Wolf Killing Season To Close Tomorrow While DNR Keeps Spreading Propaganda

22 Dec

It took the anti-wolf sadists in this state a little over two months to kill 115 wolves. At least that is the number they reported. Throughout these last two months wolf advocates have been exposed to the sadistic acts of James Vee and the disgusting and vile rants and images on the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page. The anti-wolf DNR just announced today that they they will be closing the wolf killing season effective tomorrow. As expected the anti-wolf sadists are already clamoring to have a larger if not unlimited quota next year. Here is just a taste from the resident anti-wolf trolls on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website, (misspellings included):

“Ok, at first the DNR told us that wolves only lived in a 250 mile radius. Now they tell us that they are in ever county in WI. They messed up bad. We have wolves in areas where they were never intended to be. Next year why don’t we open things up a bit. Unlimited hunting south of HWY 60 or 10….. Let’s reestablish the population to the origional release zones.”

“Congratulations hunters and trappers!! Hopefully with the season closing WAY sooner then the DNR expected, the DNR will issue a LOT more tags next year, hopefully they realized that the wolf population is MUCH higher than what they were claiming.”

Then we have the usual fear mongering lies complete with the outstanding grammar and spelling that these geniuses are known for :

“you’d feel a whole lot different if you saw a pack of wolves follow you kids down the driveway to the bus stop.”

“Awwww…..go back to your Alterra and have another latte. You clearly don’t see the issues with wolves and farmers. Tell me the last time you saw the damage a wolf or coyote causes to cattle. Ever seen a calf with it’s face ripped off? Wolves and coyote love to attack newly birthed calfs because the cow and calf are defenseless. How about getting out of your suburu and into the field to see what these animals do before you spout off about a topic you clearly know absolutely nothing about.”

And of course we must have the “barstool biologist” spreading more lies:

“The problem is that the wolf is an apex predator but unlike humans, they cannot reason and manage their predation. They will consume until an area’s food sources can no longer sustain the pack, and then they move on to continue the binge in an area that can. So, after they decimate a food source (as they have with the whitetail population in Northern Wisco, they move south to where that, or an alternative food source like family pets and livestock, can sustain the pack.”

Really? I thought that the DNR and hunters were just bragging about the massive number of deer killed this past season? The anti-wolf trolls talking out of both sides of their mouths as usual.

Funny how this sounds a lot like the blather that the NRA scumbag was ranting about yesterday. We killed many so the only answer is to kill far more. Just like guns are killing people so we need more guns. The sadists of Wisconsin have shown their true colors with this killing season and the rest of the nation is paying attention. On top of it all they still want to allow the hounders to use dogs against wolves. Here is more garbage propaganda from head anti-wolf DNR shill, Kurt Thiede:

The DNR’s goal for the season was to reduce the wolf population to a “more biologically and socially acceptable level.”

“We are pleased that hunters and trappers have been successful in achieving our quota, and the harvest was well distributed across the state,” said Kurt Thiede, DNR Lands Division Administrator. “We are closing the wolf season with the harvest at 115, because we may have one or more still harvested until our closure goes into effect tomorrow.”

Notice, they are never KILLED, the are “harvested.” Thiede has been spouting off this “socially acceptable” garbage for months now and refuses to explain exactly what that means, as if we don’t already know. The biologists have already pointed out that the current wolf population is perfectly acceptable and that wolves have great benefits for our ecosystem. Face it this is not a “management” plan it is an eradication plan. If it wasn’t they would not still be pushing for the use of dogs to go against wolves. The DNR is acting as though the lawsuit against the use of dogs never even happened, and that there isn’t a pending lawsuit from the HSUS about their insane plans. Mark my words Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) and his bear hounder shills will be pushing for a massive expansion of next years wolf killing season, They will do everything that they can to push the wolf numbers well below their precious 350 number that they obsess over. I would also not be surprised to see them publish inflated population numbers in the spring to show how the state wolf population “grew” even in the face of non-stop killing. They did the same thing a couple of years ago before they massively expanded bear hounding and killing. They even used a method devised by a biologist with very close ties to the revolting kill everything Safari Club International, to inflate the bear numbers. No conflict of interest there.

I have been saying for years that the state of Wisconsin is full of some of the most barbaric and sadistic cretins in this entire country. With this wolf killing season and the insane rants that have been posted on Facebook and following wolf articles the rest of the nation can see it too. Unfortunately, this state is far too arrogant to see that these actions do nothing to enhance our standing with the rest of the country. The Northwoods sadists who post their garbage online seem to think that they have a huge number of supporters who are behind them 100 percent. They are in for a rude awakening. The public reaction to the insane law that opened up all state parks to seven months of killing is just a taste of what is coming for the bear hounders and their enablers in the Legislature and Governor’s office. It took some time but the residents of this state are waking up to the abuse of our wildlife and the lack of democracy in how our wild lands are managed. Of course the bear hounders, their allies, and puppets like Suder are too drunk with power to see it. This will be their downfall and when the public starts fighting back it will be a tide they will never be able to hold back. Keep up the pressure and keep publicizing every vile post or image that these backwoods cretins post online. Too bad though that you need an interpreter to understand their horrible spelling and grammar. Remember we teach how to kill animals in Wisconsin schools, but apparently they don’t put as much emphasis on spelling and grammar.

Wisconsin’s new slogan: Wisconsin: Preparing our workforce for the ’13 job market. That is 1813!


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5 responses to “Wolf Killing Season To Close Tomorrow While DNR Keeps Spreading Propaganda

  1. Suzanne Dunham

    December 22, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Great article! We will keep on fighting until all our wildlife is safe.

  2. chance

    December 22, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    What happened at the DEC 20 injunction in court…..I haven’t heard anything about it……

    • rali74

      December 22, 2012 at 5:00 pm

      It was delayed until January 4th because of the massive blizzard we got here. Sorry, I should have posted that.

  3. Terri Minnick

    December 23, 2012 at 6:10 am

    Did someone have a “pack of Wolves” follow their kids to the bus stop?? I am sure that would have been in the news !!! After several winters of tracking for DNR I have never seen a wolf in Wisconsin, and most people I talk to daily (that I ask this question) have never seen a wolf .

  4. laina

    December 25, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    It’s somewhat of a relief that the season is closed. Apparently the “tool” of using dogs was not needed to achieve the kill quota. From what I gathered at some of the hearings, a wolf that looks at someone is perceived as stalking the person. This probably stems from superstition and the real knowledge that wolves are smarter, stronger and better hunters than unarmed humans.


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