Enjoy this year’s Vegan Fest! Help needed!

05 May

On behalf of Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic, Patricia signed up (paid the $100 booth fee) for Vegan Fest in Madison on Saturday, June 27. This has been an annual event that WWE has attended, having found it a great forum to have a chance to meet like-minded individuals who are concerned about the downward spiral of Wisconsin’s wildlife and the effect that global climate change is exerting on our planet.

As one of Madison’s best summertime festivals, Vegan Fest is offers stimulating conversation, delicious vegan food/recipes, a huge raffle, exhibitors (including WWE) and speakers who share their considerable knowledge regarding the facts, fiction and food choices that consider the well-being of animals and our health. Please click here for further information. It really doesn’t get better than this!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Patricia cannot make this year’s Vegan Fest. Consequently, we are asking for your help in setting up/taking down the exhibit and with attending to the booth. The key in making WWE’s presence a success is YOU!! Explain to others the plight of our wildlife, and promote/educate them about the importance of coming out one night a year to vote against more killing and ELECT delegates interested in preserving Wisconsin’s wildlife.

Please step up and contact Patricia! She can provide you with more details, informational flyers and WWE bumper stickers (that can be sold to help cover the cost for our booth). In addition to asking for volunteers to cover the booth, we are looking for someone with a truck or SUV that can carry the structure to hold the WWE vinyl 6-foot banner (it will just fit into a standard size SUV). Thanks in advance for your help!

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