20 Jun

Hello All, 

Please take a moment to secure the opportunity to comment at next week’s June 25th Natural Resource Board meeting in Milwaukee. Thank you, in advance, for making your voice heard concerning this important wildlife concern. While it may only take a few minutes of your time, it matters because the Natural Resources Board is being heavily pressured by hunting lobbies to raise the quota above the 156 number recommended by the DNR. This would be harmful and senseless. 

Where is the science behind Wisconsin’s rush to drive its wolf numbers down? There is none. What, then, is the reason for it? Not to benefit our state’s mainstream hunters, that much is clear, according to the latest deer research: Rather, politics and special interest money—not science or reason–are driving our state’s wolf policies. See

Shouldn’t the Natural Resource Board instead be considering a lower hunting quota than 156, to take into account the annual number of additional Wisconsin wolves killed illegally, killed by disease, killed by vehicles, killed by wildlife officials, and killed after packs are dispersed? It will be important for the Board to hear that Wisconsin’s overly aggressive wolf “harvest” is putting this recently recovered iconic species at risk.

The public is invited to speak starting around 8:30 a.m. at the Ambassador Inn at Marquette, 2301 W. Wisconsin Avenue. Per the agenda, the Natural Resources Board will be taking short (3 minute) comments by the public regarding Wisconsin’s proposed wolf kill quotas for the upcoming 2014 – 2015 wolf hunting and trapping season. See

*IMPORTANT–In order to preserve your chance to speak next week, or to submit written comments concerning the proposed wolf quota, you must notify the Natural Resource Board before 11 AM on Friday, June 20th by phoning or emailing the Board liaison—608-267-7420 or—and providing the following information:

Your name, City of Residence, Phone number, Email and Topic or agenda item number (i.e. Wolf Harvest Quota), and your position for or against the DNR’s quota of 156. (see Board public participation web page.)

Thank you for your efforts,

Patricia Randolph

Alert to Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic Membership

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    June 21, 2014 at 3:17 am

    Not 100% sure that I can be there at the Ambassador Wednesday, however I did manage to submit a written comment under the deadline. On another note, while pumping gas in Oshkosh I noticed a red pick up truck with “Predator Revenge” emblazoned on the door showing a wolf in the crosshairs of a rifle. I did note an area code from Illinois, but had a Wisconsin license plate. This all happened so fast that I could not get any more information as this thing sped through a McDonalds drive through. Any thoughts or knowledge of this ?

    Thanks for all you do, Randy and Lyn O’Connell

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