Montana Update: Wolf stamp hearing stirs statewide debate

21 Aug

Montana is debating whether to add non-hunter money into a system long totally controlled by funding on killing licenses. The wolf stamp debate centers on whether a state agency funded by license sales should tap into nonhunters for funding for management of one of its most controversial species. The opportunity to allow Montana residents to invest in NONLETHAL forms of wolf management? Really? Read on by clicking here.

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August 19 post on The Wildlife News

Wolf stamp hearing: Great interest and internal division

by Ralph Maughan

Hunters split. So were wolf advocates-

The wolf stamp hearing is over. It was teleconferenced. It seems like those for it were about equal to the number of opponents. Just as interesting is the hunters were divided on it, and so were wolf advocates. The split among the latter has been mirrored at the Wildlife News. The News has had two cons and one article rejoinder on the stamp. One more pro wolf stamp is in the hopper.

Among those hunters who opposed the wolf stamp, it is clear they fear any voice having a say in state wildlife management except themselves. They said so at the hearing. On the other hand, some folks testifying wanted to expand the stamp idea to all Montana wildlife. We can speculate that this position would probably be more popular among non-hunters than the wolf stamp itself which vibrates with feelings for and against wolves rather than a more general opinion or love of wildlife.

The imbalance in voice about state’s wildlife policy has long been an irritant here among nonhunting conservationists. These are not as some hunting groups claim, all anti-hunting.

Here are the hearing details from the Helena Independent Record. Wolf stamp hearing stirs statewide debate. By Tom Kuglin.

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