Oh, The Irony!

27 Oct

Our friends over at the “Stop the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt 2012” Facebook page decided to post a sadistic video of slob trappers in Canada snaring a black bear on the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” page. This is the horrible video that they posted (this is very bad):

Then come the ironic responses from the wolf killers and wannabe wolf killers on the page:

I played a little joke on the Wisconsin wolf hunting page by posting a video of ablack bear being snared and shot in Canada, exactly the way they are killing wolves here in WI on my page. The irony of it all is just too good not to share. Here are the comments. I commented on the last line. “It’s exactly what you are doing to wolves.”

1. Ethan Brandt Hunting is cool and all i enjoy it very much….But foot snares are f***ed up.

2. Shane Scott Would rather see him taken with a pack of hounds at the base of a tree 🙂

3. Patrick Saunders I love hunting, but keeping an animal locked down is pretty cruel

4. Levi Koski Please remove this. As an avid sportsman, this will only give ammunition to the anti hunters. this looks absolutely horrible.

5.John Hogue I agree with Levi 100%…..stuff like this gives a bad name to the rest of us!!!

6. Matthew Honkanen yeah, tree hugger will bawling their eyes out. Better remove it lol.

7.Tanya L. Goldsmith I have to agree to that not hunting that cruel. I love hunting and enjoy it this only shows the bad side of the good hunters.

8.Ben Decker thats a bullshit way to get a bear! I’d be more proud to get that animal by hitting it with my truck than standing 10 feet away from it and shooting it while its help-less. I know that is the way that my great grandfather did it but it seems to me like the times have changed and it just dosn’t seem right any more. It just might be my opion but shooting a bear that comes into the bait when it has a chance to get away seems more sporting. On the same note there is something to be said for tradition. I guess it is each persons desion.

9.Steve White Anti’s wont get far with this. Since it is not in the US. Things are just done differently in other parts of the world.
about an hour ago · Like

10. Steve Fulfer If you dont like broccoli…dont eat it….if you dont like abortions…dont have one…..if you dont like big gas guzzling trucks…dont drive one….if you dont like hunting….dont hunt…..if you dont like trapping bears in snares…DONT SET ONE! Now deal with your own life and leave people alone!

11. Stop the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt 2012 It’s exactly what you are doing to wolves.

12.Rhonda Czarski Sick SOB. Really big man to set out a snare.

13.Stop the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt 2012 The irony here is hilarious. This is perfect. Now they have said in their own words how horrible trapping is.

Oh, the irony. Some actually see it to be cruel while others are more worried about their “image” and how the “antis” will react. Sadists galore on that page bragging about poaching and trapping wolves, and they are feigning outrage at the bear snaring video. Hypocrites all of them!


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5 responses to “Oh, The Irony!

  1. Rhiannon Taylor Gomez

    October 28, 2012 at 4:32 am

    The day I stop speaking out against animal abuse and defending them is the day I will have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. I do deal with my own life very well thank you, and I don’t give a hoot about what these hunters think. This is just a little different than choosing not to eat a vegetable. The animals don’t get a choice whether they want to be shot or snared or their opinion on anything for that matter. I’m pretty sure they would side with us “antis” in that they would prefer to live another day. I side with the animals. I will always support animals and their rights to live a life unfettered by blood thirsty individuals. Sorry, until this hunting stops I will not be leaving anyone alone.

  2. chance

    October 28, 2012 at 6:36 am

    Ben Decker is completely illiterate. Steve Fulfir wants us to leave them alone and allow these SLOBS to torture animals…….Because it is completely legal! We really need to thank the sadists at the Wisconsin wolf hunting page for their honesty at telling the rest of the world how they view stewardship (all laugh here). The idiots in these DNR’s will be held responsible for this behavior.

  3. Bobette Traul

    October 28, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    Like hunting is more moral in the US. They speak with forked tongue. Good for the Stop the Wolf Hunting group.

  4. madravenspeak

    November 9, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    The crap about if you don’t like it don’t do it but let us do any cruelty we want could be said of murderers of people too. The fact is that society is accountable for setting humane rules and protecting the vulnerable and this is our COMMONWEALTH. These animals are not a commodity for sale – they are the biological treasure of our collective stewardship. The fact is that if we do not organize and quickly, with trapping and hunting expanded to ALL public lands, there are no refuges and no places for animals to live. They will be lured out and killed out in winter when they are most vulnerable.

    Please network this site to organize against trapping and high powered weapons in our state parks. 14 million people use the Wisconsin state parks. Maybe 700,000 hunters and 8,000 sadist trappers kill in Wisconsin. That is 5% of the usage but they will dominate with violence 2/3 of the land 2/3 of the year, driving others out. We need to start a boycott of trail passes and state park stickers here. People are outraged by this and seriously endangered in using parks they use often and that will no longer be safe. This is where we can really organize.

    Please network this site to grow our political power. We have two years while the Republicans do more damage to organize.

  5. Melissa

    August 22, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Levi above got a wolf tag this year.


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