Wolf Derangement Syndrome and Anti-Wolf Trolls

01 Nov

I have often wondered how humans throughout history have allowed sadistic dictators and other evil people to brainwash them and participate in the most heinous of acts. Psychopaths from Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and to a lesser extend David Koresh and Jim Jones have been able to create a “lynch mob” mentality among otherwise “normal” people. We are seeing the exact same thing now with the obsessed wolf killers and anti-wolf trolls. This isn’t on the level of genocidal maniacs like mentioned above but the concept sure seems the same.

From the absolutely disgusting sadism on display in pictures and words on the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page to the vile posts that anti-wolf trolls try to harass living wildlife advocates with there is something pathologically wrong with these people. The absolutely lose their minds when someone questions their killing motives or dares show compassion for the animals that they like to kill. They attempt to insult and bully us in any way that they can. It even went so fat that a couple of months ago a local wildlife advocate found a gutted coyote on the hood of their vehicle. That is where we have to be smart.

We need to stop responding with emotion and respond with the FACTS . Of course that does not always work because I recently had an anti-wolf troll completely deny the DNR’s 2.3% rule that all livestock losses over 2.3% are automatically attributed to “wolf depredation.” NOTHING will change the twisted views of these people. They want to bully us and lead us into traps, as even I fell for with the “Adam Kind” posts. We cannot let them do this. Let their own words paint a picture of who they really are. These people think that the “public” is on their side because everyone they know in their little rural enclaves believe the same things they do. If you do not agree with them you are just a “whack job” or ignorant (of course among their name calling and bullying there are usually many, many misspelled words). Some also believe that they have some type of religious permission to justify their sadism, so nothing that we say or do is going to change that view. We need to MONITOR and report what they write, but DO NOT engage. That is what they want. They want to gang up on us “antis” to bully us even more. We must be smarter than them and not fall into their traps, literally and figuratively.

The reality is that most of these anti-wolf trolls are likely wannabes posting from their mom’s basement hoping to get a rise out of people. Then you have the rural sadists who see the world changing around them and want to use the wolf as a scapegoat for the failures in their lives. They cannot get away with killing “godless liberals” (yet) so they blame wolves for all of their problems. They torture and kill animals because it gives them some semblance of “power” in their pathetic lives. Then you have the true thrill killing sadists who get pure pleasure out of torturing and killing animals and brag on the internet about what they did. In a normal world these people would be locked up as a threat to society, but in states like Wisconsin they are glorified. The one thing that all of these people have in common is that they are bullies who like to rub death and destruction int he faces of us living wildlife advocates. And judging from some of the comments sent here they are also racists who are just going crazy because their twisted world is getting browner and browner by the day.

These people truly believe that the “public” is on their side so let them keep thinking that way. Let them keep posting their drivel and lurid photos. The more that society sees what true sickos these people are they will begin to question the real motives of agencies like the DNR and these so called “sportsmen.”

Below is a comment that I received today that shows Wolf Derangement Syndrome in full force:

Jim nordlund commented on More Evidence of Wolves Being Tortured In Wisconsin? Update 10-25-2012

This is a picture of a wolf apparently chewing on a bone! The wolf does NOT look distressed nor in any obvious pain to me. If you want to see sadistic, i’ll post you pictures of wolves eating the anuses out of they’re prey Before its dead! I’ll show you pictures of deer fawns torn from pregnant does before their born only to be left with their dead mother. I’ll show you pictures of hamstrung cows and horses, and wolf slaughtered dogs! Your crazier than hell, if you think a real human would have one bad feeling as to how ever a wolf dies, as long as it ends up DEAD!

So a wolf is going to kill the pregnant mother, remove the fawn from the uterus, and for meanness leave the fawn alive next to it’s dead mother? Kind of sounds like the things anti-wolf sadists brag about, doesn’t it? This is the kind of deluded nonsense that these rural types keep spreading. Why do they have all of the power? The genius obviously cannot read because I posted that the “Adam Kind” picture and torture description was just a hoax. Anti-wolf trolls are just wasting their time trying to comment here because their inane comments either end up in the spam folder or posted here for ridicule as this one was. Since Mr. Nordlund is on the topic of pictures, how about the picture in this article showing a trapped and killed wolf and a smiling teenage girl hovering over it:

Teenager learns ins and outs of trapping

Notice how the comment section is “closed” for comments but they left all of the pro-trapping shill comments intact. Absolutely disgusting. This shows exactly what kind of sadists this state produces and pro-killing shills like Paul Smith glamorize it knowing very well that these types of photos will outrage living wildlife advocates. What kind of civilization are we if this is what our children are being taught? What kind of civilization are we when animal torture is considered “tradition” and “recreation” by a minority of cretins? And we are the “whack jobs?”

Speak out! Get involved!


10 responses to “Wolf Derangement Syndrome and Anti-Wolf Trolls

  1. Bobette Traul

    November 2, 2012 at 12:24 am

    I have not been on their page.Even telling them the facts won’t change them Just can’t change stupid. I like to come at them through the back door with a twist. It takes some thought and the dictionary.

  2. Exposing the Big Game

    November 2, 2012 at 12:31 am

    Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.

  3. Laura

    November 2, 2012 at 1:14 am

    The description in blue of wolves demonized by animal serial killers actually sounds quite like human “hunters,” they get even worse than that…and those tales about “evil” wolves are said to be the reason it should be open season on them, the only good wolf is a dead wolf? Hmmm, sounds like the writer got the species wrong.

