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20 Jul

Please watch Thom Hartmann’s short documentary linked in the just posted column and add to the conversation by emailing my editors at

Over 100,000 bear killers apply each year to kill more bears ( 2/3 cubs) over packs of dogs and bait set since April and dogs run by anyone who wants to run them, tearing apart wildlife including cubs on the ground as they go.  We have less that 1500 signatures on the petition against using dogs on all wildlife in Wisconsin, the only state that kills wolves using packs of dogs – and that runs dogs on all wildlife under the excuse of killing coyotes without limit, statewide, year-round, night and day. They started running dogs on bears who have babies just a few months old, July 1 – and will continue whenever they want, through the bear kill into October. While killing, all the others who want to run dogs can further confuse and torture the bears with packs of dogs, clearing out our woods in our public lands. 

Certainly in 2014 with over 2.6 million self-proclaimed wildlife watchers in Wisconsin, we can do better than this. Please network the following petition on your social networking sites and email lists and comment:

AVAAZ Community Petitions

The Wisconsin legislature and Natural Resources Board of Wisconsin: End all use of dogs on wildlife.

As Thom Hartmann says, every program, “tag you’re it – get involved”.  Join us at to help us table at Bob Fest and create an annual event. Or what?

Patricia Randolph

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One response to “Blog Follow-up

  1. Maureen

    July 21, 2014 at 5:43 pm

    The link you provided leads to the main AVAAZ page, not the petition in question.


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