The Sleeping Giant Begins to Stir

22 Apr
The sleeping giant is slowly waking up!

The sleeping giant is slowly waking up!


In conclusion I want to address the possible consequences of ignoring majority public opinion. This bill seems to reflect a vocal minority. In so doing it will unify opponents who otherwise have not collaborated. I will venture two predictions. Opponents will challenge the bill at the ballot, in the ceded territories, and in the courts. You have never seen wolf policy challenged in these ways, particularly in state courts. Litigants will invoke the Public Trust Doctrine with its precedents in the U.S. Supreme Court that guarantee wildlife are a public trust resource that cannot be jeopardized. This bill will unify the opposition and this bill does not do justice to the measured and prudent approach to wolf policy the great state of Wisconsin has taken up to this point.

Arian Treves written testimony to the Senate Natural Resources Committee, February 8, 2012

As we all know the testimony of Professor Treves and that of countless other wildlife advocates were ignored that day and the wolf kill bill went on to pass the Wisconsin Legislature with “bi-partisan” support. A couple of major things happened once this abhorrent bill was rubber stamped and passed into law. First, people began to wake up to the institutionalized brutality that the state of Wisconsin openly advocates and actively promotes. Second, the residents of this state slowly came to realize the corrupt and openly biased system in place that shuts out the voices of everyone except a few powerful kill everything lobbyists and the killing cartels that employ them. Undeterred the Legislature and DNR continued to pass and implement anti-wildlife and pro-killing policies like never before. But people are starting to wake up.

While the wolf kill bill and the sadism included in it infuriated wildlife advocates across the country the Legislature, including almost all of the spineless Democrats, voted to allow hunting and trapping in almost every state park for SEVEN months of the year. This outraged not only wildlife advocates but non-consumptive users of the parks, and even some hunters as well. This bill, even more arrogant and audacious than the wolf kill bill, led to a public backlash that seemed to take the DNR and Natural Resources Board by surprise. The outrage was so massive that the Natural Resources Board actually listened to the citizens (unlike with the wolf kill bill) and scaled back the time allotted for killing in state parks to one month. Of course this was unacceptable to the kill everything good ol boys in the so called “Conservation Congress,” so they had to put the issue up for a vote in their yearly sham elections. But something strange happened this year at these elections, that the DNR tries to play off as a “sportsmen hearing.” Bristling from anger over the wolf kill bill and non-stop killing in state parks, attendees in Dane, Milwaukee, and Polk Counties voted to elect four PRO-wildlife candidates. And as you can guess this has the kill everything types like “outdoor” writer Patrick Durkin whining about hunters “losing” and about how these counties determined the outcome of several key votes. From Durkin’s propaganda article:

The wolf and “silent-sports” crowd also helped elect four of their own during the WCC’s annual elections, which lead off the hearings so all attendees can participate:

■ Melissa Smith, Madison, helped lead wolf-hunting opposition in Wisconsin the past year, and also opposed the Legislature’s expansion of hunting and trapping in state parks. She defeated incumbent Matt Rainey, Madison, for one of Dane County’s two-year delegate posts.

■ Barb Eisenberg, Milwaukee, a nonhunter and conservation/environmental activist, defeated incumbent Josh Hennlich, Oak Creek, vice chair of Milwaukee County’s WCC delegation, for a two-year term. Eisenberg also served as a WCC delegate from 2005 to 2008.

■ Brook Waalen, Luck, a member of the Ice Age Trail Alliance, defeated incumbent David Hraychuck, Balsam Lake, vice-chair of Polk County’s WCC delegation, for a two-year term.

■ Paul Kuhlman, St. Croix Falls, also a member of the IATA, was elected to fill a vacancy for a three-year term on Polk County’s WCC delegation.

Unlike some advocacy groups, the wolf-and-parks contingent didn’t just vote on pet questions and leave.

I love the “us vs them” tone of the article. The way Durkin makes it sound is if you are against dogs being used on wolves or against non-stop killing in state parks, you are the enemy. Then comes this little quote from Dane County Conservation Congress Delgate and wife of George Meyer, Jane Meyer:

Jayne Meyer, chairwoman of Dane County’s WCC delegation, said the Congress paid a price for asking the state parks question. “That’s why we lost our guy (Rainey),” she said. “There was no need for it. The Natural Resources Board settled that issue last year.”

Our guy? I thought the WCC was supposed to represent ALL citizens and be a citizen advisory? This quote shows that this sham organization is nothing more than another mouth piece for the killing cartels run by the likes of George Meyer and bear hounder lobbyists like Bob “Connecticut Effect” Welch. They had to give up FOUR spots to pro-wildlife/pro-enviroment candidates and they act as though the world is ending. To show how vastly unfair this “congress” is just look at how each county, no matter the population, gets the same number of delegates. So a county in the north with a tiny population gets the same say as counties with massive populations like Dane and Milwaukee. Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture? The game is rigged from the outset and they still whine that they lost four seats out of 300 plus that the good ol boys still control.

But the sleeping giant is starting to awaken. As Professor Treves foreshadowed in his above testimony people are catching on and getting fed up with the “business as usual” way wildlife is “managed” in this state. The time has come to give ALL citizens a voice in this issue and not just a select few from the good ol boy clubs that attempt to bully and intimidate anyone that doesn’t bow to their every whim. This is just the beginning. It is time to take our voice back from the killing cartels and demand that we be heard.

For more about our friend and newly elected Dane County delegate, Melissa Smith, please read this:

Hunting critics want a say in Wisconsin’s wildlife management



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3 responses to “The Sleeping Giant Begins to Stir

  1. nackpets

    April 22, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    I asked about the Public Trust Doctrine awhile back and wonder why it was never used.I’m glad to see it’s been put into action.

  2. William huard

    April 23, 2013 at 6:22 am

    When you have republicans and democrats voting to take away the last 1 percent of sustainable protected area- and several claiming that peace and quiet is not a right like hunting and trapping -this is extremism…normal people do not think this way…the bear hunters bitch Scott Suder said that hound hunting and using live animals as bait is a privilege in Wisconsin…. Does that sound reasonable to you?

  3. nackpets

    April 23, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    All of you should hire a civil rights lawyer from out the area that is not a hunter and bring the hammer down on these pricks .


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