  4. wolf tracker (for fun)

    November 2, 2012 at 11:45 am

    What about all that torture footage recorded by animal rights groups in the farms??Cows being prodded, kicked, forklifted when they cant walk? Dogs killing 40 something sheep?? No sympathy here when it comes to livestock you farmers…I know you are not all like that but they are going to the slaughterhouse, right? Man’s best friend kills an average of 30 people every year..those are FACTS
    Do you hunters propose we start a harvest on dogs ?

  5. gannonned

    November 2, 2012 at 12:37 pm

  6. Diane

    November 3, 2012 at 7:48 am

    The trapping teenager is so sad. 1st the poor wolf was really just a pup @ 62#. Then the obvious fact this young girl is a cruel sadistic person who will likely never be a kind, nurturing person because of her sick upbringing. I believe Patricia’s column stated 20% of hunters now are women. This is so frightening because as women I believe we should be the moral conscience of the family. It used to fall upon women to teach children by words & example; kindness to animals & human beings . Now healthcare workers, teachers, mothers- are in our society taking on caretaking roles, but with this dark side to them.

  7. Chris

    November 4, 2012 at 12:42 am

    The call for controlling emotions is exactly what needs to be done, hard as it will be for many of you, you must refrain from interacting with this sub-culture, instead, post facts and monitor them for felonious infractions, of which I assure you, there are many.

    I am in the field every day, somewhere in the blue hills, always with my cameras, I’ve been accosted by hunters after stopping, and boldly taking their images, these images are of their faces, their vehicles, dogs, and the land in which they are operating. When they realise that I am both armed, and taking their pictures, its a game changer. They become much more polite, I always respond politely as to what exactly it is that I am doing, I patiently explain to them that I am going to post their images to the internet, and that I have over $6000.00 worth of digital video equipment scattered about the hills between Rusk & Sawyer counties, capturing them unawares as they engage in their deviant pursuits.

    I always explain to them that I am always watching them, and that sooner, or later, they are going to end up on youtube, their pictures, their vehicles, license plates, address ect….

    I’m a hunter, I was born in Canada, raised there, and in Minnesota, I have lived and have hunted, all of my life in either Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Alaska or British Columbia, many of you oppose any kind of hunting, thats fine, however you would be wise to moderate your passions to some degree even while fighting your battles, many hunters could end up being your friends, you need all the friends and contacts you can gather. Regardless, as a hunter I know my way around the woods, often far better then does this particular sub-culture. I’m dead serious, I will not hesitate to out these monstrous bastards, instead of allowing them the satisfaction of an emotion filled internet rant, I choose to meet them face to face, right on the turf that they thought they were safe in!

    The effect is dramatic, they realise that first of all, I am not in the least bit afraid of them, and that secondly, they are always being watched! This goes for the states wildlife officials, who are almost to a man(and woman)in the pocket of the cattle & farm industry. This is exactly what you folks need to do, get off your tails, and go out and meet them in their comfort zone, and let them understand that any mistake, any slip up, is likely to be captured on an SD card, and then posted to the entire world!

    You cannot overreact, you must master your emotions, they have the law on “their” side and that means you cannot interfere or obstruct, yet they are also in the public domain, if they violate they can be sent to prison for committing felonies, or lose for many many years, if not forever, their hunting & fishing privilege! You may be forced to observe things that are personally gut-wrenching, but by the very fact that you are there, observing them, unnerves them, and they are left to wonder, am I being watched, am I being videoed?

    You need to meet them in the field, let them know that they are being watched, human psychology will do all the rest…

    • laina

      November 10, 2012 at 7:46 pm

      Thank you Chris.

  8. Norm Mackey

    November 7, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    Evidently sort of a sport hunting/game animal worship cult is running game management. How else to explain the lack of common sense shown by holding contradictory beliefs, such as knowing wolves will kill or drive away other wolves from their territory and at the same time claiming they do nothing to control their own population, or believing in issuing more permits to reduce a game animal’s population at the same time as wolves need to be removed to increase that same game animal?

    It’s simply cognitive dissonance, the ability of cult members to hold and maintain such contradictory beliefs, or beliefs contradicted by clear evidence that cannot be ignored.

    Explains much. Evidently even the game agencies have been infiltrated by this game-worshipping cult; witness Wisconsin DNR officials & others blubbering nonsense when the tribes took one spike bull elk unimportant to the restoration, for ceremonial and religious purposes, from a herd not quite big enough yet to allow a public hunt.

  9. madravenspeak

    November 9, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Follow the money in this culture. As long as killing licenses fund the DNR wildlife MAN-agement, there will be maximum killing. Wildlife watchers bring 11 times the revenue of hunters to Wisconsin state tax coffers but we need enough people to care to go to the legislature and demand that our money be diverted to the DNR matched with representative power on the Natural Resources Board to replace killing licenses. Otherwise we can bitch about killing until we are old and dead ourselves. Please network this site. Ask people to join to form a power base for change. We must organize not just talk about it. If every person who wants to help our wildlife be they wolves, or bears, or bobcats, or bats – if each of you joins and brings 10 people into join us and they each bring in 10, within a year, we can run candidates at statewide elections in April in many counties, and we can take our numbers to the legislature and form a voting bloc.

    We must replace killing licenses with general public funding or continue to deal with annual kills of our wildlife. Period. For change to happen, we need numbers of people and some who are dedicated. The more we have involved and educated, the more political power we have to change the fate of ourselves (now entirely disenfranchised and powerless – which should make you very mad) and the fate of our wolves and other wildlife.


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