23 Mar

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“Sick Swan rescue spotlights severity of lead-poisoning problem”

A touching story of a mother Trumpeter Swan saving the life of a lead-poisoned Cygnet on the ice of the St. Croix River (Source: St. Croix 360, Feb., 2015). Discusses pushback from hunting organizations, retailers and manufacturers; superiority of copper; cascading effects of lead in wildlife species; impacts on human population and ultimately a call to action. By not banning the use of lead, our legislators, state and federal agencies are violating their fiduciary responsibilities as trustees of our natural resources. See “Lead Exposure in Wisconsin Birds” (WDNR; Strom et. al, 2009); and the WDNR’s “Precautions for lead ammunition”. Lastly, take action by contacting your U.S. Senators and Representatives to OPPOSE the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015: prohibits EPA from regulating lead ammunition, opens up increased public lands to hunting, shooting ranges, importation of polar bears and much more.

Link to find your U.S. Senators

Link to find your U.S. Representatives

Link to find your Wisconsin Representatives

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