DNR Spring Wildlife & Fisheries Proposed Rules Hearing and Annual Conservation Congress County Meetings

29 Mar

On Monday, April 13, 2015, there will be 72 public hearings, one in each county throughout Wisconsin, where individuals interested in natural resources management have an opportunity to provide their input by non-binding vote and testimony on proposed rule changes and advisory questions relating to fish and wildlife management in Wisconsin. County residents have the option to run for a seat on the Conservation Congress, or elect other Delegates from their County to represent their County views regarding natural resources on the Conservation Congress. Also, individuals have the opportunity to bring forth new conservation issues of a State-wide nature to the attention of the Conservation Congress through the citizen resolution process.

For additional information regarding meeting locations and meeting agenda, go to the DNR’s webpage by clicking here

.Highlights of ballot questions for this year can be found on the Wisconsin Wildlife Public Trust & Coexistence website (click here). Other information provided by WWPT&C includes a video showing the rare white (albino) deer in Wisconsin, information on the criteria that must be met to run as a Delegate for your County, a position paper supporting the protection of white albino deer, and an insider’s view of what its like to serve as a Delegate.

Both tabloid (11×17 inch) and normal (8-1/2 inch) format posters prepared by Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic for this year will be available shortly!! Please help Wisconsin’s wildlife by placing these posters in your County. By doing so, you will increase public awareness and participation in this year’s meeting – instead of letting Wisconsin’s wildlife management policy continue to be controlled by pro-hunting and trapping interests and their agenda (as has been the case for many years). Help provide the opportunity for residents throughout the State to have a voice in determining how our wildlife and public lands should be managed! Suggested posting locations include libraries, coffee shop bulletin boards, community centers, churches, university bulletin boards, trade schools, grocery stores and co-ops like Willy St. Co-op and Whole Foods, pet stores, veterinary clinics, restaurants that have bulletin boards, progressive theaters, and schools.


The first order of business at this year’s meetings (which begin at 7:00 pm) is the election of two candidates for Delegate positions (of five) for each County. We encourage pro-wildlife minded individuals to run for these positions. Anyone 18 years of age and older can nominate a candidate and vote (bring along an I.D. that documents your age and that you live in the County that you are voting in). Bring along a friend who is also interested in running for a Delegate position and you can nominate each other! We are also asking for volunteers who can obtain the voting totals for each County (pro-hunting/trapping interests tabulate the votes) and to provide this information to Patricia ( / 608-981-2287).

The second order of business is completing the DNR’s questionnaire that covers proposed rules for fish and wildlife management in Wisconsin. Some of the issues that the DNR is soliciting input on include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing a hunting season for Sandhill Cranes
  • Allowing the killing of our rare White Deer
  • Changing wolf hunt season dates to promote dog running on wolves/extend the hunting season deeper into the wolf breeding season
  • Increasing bear hunting kills by baiting and letting dogs run on them across large portions of the State
  • Opening up more public lands to hunting and trapping
  • Addressing silica sand mining in Wisconsin

All meeting attendees (including children) can vote on these and other issues!


Once again, poster templates will be posted on this web blog shortly, along with more specific instructions regarding final formatting and printing of this information.

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