“Bunny Slayer” Patrick Durkin Publishes Hit Piece on Professor Adrian Treves

21 Oct
The "great white hunter" like Patrick Durkin frequently saves us from this vicious predator By D. Gordon E. Robertson, via Wikimedia Commons

The “great white hunter” like Patrick Durkin frequently saves us from this vicious predator
By D. Gordon E. Robertson, via Wikimedia Commons

Before I get into the main topic of this post it must be noted that as of this morning, October 21, 2013, Wisconsin wolf haters have “reported” killing 85 (EIGHTY FIVE) wolves since last Tuesday. And those are just the reported ones. Even more disturbing is that the Facebook wolf hating site is showing pictures of multiple wolves killed at the same time none of which have been “tagged” in clear violation of state law. That site continues to post comments advocating poaching and eradication of the entire Wisconsin wolf population. If the DNR truly cared about enforcing the law and promoting so called “ethical” hunting they would monitor that disgusting website and investigate the blatant law violations. Sadly they do not care and the unethical boasting and promotion of poaching will continue. Now on to the “Bunny Slayer,” Patrick Durkin and his tripe.

Last year DNR apologist, “outdoors writer,” and kill everything by any means possible advocate, Patrick Durkin, boasted about how the outrage over Wisconsin’s wolf slaughter would blow over and we would all “accept” it just as we supposedly have accepted the mourning dove killing. What? I don’t know about you but I have never accepted the killing of those docile birds for sport and I damn sure will never accept the yearly sport/revenge killing of wolves in Wisconsin. If anything the outrage has grown substantially since last year and will continue to do so until the DNR listens to the majority of citizens that oppose this reckless slaughter. But that was Durkin’s garbage from last year. This weekend he published and article that can be described as nothing more than a hit piece against University of Wisconsin Professor and world renowned carnivore expert Adrian Treves. From the article:

As Wisconsin’s second wolf season got underway Tuesday we heard claims that the Department of Natural Resources was ignoring science and risking a destabilized wolf population by setting a kill quota of 251.

And those who attended The Wildlife Society’s annual national conference in Milwaukee on Oct. 7-8, heard University of Wisconsin professor Adrian Treves claim wolf poaching is rising. During the conference, Treves also said the DNR’s 2013 wolf quota is “not sustainable nor responsible.”

Such claims pack punch because we like to think university researchers are detached, objective folks who disdain emotion, shun advocacy and avoid predictions they can’t support with data.

In other words, we expect professors to stay above the fray of us caterwauling commoners. Maybe that’s asking too much of mere mortals who deal with wolves.

Wow, Durkin sounds like he is a little jealous of the professor and his vast knowledge of carnivore co-existence. Of course Durkin is nothing more than a barstool biologist that pretends he is on equal footing with someone as renowned as Professor Treves because he writes about killing animals. Durkin follows it up with even more obscene drivel that even goes so far as to think it is great that poaching levels dropped to “only” 17 percent of wolf mortality in 2012.
Treves’ claim about a recent rise in wolf poaching is also puzzling. DNR records show the agency investigated 1,007 dead wolves from 1979 through 2012, and declared 205 (20 percent) to be illegal kills. But from 2003 through 2012 the illegal kill was 19 percent, and after hitting a 10-year high of 30 percent in 2011 it fell to 17 percent in 2012 — the hunt’s first year.

Notice no outrage over the fact that poaching occurs only that it remains basically the same in an attempt to refute Professor Treves. But Durkin fails at this because Prof. Treves said that there was a recent rise in poaching and sure enough Durkin’s own numbers show poaching skyrocketed less than two years ago in 2011. Does that not count a “recent” enough for Durkin? Does this guy not get it? Then comes the biggest stretch of all that wolf hunters somehow “respect” wolves because they “waited for a better shot” before killign them. What? If I am not mistaken at least half of wolves killed last year were trapped. How does a trapper sadist need to “wait for a better shot?”
In fact, a DNR survey of 2012’s wolf hunters found most of them demonstrated respect toward wolves. When asked if they shot at the first wolf that presented an opportunity, 66.5 percent said no. Their No. 1 reason? They were waiting for a better shot.

Further, of those who killed a wolf, 60 percent took its hide to a taxidermist for mounting, and 33 percent tanned and kept it. Why would so many wolf hunters pass up iffy shots, and 93 percent preserve their kill for display if they hate the sight of wolves?

Granted, we’re only one year into state-regulated wolf hunts, so it’s too soon to draw lasting judgments. But isn’t that the point? We should be studying these hunts to learn more about wolves, wolf management and those who hunt or trap them.

So let’s not accuse others of ignoring science and research unless we’re practicing both ourselves.

Really Durkin? They hate the sight of LIVING wolves. That is why they killed them so they could look at DEAD wolves. Why don’t you make a visit to that disgusting Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page to see how much wolf hunters “respect” wolves. If “respect” is grinning over bloody carcasses and advocating poaching then Durkin lives in a different world than I do. How dare a hack “outdoors” write whose only qualification is that he gets off on killing wild animals insult and question the research of a world renowned expert on the topic at hand. This clown even goes so far as to say that somehow it would be “scientific” to allow bating and hounding because there is no data about it? What?

In his 2012 testimony to the DNR Board, Treves also said: “There is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence to support the safety or efficacy of hunting wolves with hounds … (nor is there) scientific evidence to support the safety or efficacy of hunting wolves with bait.”

Both statements are true, but how could we expect peer-reviewed scientific studies when regulated wolf hunts didn’t exist until the past few years in the United States, and only Wisconsin is pursuing a hound hunt? And if peer-reviewed research of wolf-baiting and wolf-hounding is our goal, we certainly won’t get any data if we don’t offer any tests.

I think that Durkin missed the boat again with his attempts to insult and refute Professor Treves. So wolf baiting and hounding should be justified as some twisted “science project.” What is this guy smoking? Give it up Durkin you are not in the same league as Professor Treves and your feeble hit piece is a joke that only makes wildlife advocates distrust and dislike you even more. How does this guy even have a job? Shame on you Durkin and shame on the publications that allow your drivel to be posted.

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  1. Daniele Halle

    October 21, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Give that asshole to me, I am 70 years old, but I’ll take him anytime

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    October 22, 2013 at 12:25 am

    Unreal! That is one ‘Dumb Bunny’ burping up word salad!

  5. alice miller

    October 22, 2013 at 1:21 am

    there is only one word for this man…ASSHOLE

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    October 22, 2013 at 3:20 am

    Perfect Click..

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