Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Natural Resources Board Member Proposes White Deer Kill Statewide – Vote April 14

06 Mar

Madravenspeak Column # 86 Albino deer-1


“A growing moral dilemma is at what point does one person’s right to hunt and shoot an animal interfere with another person’s right to watch, photograph, and enjoy the living animal.”  MaLenna Smith, Leland 

Wisconsin has a rare and startlingly beautiful treasure gracing just a few areas of the state, including Leland and Boulder Junction. Locals adore them, and tourists flock to lawn chairs waiting to see them. Wisconsin Public Television’s series In Wisconsin filmed a special on them with Patty Lowe,, explaining: “Some call them “the ghosts of the forest”. The animal in question is Wisconsin’s albino or ‘white’ deer and they’ve become an internet and international sensation…So far more than 14 million people have viewed our white deer video online.”

Fourteen million potential tourists to visit Wisconsin!

The DNR is thrilled – right?

Of course not! Greg Kazmierski, Scott Walker’s political appointee to the Natural Resources Board, is an NRA/ hunter activist who owns Buck Rub Outfitters. He personally drafted Question #35 which will be posed to all citizens attending the April 14th DNR/Conservation statewide public election and vote:

“Would you favor legalizing the harvest of white and albino deer statewide?”

There is a small herd of 15-20 white deer near Leland in Sauk County. Mike Crowley, photographer, has a Boulder Junction website picturing white deer mixed with their brown or white fawns in Vilas County. He writes, “Unfortunately their numbers have dwindled and we are now down to 2 or our land with a scattered population of them all around the surrounding Boulder Junction area. We love all the deer but when an Albino comes into sight you do not even notice the brown deer. They are truly one of God’s most beautiful and rare animals.” 

John Bates and Jeff Richter collaborated on the book “White Deer, Ghosts of the Forest”.  Richter told Patty Lowe that clerks had overheard people looking at their book saying, “This is really neat – if only they were real!”  Bates, a northern naturalist, says it takes his breath away to see them. He estimates there may be 1 in 20,000 deer born albino with their pink features. While researching the book, they found that deer albinism does not require pink eyes and often their eyes are a goat-like blue or yellow.  Piebald ( brown and white ) deer carry the genetics of albinism. If there are 1.5 million deer in Wisconsin, there may be 60-75 white deer. 

They are that rare.

Albino deer had been protected by law, statewide, since 1940. Even with protection, the population remains very small. Then they lost protection in CWD zones, including Leland. 

When two white bucks and a doe were killed near Leland in 2012, Amy Sprecher started a movement to gain protection for all predominantly white deer statewide, working out of the local bar she runs with her dad. Amy said, ”I just cannot understand how people can be so selfish, not to think about their beauty for all to share.” 

Sprecher’s neighbor MaLenna Smith immersed herself in research, developing a really impressive website, including what to do to help .  “We are hunters and non-hunters alike who would rather watch these rare white deer going about their daily living than see them hanging lifeless on a wall.”  

Marc Lovicott covered the killing of Sparky, a beloved white buck, for Channel 3000 in Madison. It was the 5th most watched story of all 2012.

MaLenna and Amy told me what extraordinary efforts they and other citizens made to testify at the deer Czar meetings where most citizens (me included) did not realize that the white deer were at risk. Their web site announced that January 22, 2014, the Natural Resources Board passed “an emergency rules package which included a rule to: ‘Prohibit the harvest of white deer in the CWD management zone.’”

The citizens of Leland and Boulder Junction say they feel totally betrayed that the Natural Resources Board voted to protect the white deer, then Kazmierski threw all their efforts back in their faces with an immediate proposal to kill them statewide.  Kazmierski did not have to go through any of the rigamarole citizens endured.  Their citizen proposal was weakened from “Protect all predominantly white deer statewide” to question #40 on the Conservation Congress questionnaire ( : “ Do you support extending protection of white deer to the CWD zone?” ( given they are currently protected in all other zones).

One brown spot dooms a deer. (A burr? A smudge?)

Kazmierski also was entitled to add unsubstantiated information to his question #35, implying white deer are inferior, saying, in part: “These animals often have other recessive traits and physical maladies such as poor eyesight in albinos, because of their pink eyes.” (Few actually have pink eyes, as explained.) His bias: “From a strictly biological perspective, there is not reason to protect white deer.”

