ALERT: Save Our Wolves!

23 Feb

wolf pups

A bill introduced by Rep. John Kline, a Minnesota Republican, would prohibit placing Great Lakes wolves on the list of endangered and threatened species and put the states in charge of managing their populations. Ribble offered a separate measure that would require the Fish and Wildlife Service to reissue previous rulings that dropped wolves in the three Great Lakes states and Wyoming from the list.

URGENT: Five Wisconsin representatives of 8 and Ron Johnson have signed on to these wolf – hating efforts: Ron Kind, Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, Glenn Grothmann, and Sean Duffy. With a Republican house and senate – they will pass it through or attach it to a budget bill. Please contact these people and the three remaining representatives and Tammy Baldwin to fight back for wolves. This will be voted on by the entire house and senate at the federal level – so all citizens must call their “representatives” in the senate and house. PLEASE! Notify your membership organizations that you want our wolves protected with the Endangered Species Act intact!

Unfortunately, the federal Wisconsin representatives who are co-signing this effort to bypass the Endangered Species Act to destroy the few wolves left in Wisconsin – do not accept emails from people who cannot vote for them (from outside of their districts in Wisconsin) but they can be called or you can go to their web sites and leave a message in their contact “form” or express yourself on both venues. I called them all and am following up with education about the number of wolves already destroyed and other support from my column links. Assuming these people can be persuaded by reason or science is an iffy consideration.

The five who agreed to support this cruelty are:
Paul Ryan (R) 202-225-3031
Ron “Kind” (D) 202-225-5506
Jim Sensenbrenner (R) 202-225-5101
Glenn Grothmann (R) – 202-225-2476
Sean Duffy (R) 202-225-3365

At the federal level one of the bills (HR884) was designed and promoted by Ribble (R) who studied to be a minister of some sort! What a betrayal of God’s creation, eh? 202-225-5665

The two who did not sign on (YET) are Rep. Mark Pocan (D-02), (202-225-2906) or and Rep. Gwen Moore (D-04), (202) 225-4572 or (I thought there were three but it is five against and two for – good old cruel Wisconsin).

Please contact them so they know people care about this!

Baldwin, Tammy (D – WI) Senate
717 Hart Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-5653
Website Contact:

Ron Johnson signed on for when it gets to the senate:

Johnson, Ron (R – WI) Senate
328 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-5323
Website Contact:

Please contact all of them against any bill that weakens or goes around the Endangered Species Act or returns jurisdiction of wolves to the states or delists them.

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