The DNR’s April 13 election and vote – additional information (“cheat sheet”)

12 Apr




Please network this column to give all Wisconsin Citizens the right to vote and participate in running and electing delegates to represent their interests in nature and wildlife issue – whether it be mining, air quality, water consumption, climate change, the fate of our wildlife and ecosystems – all citizens have the responsibility to attend this one night – and run candidates and vote on what are now (and have been for 88 years) just hunter/trapper/hounder proposals for more exploitation of wildlife. Our wildlife cannot rebound from the market trapping on all public lands – and now the trappers want to trap not just all day 6-7 months for $5 licenses, but add in all night.

You can find all 72 locations for this 88th Annual DNR/WCC all citizen election and vote on the DNR web site with the entire questionnaire here:

Help us end trapping by joining us at Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic ( There you can also find posters for this year’s election to adapt to send out to citizens in your county or elsewhere.

Learn more at the Wildlife Ethic web site and at our new facebook page:

We have petitions up against four of the proposals for citizens to sign and network: 

A petition against the proposal to expand running packs of dogs to kill 4,750 bears to the central region of Wisconsin:

A petition against expanding the 6-7 months of trapping on our public lands to all night trapping (2,041 new trappers recruited in 2014):

A petition against a new sand hill crane hunt:

A petition against a hunt of our rare white albino deer (the “ghosts of the forest” ). There may be 75 of them in the entire state:


As a guide for this election, please view the enclosed “cheat sheet” giving the most humane answers we could figure out (one question pending more information to understand it – question 6 on the Conservation Congress hunting lobby proposals…) : Wildlife Ethic Most Humane Answers 2015 DNR QUESTIONNAIRE. Please read through each question and decide for yourself.

Thanks so much for attending! We hope next year, you will be our next humane hiking, biking, canoeing, wildlife watching humane candidates…or throw your hat in the ring this year…it is just 4 meetings/year commitment for the power to learn and help.

Please let me know how it goes in your county.  If you run for election, please ask for the tally of votes for you and the other person running.  Remember it is the hunters who count the votes.  We found many irregularities in Dane County while monitoring the vote counting process – so good to have someone in the room while votes are being counted!

For a living, related and humane world,

Patricia Randolph

State Journalist

Madravenspeak living wildlife column archived (115 columns so far ) on the Capital Times web site: and



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2 responses to “The DNR’s April 13 election and vote – additional information (“cheat sheet”)

  1. madravenspeak

    April 12, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    MIDNIGHT APRIL 12 – I just sent in a revised cheat sheet because notice, if you downloaded it that there may be missing answers on that one – they slid under the text box at the top when I was rearranging things – so do not blindly go yes/no down the page without checking the numbers. I have sent in the revised one and it is complete but not sure when the web master will get it up. THANKS. CHECK THE NUMBERS – if they are not all there for BOTH SECTIONS ( DNR AND WCC) then check back for the revision. SO SORRY.

  2. Exposing the Big Game

    April 13, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.


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