The DNR has done zero studies on the physiology, genetics or population numbers of white deer. They may have a recessive gene that is immune to CWD or any number of unanticipated threats. They may have a genetic superiority that can strengthen the deer herd, weakened by hunters destroying wolves and natural predators.

They are a beloved part of the mysterious diversity of life and should not be thrown under the DNR bloated hearse.

Please read federal Senate Bill 1996 ( which has passed the house and is poised for a vote in the senate. It takes over protected National Parks, BLM lands, and National forests for hunting, trapping,and killing just like they have taken over state parks and all private lands here. It bans the EPA from regulating 7,000 tons of lead in shot and fishing tackle that is poisoning millions of wildlife. It is urgent that you contact your senators against this and the related grab bag bills that go with it.


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7 responses to “Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Natural Resources Board Member Proposes White Deer Kill Statewide – Vote April 14

  1. Melanie Weberg

    March 6, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    FYI I have contacted all chapters of the Audubon Society in WI. I’ve been forwarding them PDF’s that I’ve created and my website….It would be nice to set up a Wisconson Conservation Congress website after it is all over as we begin to reform the WCC.

    If we get enough delegates this year, we could meet once/month and start to write resolutions…..

    Melanie @ Wildlife Public Trust & Coexistence

    • madravenspeak

      March 7, 2014 at 4:42 pm

      We need two candidates to run in every county – no candidates – no real power. We have five weeks to find candidates and find them support.

  2. Nancy

    March 6, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

  3. bc13dsj

    March 7, 2014 at 9:11 am

    Why would you want to kill albino deer?

  4. Exposing the Big Game

    March 7, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.

  5. rebecca vitale mandich

    March 7, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    The NRA sells guns and they are running the country on these issues. They have guns and ammo to sell…Until the people speak out and say no more killing of OUR wild beings they will continue to intimidate those of us who don’t believe in the hunt to kill, but rather the hunt to capture the image of these gifts God has so lovingly bestowed upon us…
    We too need a seat at he decision making table …We need a non consumptive users fee to let our $ talk …! The current paradigm is rigged in favor of the monied interests. We have more folks that feel our way but the lack of money in this deadly game will continue to favor the other side…
    Ask for a non consumptive users fee so we can stop the wanton killing and the purposeful stacking of these commissions with the gun interests. Local communities that service the non consumptive viewers should be made aware that a simple tax of $15 can bring in much needed revenue as a fund to save OUR wild. And then we get that much needed seat at the table and a voice for the wild so they don’t pay the ultimate price of not taking action by us. Their deadly and painful demise.

    • madravenspeak

      March 7, 2014 at 4:41 pm

      Yes – I have given this a lot of thought. Saving licenses or tagging wildlife to live would not work because the hunters would kill them anyway. We need to start a campaign which I call FAIR PAY/FAIR SAY/FAIR PLAY which means that general public funds REPLACE the killing license bias and we all pay the same, have fair PROPORTIONATE representation, and fair use of our commons and public spaces. That would mean that trappers who number about 1/10th of a percent of citizens – would have that proportion of public land to trap. Hunters who number a little over 10% of the citizens would have 10% of our public lands for killing. Of course, they are recruiting and we would be coming up with projects of wildlife watching, howling with wolves, funding wildlife rehabbers to educate the public who these animals are – and protecting our own.

      But that means organizing the majority who claim to be wildlife watchers into a POLITICAL force. The reason hunters/trappers/hounders control the entire thing is that they are politically organized. This site needs to be networked to organize politically for change.

      Hunters and trappers are willing to put their time, money and organizing into killing more and more and they are a swing vote that, together with the NRA and Farm Bureau, can make or break legislators in their bid to be re-elected. The reason that 32 of 33 senators ( all but Senator Risser, a friend ) voted to put trapping and hunting into all state parks, voted to legislate the Natural Resources Board to majority hunter activism control, and voted to create a 12 member hunter/trapper/hounder recruitment board – is that they want to be re-elected.

      Network the membership of this site. We should have hundreds of thousands of members…for meaningful change. Deer hunters alone number over 600,000.


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