camac

    October 23, 2012 at 9:18 am

    There is a strong leaning against wild canines by hunters – why? They are not interested in non-lethal solutions, or the science, or facts—they just want to thrill kill coyotes and wolves (even foxes are on their list). It is amazing that they don’t make the connection between the dog in front of their fireplace and the forefather wolf. They will use the ancestors of the wolf to track and kill the wolf. They are sadistic and barbaric people and I have to say to do this, one has to have the numb heart of a sociopath.


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