Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: April 13 ELECTION: CALL OF LIFE FROM A DYING WORLD

01 Apr


“Don’t save the biosphere and we are dooming ourselves.” ~ E.O. Wilson

“The number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years, according to a new analysis. Creatures across land, rivers and the seas are being decimated as humans kill them for food in unsustainable numbers, while polluting or destroying their habitats, the research by scientists at WWF and the Zoological Society of London found,” Damian Carrington reported in September 2014 in The Guardian.

The Monday, April 13, Conservation Congress election, deceptively named a “hearing,” is primarily a vitally important election, both a citizen right and a responsibility. This delegation is “only advisory,” but then it is the only elected citizen advisory for governing our public lands, 94 percent of which is funded by citizens who kill no wildlife. On April 13, citizens can make proposals regarding issues of clean air, water, climate, GMO labeling, mining, and fair funding and participation in stewarding our wildlife. Two of five delegate positions open up in every county every year to any citizen who cares to take a leadership role in saving Wisconsin from being a deadening and very violent environment. It could be transformed in two years to be representative of the wide variety of critical interests beyond killing wildlife, if concerned people answer the call of life.

This is an appeal to humane women to bring their cooperative, peaceful talents and stand as candidates in their own counties. Candidates can nominate each other on the night of the election and have only to be over 18 and live in that county. Say a few words about why you want to help. No science required. Hunters and trappers will have two candidates standing for election in every county. Many rural counties have only 20 to 30 attendees. One of every 1,000 citizens usually attends — about 6,000, less than 100 per county. This is appalling apathy at a time when humans are destroying life on earth. Stand up. Being a delegate is a great learning experience in grass-roots leadership.

I was the first predator-protector delegate elected in over 70 years, in Dane County, 1999-2002. I served on the trapping committee (against). It is a four meetings-per-year time commitment.

The current delegates have kept this state locked in 1850’s domination models, many having been delegates 25 to 40 years. Times have changed dramatically and these people deny science, accelerating destruction of our fellow creatures for recreation and power. We need the exact opposite: beavers in the streams creating habitat for half of the rare and disappearing species on earth, bears re-seeding our forests and raising their young, bobcats predating on mice, wolves protecting the deer population from CWD.

For 88 years, old white guys have controlled Wisconsin, warring against those “inferior” nonhuman beings who they apparently think have no right to exist. Killing “seasons,” escalating hunting quotas, and recruitment of vulnerable children are their way to “connect with nature.”

U.S. fur exports have tripled since 2009, to 11.9 million pelts last year. The woods are being emptied.

The DNR and Conservation Congress recruited 2,041 new trappers, just in 2014, with a $5 license incentive: kill indiscriminately for six months. Unlimited traps on unlimited trap-lines. Market trapping very nearly destroyed wildlife in the 1800s, and now there are more trappers and more fur farms and less wildlife. The world is being murdered for fur trinkets.

I live in the country on wooded acreage near a creek. In the decade since I moved here, the beavers, coyotes and foxes have been killed out. In their place is an explosion of mice and lyme disease. One-fourth of the 2-year-old bucks in Wisconsin suffer CWD. White-nosed bat fungus has entered the state and likely will wipe out 95 percent of the bats. Mosquitoes and diseases accompany these ecosystem collapses.

Attend this one night a year. Children can vote on the issues. It is a great civics lesson.

More suffering for wildlife proposed this year:

• A sandhill crane hunting season.

• Expanding trapping to all night six to seven months of the year.

• Increase funding for recruitment of youth to hunting.

• Expand running packs of dogs on bears and all wildlife throughout central Wisconsin.

• A rare white deer kill. There may be 75 white deer in the state.

We must change course 180 degrees. The “reasonable being” cannot continue to live in the hallucination that humans are at the top of a self-created hierarchy. Never did any species wish to be so separate from the rest of life as man. As John Livingston writes in his “Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation,” “Non-human beings … are self-contained, mature, adjusted. They appear to be whole. … Man appears to have a piece missing.”

These wild magical beings are still there for us, waiting all these eons for humans to evolve from their sociopathic self-image, special in their own minds — all “other” life in one box, humans in another. We have rigged the game against wild beings and ourselves. They are our better angels. But only you can be their voice in this politically rigged death culture.

This one night — let’s do it for her, the little bear cub in the picture.

Citizens can find 2015 nature/wildlife election posters to download and adapt to their county locations on the Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic website both in 8×11 format and tabloid here. The locations and questionnaire can be found on the DNR website here.

Patricia Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife. or


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