More DNR Pandering To Bear Hounders

28 May


Former Madison Mayor, Dave Cieslweicz, writes a column for the online Isthmus newspaper where he tackles various political issues that impact our state. Recently he has been covering the relentless assault on public lands in Wisconsin courtesy of our bought and paid for legislature. Last week “Citizen Dave” wrote about how the DNR is now requiring maps that show motorized vehicle access for all public lands. And guess who this was done on behalf of? From the article:

My guess is that the roads language was probably done at the behest of the bear hunters. Bear hunting in Wisconsin is a disreputable activity. Dogs are equipped with radio collars. They chase and corner a bear, which often winds up climbing a tree. The hunters sit in their vehicles monitoring their radio equipment. When it’s clear that the bear has been trapped. They walk over to where it is and shoot it. These are not sportsmen under anyone’s definition. I assume the bear hunters wanted the road language so that they won’t have to walk as far.

So, that’s your modern Republican definition of public outdoor recreation.

Thank you Citizen Dave for using your column to finally put into print what most of us already know about the unethical relationship between the DNR and the disgusting bear hounders. I wonder what the GOP and DNR are going to mandate next to benefit the hounders? They will probably mandate drive though beer and Ho-Ho stations on these roads so that the hounders won’t have to be inconvenienced by having to stop at a convenience store prior to going to their killing fields.

The bigger questions is why is the state pandering to a tiny minority within a minority of extremist “sportsmen?” What do these disgusting cretins provide for society as a whole? Follow the money…………



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4 responses to “More DNR Pandering To Bear Hounders

  1. Randy Lyn Oconnell

    May 28, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    Odd how Rep. Jacques is advocating pro life license plates,while at the same time promoting a woodchuck hunting season.This is classic Republican policy of wanting it both ways. I believe David Koch was quoted as saying :I just want my fair share.All of it”.

    • Diane

      May 30, 2013 at 3:08 pm

      This is what I sent to Interior Secretary Jewell:

      Dear Secretary of the Interior Jewell,

      Enclosed is a poem which I authored. The poem personalizes the precarious situation WI wildlife finds itself in. Yes it is true it is legal in WI for bear dogs to be trained using live captive raccoon, fox, coyote, bear cubs, rabbits & bobcats as bait to train hunting dogs. This scenario will continue on with training wolf dogs. In fact wolf dog training continues into the end of March through breeding, denning & birthing season. There are no wolf dog breed restrictions, no leashes required. No certification or restrictions apply .Six dogs may be used at a time, with the hounds switching out if any become tired.
      Now for a bit of history regarding wolf hunting in WI….As soon as wolves were federally delisted plans for a hunting season were initiated. Support of wolf hunting was not challenged by the general public amidst a media blitz sponsored by the DNR claiming cattle predation. In fact the numbers were skewed a bit… nearly $215,000 was paid out for livestock loss, but the DNR did not say $190,000 of that money was paid out for “missing” calves (calves claimed to be attacked by wolves but there was no blood, hair, hide or any evidence the calf even ever existed). Also included in that number were deer from canned hunting operations reimbursed @ $10,000.00 each & bear dogs @ $2500.00 each. The money used for these payouts was funded by endangered species license plates (yes those well-meaning people who thought they were helping wolf population to be reestablished.) The bear dogs that were killed were in areas known to be inhabited by wolves that were protecting their pups & territory. The media also suggested pets & humans especially children could be @ risk from wolves habituated to humans.
      Also of interest is information from multiple source’s with direct links to the DNR evidence DNR officials let wolf hunters know the location of wolf dens through the GPS collared wolves were wearing. WI wolf hunters shot with gun, crossbow, bow & arrow, trapped & clubbed the quota of wolves established in very short order. One would suspect this information facilitated the early quota being reached.
      WI is anxious to increase deer hunting license revenue by including children 10 years old and up in their deer hunting advertising campaign. WI is also trying to establish an elk herd & hopes to begin an elk hunting season as soon as possible. WI DNR desires to sacrifice any predator in their quest to increase deer/game animals thereby garnering for itself notoriety as a destination for sport/trophy hunters. The wolf’s role as a necessary part of nature’s balance is ignored in favor of using the wolf as a pawn for political gain by legislators courting hunting organizations & the NRA. Perhaps it’s time the aggressive voices who wield power while standing behind guns, traps, bow & arrow & crossbow loosen their grip on American politicians. Perhaps it’s time for politicians to recognize this present course of action has resulted in a society bent on cold-hearted destruction toward fellow human beings & the creatures who inhabit the earth along with us.
      Wisconsin has proven itself unable to draw a distinction between sensible management of problem wolves and accepting the wolf as an integral part of nature’s plan. Perhaps a federal education program starting with our young people could be incorporated into classroom courses instead of the hunting/trapping classes now deemed as acceptable curriculum in our classrooms by Wisconsin legislators.
      Please return the wolf to its protected status.

    • Diane

      May 31, 2013 at 7:10 am

      Sorry about the too long post. You can delete it if you want.

  2. Candy Copeland

    June 4, 2013 at 9:14 am

    No Diane, your venting was excellent. I guess its time for more aggressive action. Like being out in the field along with those hunters and making lots of noise to scare their prey away before they can get to them. The terror they must feel. Poor things. Spike strips out along the roads the hounders travel to get to the game is also an idea. Down trees across the roads……come on people we have to start working harder and smarter for the wolves.


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