Wisconsin DNR Again Extends Middle Finger to Nature Lovers

30 Apr
Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo, WI.

Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo, WI.

It wasn’t enough that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wanted to turn the Mackenzie Environmental Center near Poynette into a “training center” for wildlife killers, now they want to do the same to the now defunct Badger Army Ammunition Plant. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Conservationists who want land near Baraboo to be used for quiet activities are angry that the state might use it for motorcycle trails or shooting ranges.

The state Department of Natural Resources is in the process of deciding what to do with the 7,300 acres on the site of the now-defunct Badger Army Ammunition Plant. A plan approved in 2001 called for the property to be used for activities such as agriculture, hiking and bird-watching, but the agency said it has to consider whether conditions have changed in the past 12 years.

The plan in question was approved by the Sauk County Board in May 2001. It called for the land to be used for conservation, education and agriculture, as well as low-impact recreation, such as hiking and bird-watching.

Of course the “conditions” have changed. Now Bob Welch, the bear hounders, and other killing cartels have complete and total control of the WDNR. Screw nature lovers, the DNR just wants this land to be used for any and all destructive means possible. Apparently the backlash they have received about their plans for the Mackenzie Center mean absolutely nothing to them. It also seems that the DNR has no interest in seriously providing opportunities for wildlife watchers and nature lovers unless that wildlife is being watched via a rifle scope.

I have been to this area many times and not long ago there was talk about reintroducing free roaming bison, and providing for all kinds of opportunities for nature lovers. So much for that. Now they want to replace what could be a pristine natural prairie (give or take a few toxins) with gunfire and motorcycles. Then we have a DNR representative telling us that majority public opinion has no bearing on how they make their decisions:

But DNR regional director Mark Aquino said the reuse plan was just a “guidance document.”

“Their task was to develop a common vision,” Aquino said of the committee that developed the plan. “Since it is 12 years old and because our planning process requires us to have other involvement, we have to see whether conditions and desires now are sufficiently different.”

The DNR will issue three alternatives this summer and hold open houses and public hearings to gather comment on the plans, he said. The three scenarios range from a plan focused on conservation and quiet activity to one that emphasizes more high-intensity recreation.

Aquino said the agency already received 388 comments during a public comment period that ended last winter. Although a list of those comments on the DNR website shows that many favored conservation and low-impact recreation, Aquino said the final decision on which plan to recommend doesn’t necessarily rest on how many people favor a particular use.

“This isn’t a vote process,” Aquino said. “The public input is only one part of what we consider.”

So in other words here is a big middle finger to nature lovers. So much for our state being any semblance of a democracy anymore. Majority rules has no place in Wisconsin, we only care about what special interests want, in this instance the DNR is pandering not only to shooters and motorcycle riders, but to ATV people as well.

Another point to consider is which recreational opportunities are underrepresented, he said. He noted, for example, that the Wisconsin ATV Association has been telling the Natural Resources Board for years that ATV users have too few recreational options in southern parts of the state.

So make sure to add earplugs to go along with your orange jacket while dodging the landmines called traps when trying to enjoy nature in our state. Just make sure that while dodging the traps you don’t get ran over by a motorcycle, ATV, or get mauled by a pack of vicious dogs participating in some of that good old Wisconsin “tradition.” Should we expect anything different from an agency headed by a real estate developer? read more here:

Conservationists, DNR spar over use of old Badger ammo plant


3 responses to “Wisconsin DNR Again Extends Middle Finger to Nature Lovers

  1. Nancy Keiter

    May 1, 2013 at 9:35 am

    Do they own the property? Is it for sale, for anybody to buy? Usually government buildings are cheap to buy . Everybody could chip in and buy it. I know I’d gladly give money towards it. This sounds shitty, but if you bring up children and say how the children need to be one with nature and learn about nature and a good place for the family to go camping play miniature golf have a nice weekend of fun. When you bring children in on it you can to get everybody on your side. Basically outsmart the assholes!

  2. Wolf is my Soul

    May 1, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    Reblogged this on Carinas space and commented:
    Fitting terminology – Wisconsin Insanity

  3. Kris J

    May 5, 2013 at 8:18 am

    I thought this land was supposed to go back to the native tribe…


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