Help Write the Next Chapter by Voting for Wisconsin’s Wildlife

13 Apr

The 80th Annual Statewide DNR Spring Meeting (Election and Vote) – an outrage of deception and duplicity by the DNR and hunting lobby “Conservation” (Killing) Congress that is supposed to be elected by ALL WISCONSIN RESIDENTS – is TOMORROW, Monday, April 14, 6:30 p.m.

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic (WWE) invites you to attend this important meeting! Bring your family, friends and acquaintances who care about the future of Wisconsin’s natural ecosystems and wildlife. Children can vote on the issues as well – a great civics lesson!

Hunters have long lusted after unlimited access to private property as they kill out our public lands. And they intend to get it with their most cruel killing practices – running dogs 24/7 statewide year-round on coyotes and all wildlife – to follow their packs of dogs into private property without landowner permission. Tundra swan kill. Kill our rare albino deer protected in the state since the 1940’s – such a rare sight for Wisconsin residents, a wonderful tourist attraction, and a beloved neighbor in the few areas where they live.

Now that trappers are in our state parks and all public lands with unlimited traps and conibear deathtraps, they want to trap all night and day 7 months of the year. So shameless and pointless…especially since much of their “harvest” goes to the Chinese and Russian rich who have destroyed their own wildlife.

Time for regime change!

The link to all meeting/voting locations and the DNR’s questionnaire is contained in Patricia Randolph’s latest column in today’s Capital Times. This information can be obtained by clicking on the following links:

Petitions against killing tundra swans and white deer are also provided as links in Patricia’s column to sign and network.

WWE will send out a humane “cheat sheet” tomorrow. Read through every question carefully, and of course, express your view on the issues that are presented. WWE advises you to be attentive as you read each question however, as sometimes the issues are framed in murky or inhumane terms. Sometimes you will see “Do you want to kill this way – or that way – or more or more than that?” so truly humane choices are not even an option. Rest assured however that WWE is forming more relationships with other humane organizations and is working hard to encourage humane delegates to run and become elected across this state. Then, and only then, will Wisconsin stop being the enigma it is – one of the most pro-hunting and trapping states in the U.S. Only then, will the humane perspective on wildlife issues be considered. Only then, will proven scientifically-based approaches be used to manage our wildlife. Only then, will the DNR become accountable when it comes to managing Wisconsin’s natural areas and wildlife.

We urge you to be those humane delegates this year! It is time to claim our citizen rights!

Please take an I.D. that establishes your residency in county in which you are voting. The ELECTION gives all the power of deciding which questions make the questionnaire and delegates have the final vote for their county, despite citizen votes. After registering and getting ballots for the two elections, please go immediately into the room for the 7 p.m. elections, first order of the night (elect two delegates – one is a 3-year position, the other a 2-year position). Don’t worry… you’ll have as much time as you want to complete the questionnaire…but you’ll only have a few minutes to vote.

If you do not know if a humane candidate is running in your county – nominate yourself (or run with a friend, and nominate each other for ONE of each position). Before leaving, ASK how many votes you got and let WWE know so we are aware of how the counties voted. The DNR is a killing funded state agency and they count the vote. In a perfect world, humane election monitors would be present in every county to help count the vote and ensure the integrity of the election. We know that it’s a lot to ask…but if you’re already at the election, please step forward and become a monitor to make sure that votes are properly counted. Rest assured, the hunters will run two candidates in every county – that is what WE NEED FOR A VOICE!

MORE THAN ANYTHING, KNOW THE ELECTION RESULTS…HOW DNR POLICY WILL BE DEVELOPED AND IMPLEMENTED…HOW CONGRESS WILL VOTE…AND HOW THE NEXT CHAPTER ON THE WAR AGAINST WILDLIFE WILL BE WRITTEN…DEPENDS ON YOU! Please step up if a humane candidate is not running. The hunters who run this are not of any scientific qualification – they just lobby for more killing and take.

The hunters will only nominate one candidate not to split their vote – so if no one steps up to oppose them – just stand and say “I nominate myself. I like living wildlife and intact healthy ecosystems. I want more diversity in representation for the 1.6 million bird watchers and safety on our public lands.” Then ask how many people voted for you. If you don’t win the first election, run for the second. If someone humane is nominated by another person or nominates themselves, do not oppose them because such action will split the humane vote. Instead, serve as an election monitor!

While not anticipated, if any humane person attending the meeting or running as a candidate is hassled or experiences inappropriate behavior by the hunters attending the meeting (or the boards directing it), please let Patricia Randolph/WWE know so such actions can be documented and acted upon. Usually the hunters distinguish themselves by saying they are lifetime members of the NRA, and/ or openly disclose that they enjoy shooting a variety of animals.

Please stay the entire night so you can learn how decisions are made in your state and can vote on citizen resolutions for change (usually about half way through the night).

It is one night a year where you can make a difference! Please take a carload of friends who care about living wildlife and democracy!!

Thanks for voting for wildlife!To those running as delegates, good luck! WWE would like to hear about your experiences either through this blog, or by communicating directly with Patricia (her contact information is provided below).

Please join us at WWE ( to organize for democracy in our commonwealth governance and healthy humane stewardship of our wildlife. We are citizens too and we have been pushed out of state parks and our public lands and deprived of our rights for far too long.

Patricia Randolph’s Contact Information:

State Journalist
Madravenspeak living wildlife column every other Sunday online
Capital Times newspaper archive here:




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3 responses to “Help Write the Next Chapter by Voting for Wisconsin’s Wildlife

  1. Exposing the Big Game

    April 14, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.

    • Diane

      April 19, 2014 at 11:46 am

      I did run for the Conservation Congress for my 1st time in my county. I lost but did get more votes than I expected, especially since my 3 minute campaign speech expressed my views on contest kills, trapping in state parks, 10 year olds hunting, hounders using live bait & addressing the issues up for vote for the evening. There were 3 x the usual hunters as morphing new deer hunting regulations with the CC meeting resulted in a larger crowd. My opponent accused me of special interests & informed me of the necessity of trapping even though my point really focused on the loss of our state parks. The opponent who tried to paint me as out of touch actually ran 3x & lost all 3x. The crowd was respectful as was the DNR & the CC. I was not afraid or intimidated. This was my only opportunity to be listened to as my attempts to talk with the legislature seem to fall on deaf ears. It is important hunters know we are paying attention & willing to go out on a limb for what’s right. I was not sure even the hunters knew about some of the abuses of the hounders. For my part, I had prepared well, used a very decisive but controlled tone & played by their rules. I will run for the Conservation Congress again next year.


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