Another “Sportsman” Openly Advocating the Poaching of Wolves

22 Dec

After I posted the link to an article about the DNR ending the “legal” wolf killing season tomorrow some more comments showed up after the article that were even more ridiculous. One commenter even brazenly advocated poaching while another posted garbage about how killing wolves is bringing back their huntin’ and trappin’ “heritage. Here is just a taste from this article again with misspellings included:

“The success of this wolf hunt opens the door to us regaing our heritage and traditions. For hundreds of years wolves were hunted and trapped in many of the same ways they are hunted today. Two of my brothers hunted wolves this year, got none, but consider this year as a great learning experience. Next year they will try to be out there again, this time with there sons to keep the heritage and tradition going.”

And then we have this clown openly bragging about poaching:

“The wolf hunting season was a joke, more for political results than it was for wildlife management. As was expected, all it did was incite animal lovers who have probably never stepped foot in the wilderness in their lives. Hunters will control the wolf population regardless of if there’s a season or not. What people don’t know won’t hurt them.”

Unfortunately for this fool we know very well what is going on. This is how brazen these anti-wolf zealots and these so-called “sportsmen” have become. They love to throw around garbage like “heritage” and “tradition” when they talk about their sadistic acts. Gee, why not go back to the days of slavery and persecution of Native Americans. Those acts sure seem to be deeply rooted in American “tradition” and “heritage.” Apparently the poaching advocates like the above poster think that no one sees the garbage that they are putting online. This just goes to show that the they have zero fear of the DNR and will openly brag about illegal killing of wolves. Keep it up. The tide is turning against people like this each and every day and they are too arrogant to see it. This wolf killing season along with the insane bill that put hunting and trapping into all of our state parks and schools it putting these frauds under the spotlight and most of society do not like what they see. We are not seeing the “conservationists” and ethical “sportsmen” that they portray themselves to be. Instead we are seeing bloodthirsty sadists who spit upon the law and openly brag about illegally killing wildlife. This is all just one big joke to these people and they think that the “antis” are the only threat they have. Well guess what? Acts, words, and laws like the wolf kill bill and turning our parks into almost unlimited killing grounds are making many more “antis” than anything I or other wildlife advocates could ever do.

Please go to this article and leave a comment countering the anti-wolf garbage being spread by these so called “sportsmen.”

Wolf hunting and trapping season to close Sunday




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3 responses to “Another “Sportsman” Openly Advocating the Poaching of Wolves

  1. Exposing the Big Game

    December 23, 2012 at 2:05 am

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  2. Gail

    December 24, 2012 at 12:10 am


  3. dkeeney

    December 29, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    Even on the endangered list wolves have been shot on sight in Minnesota. One only needs to have a beer in a local bar to hear the red necks bragging. I first heard the term “shoot, shovel and shut up” in Ely Minnesota . A town I will never spend another dime in.


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