DNR: No Violation of Any Kind Committed by Hounders “Training” Their Dogs in 2012

23 Jul
Coming soon to Wisconsin.

Coming soon to Wisconsin.

While writing my last post I forgot to mention this little tidbit that Patricia received from the DNR in response to questions about the enforcement of violations committed by hounders in the state of Wisconsin. Here is the question and response from William Cosh of the DNR:

And finally, how many times have there been prosecutions for allowing dogs to kill wild animals?  or to come in contact with wild animals?  Is there somewhere that I can see those cases?  

 We ran 2012 only and found;

·         Hunt deer with dogs = 0

·         Hunt deer with dogs = 0

·         Unlawful use off or training of dogs on free-roaming or captive animals = 0

·         Use dogs for hunting wolves before the end of the November gun deer season = 0

·         Hunt by means other than a gun discharged from the shoulder, bow or falconry =  8*

*However, any citations issued for that violation, it would not mean that it was a dog that was used to kill the wild animal, and likely would simply have been using some other unauthorized weapon, such as a club.

So according to the Wisconsin DNR not one hounder allowed their dogs to kill any wild animals while “training” them. Wow, what a bunch of ethical and upstanding citizens. Too bad these numbers illustrate that the DNR does NOTHING to enforce what hounders are allowed to get away with under the guise of “training.” These cretins post videos and photos all over the internet showing their dogs ripping apart wounded bears and coyotes, and the DNR has only eight “other” violations to report that probably were not even dogs? Seriously? This just goes to show that as we have suspected all along violations committed by hounders are ignored by the DNR. Thousands and thousands of vicious dogs allowed to run rampant on various species throughout the year as “training” and not one violation? Now that wolves are about to be added to the mix will the DNR still turn a blind eye? I would assume that nothing will change with this agency as long as they answer to their bear hounder masters.

Please keep up the pressure. If any of you come across any videos or photos showing hounders letting their dogs attack wild animals please forward them to us.


4 responses to “DNR: No Violation of Any Kind Committed by Hounders “Training” Their Dogs in 2012

  1. Cheryl Wolfe-Bryan

    July 23, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    so it is only “legal” dogfighting which can be proven by dna! this is bull crap! show me where to sign against this and who to call with their cell, office and home phone numbers……

  2. Barbara Lord

    August 1, 2013 at 8:18 am

    At the 2013 Conservation Congress the voters voted DOWN the use of Dogs to hunt Wolves, and the DNR ignores that little fact!

    Hounders are allowed to do as they please, apparently without any controls or penalties – and they know it! As long as Bob Welch runs the show, and continues to make his living (a mighty good one I might add) being the lead lobbyist for the Hounders without ANY push back … this is the new Wisconsin! A state that no longer supports ethical hunting alongside the non hunting public’s right to enjoy the beauty of our state, including the support wildlife of ALL species.

    Wisconsin is now a state that has, via their DNR, made the Blood Sport of Dogfighting LEGAL! Shame on anyone who doesn’t stand up against this … NOW! The hunting of Wolves starts in October of 2013, with the use of Dogs to Hunt Wolves starting on December 2, 2013 and running through February 28, 2014 ..SPEAK UP NOW!


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