**URGENT** Reminder Comments to Natural Resources Board Due TOMORROW by 4:00 PM

21 Feb

If you intend to submit comments to the Natural Resources Board about the “rules” for “training” dogs against wolves the deadline is 4PM Friday, TOMORROW.

Here is the letter that I submitted:

I am writing this letter to voice my extreme opposition to the proposed “rules” that the DNR wants to implement for the “training” of dogs to be used against wolves. While I personally find the whole concept of hunting and trapping a species that had just recovered in our state deplorable, the concept that dogs are going to be used against wolves unfathomable. The entire idea that dogs are going to be used to “trail and flush” wolves is nothing more than a fantasy put forth by the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their allies in the DNR and Legislature. Wolves and dogs can and WILL fight to the death as proven by the vast sums of money paid out to bear hounders in “depredation payments” from the Endangered Resources Fund. For the legislature to even consider allowing a practice that even the wolf hating states in the West do not allow says much about how seriously Wisconsin takes the concept of “fair chase” and “ethical” hunting.

For dogs to be used as weapons against any species is reprehensible, but to find it perfectly acceptable to allow dogs to be “trained” on wild wolves right through their breeding, denning, and birthing seasons is shameful. How about the hibernating bears that share the same habitat? Has it even been considered that these packs of dogs will be rampaging through habitat where thousands of bears will be hibernating with their with their newborn cubs?

There seems to be some sinister forces at play within our DNR and Legislature that find this type of activity to be acceptable and even consider it to be “fair chase.” Using packs of dogs fitted with collars running loose while the “hunter” sits in their truck waiting is not “sporting” or even remotely fair chase. Wisconsin should be ashamed that this abomination became law and those that voted for it should be even more ashamed. It is equally disturbing that Wisconsin finds and activity which is essentially legalized animal fighting acceptable. Anyone who believes that wolves and dogs will not be involved in fights to the death is either in denial or is a flat out liar. Canines are territorial animals to begin with and when foreign canines enter their territory, especially when their young are there, what does the board think the inevitable result will be? Dogs will die and so will wolves all under the guise of “training.”

As a Wisconsin citizen and wildlife advocate I implore the Board to reject the DNR’s reckless “training” plans and to implement rules that require hounders to use leashes when their dogs are in the woods. This should apply both while in “training” and when “hunting” wolves. I understand that the board is limited because this monstrosity was written into law, but serious restrictions need to be put in place along with a flat out refusal to allow dogs to be “trained” against wolves during the breeding, denning, and birthing seasons. People are paying attention and this sends the wrong message to the rest of the country. This is the Board’s chance to show that some common decency remains in Wisconsin. Please act upon that responsibility.

Thank you,

Please take whatever you need from my letter. The NRB must be bombarded with letters showing opposition to this heinous plan.

Please watch this website for some breaking news that we are trying to confirm that will knock this entire issue on it’s head. As soon as we are able to confirm this information we will share it here.

Please send the NRB comments here:


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11 responses to “**URGENT** Reminder Comments to Natural Resources Board Due TOMORROW by 4:00 PM

  1. Bobette Traul

    February 21, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    Am writing mine now.

  2. Diane

    February 21, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Great letter. Sent mine a couple of days ago-hope our letters have an impact.

  3. Alice C. Miller

    February 21, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    hounding is a sign of mental illness. ANYONE who considers watching a dog tear apart another animal a “SPORT” is mentally unstable. That person should NOT be allowed to own a pet..he/she is an animal abuser. That person should also never be allowed a firearm..they are mentally unstable. ANY legislature that writes or passes a law of such nature should be kicked the hell out of office. THEY ARE NOT MENTALLY FIT TO WORK..they need psychological help and treatment!!

    • traeh79

      February 22, 2013 at 10:48 am

      Yep, you hit that right on the nose Alice

  4. Jeanne Rasmussen

    February 21, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    For dogs to be used as weapons against any species is reprehensible, but to find it perfectly acceptable to allow dogs to be “trained” on wild wolves right through their breeding, denning, and birthing seasons is shameful.

  5. daniele halle

    February 21, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    Sent my own email

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Michelle Domeier

    February 22, 2013 at 3:46 am

    When I first read about this, I couldn’t believe it. Who in there right mind wouldn’t see what would happen? Well, yesterday I read that a couple “hunters” went out and killed 2 wolves, (get this part) because they may have been the wolves who killed their 3 dogs, that they had out hunting. They should have seen this coming from a mile away. I DID, and I don’t hunt. Whoever came up with this idea should be awarded something. And the people that do NOT have the fore-sight to see where this is going needs their head examined. I don’t mean to insult anyone. And I am holding back, believe me. What happens when a “hunter” tryies to “save” his dog? That he himself put in that position? Wow!!! I think someone who is deciding all this ought to talk these other “Very Intellegent People” who are deciding this, off the edge. I don’t know who suggested this or who would say this is a good plan…..they need to go into “sales”. Please, think about this. It is not a well thought out plan. WOW……..unbelievable!!!!

  7. Charles E. Vetter

    February 25, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    I trained canines for nearly thirty years. What will you say when one of these “trained to kill” dogs kills a child. It is morally wrong to train man’s best friend to kill anything. Anyone who would condone this behavior has sociopathic tendencies. Is this what we have elections for? Land of the free?… I’m not so sure anymore. Home of the brave? That’s pretty much out the window! These are nothing but Gang Banging criminals. This is the ultimate organized crime syndicate! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT! ! !

  8. Jacci K

    February 25, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    To whom it may concern regarding the training and allowing of dogs in wolf hunting:
    Last year i thought it could not get any worse than it had with the wolf hunt, the proposed sand hill crane hunt, and the hunting and trapping in state parks passing, etc. The training of hunting dogs to aid the already reportedly rapid wolf kill quota is beyond my comprehension, but is the cherry on top of the past year controlled and prodded by big agriculture, hunters and trappers, and the companies funding and backing the removal of wildlife.

    I am sure you are aware of the shameful fact that the United States
    continues its efforts to prosecute and eliminate dog fighting and yet
    Wisconsin’s intent is to send our domestic companions against their wild
    ancestors. I suggest this would give to the public and impressionable kids
    the opinion that it is acceptable to use dogs in this way. It is not acceptable.

    If this state is governed by democracy, then why is the public majority not allowed the right to say no to not only the wolf hunt, but the training of dogs to search and destroy?? I was at the DNR hearing for the state park hunting laws that were allowed. There were at least 50 opposed to not only the wolf hunt, but obviously the state park Act 168, compared to the maybe 5-10 hunter/trappers. I’m sure you are getting bombarded with email after email about this issue, and hope that democracy will prevail in WI just once in this past *year* I’ve been watching DNR justice..

    Please consider watching the many documentaries about wolves, and how we CAN live among them, which is what we should be promoting in word and action through the state. Not the prevalent idea that if an animal is an annoyance to anyone, farmer or home owner that doesn’t watch their dogs outside, that it should be killed versus dealt with ethically and scientifically.

    Thank you for your time,
    Jacci Koenig

  9. Diane

    February 26, 2013 at 7:37 am

    Very well said.

  10. Arlene D. Dehmer

    March 24, 2013 at 1:00 am

    These lovely animals are God’s creation, and only He should decide the right and wrong of how they should live and die. These human beings or “killers” that believe they are doing justice of some kind, need to be reprogramed to understand these innocent wolves are not their targets and they deserve to live out their lives in peace and harmony. May God bless them and protect them from the evil doings of man.


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