Posters and Tabloids for the Annual Spring Meeting , April 23, 2015

30 Mar

DNR Spring Wildlife & Fisheries Proposed Rules Hearing and Annual Conservation Congress County Meetings

As noted in yesterday’s post, this year’s DNR Proposed Rules Hearing and Annual Conservation Congress County Meetings will be held on Monday, April 13, 2015. There will be 72 public hearings, one in each county starting at 7:00 p.m. where meeting attendees will have an opportunity to provide their input by non-binding vote and testimony on proposed rule changes and advisory questions relating to fish and wildlife management in Wisconsin. Note: Registration begins at 6:30 pm so it is recommended that everyone interested in voting arrives early.

County residents have the option to run for a seat on the Conservation Congress, or elect other Delegates from their County who will represent their County’s views regarding natural resources on the Conservation Congress. Also, individuals have the opportunity to bring forth new conservation issues of a statewide nature to the attention of the Conservation Congress through the citizen resolution process. Meeting agenda and meeting locations for each County can be found here.

Attached below are information templates prepared for distribution to your family, friends and others who live in your County who are truly interested in understanding the devastating effects that the current trajectory of wildlife management practices used in Wisconsin has exerted on OUR wildlife and how they can help save our wildlife! We need your help in not only attending this year’s meeting, but with the posting and distribution of this information!!

The attached poster templates have been prepared in downloadable MS Word Format so the LOCATION OF THE COUNTY where this information is to be provided can be inserted (the attached templates all presently reference the Dane County location). The address information is provided in a text box so it should be relatively easy to copy and paste YOUR County location from the DNR web site over the highlighted Dane County location already in the box. If it is a particularly long address, you may have to edit the size of the script. (Note: To allow for changes/printing, it will be necessary to first ‘enable editing” in the yellow tab at the top of the web page as each attachment is opened).

It is recommended that the minimum size of tabloids posted in pubic locations measure 11 x 17 inches. If you do not have a printer capable of printing this size of document, consider having copies made at a local office supply store or copy shop. Print out enough copies of the attachments in the normal (8-1/2 x 11 inch) formatted size to have a supply available for handing out to those you know (or meet) who might be attending the meeting.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or need further assistance contact Patricia at or 608-981-2287.

Thanks for all your help and we hope to see you there!

Wildlife Ethic 2015 Poster Sand Hill Crane and Chick 8 X 11 format

Wildlife Ethic 2015 Poster White Deer 8 X 11 format(2)

Wildlife Ethic 2015 Poster Bobcat 8 X 11 format(3)

Wildlife Ethic 2015 Poster Baby Bear Walking 8 X 11 final(1)

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